Fuck Him While His Mama Home. Don’t Yell.


you know the nice friend with the cute face?
the one who comes over for dinner religiously?
he loves your cooking.
he always compliments you.
he even attends church service with you
he is me….
…and i’m getting fucked stupid right now as you reading this.
even better,
i’m fucking the daylights your son.
either way thank you.
he is amazing and i’m hooked on that pipe.

that email i got from “angry mama” didn’t phase me one bit.
i been listening to this song lately:

…so i been all the way turnt.
it was funny because all i thought reading the email/facebook message:

Do parents really know their children?

my parents thought they knew me.
god rest their souls.
i’m sure they have watched me on many occasions in heaven getting banged out.
realistically, no parent alive knows what their child is doing 24/7.
we will always look at our parents as “authority”,
so we will automatically try to hide things from them.
being gay is not like how it was in the 1930s.
gay is masculine now.
construction worker.
your husband.
your wife.
it’s in the closet.
its “mind your business”.
you just don’t know these days and i’m still always surprised.
just because your child is making fun of gays don’t mean he ain’t down with the team.
he probably don’t know it yet,
or he knows and is playing up that “ew i hate them” image well.
those are always the best ones.
they all start out that way.
i did and i was good at it.
maybe you already know and are scared it maybe true.
they say parents “know” their children.
its a scent.
it’s strong.
don’t even think that chick he is banging knows either.
hell maybe she do.
these wolves today like that freaky shit.

so you can investigate online,
and be a active parent in their lives,
but your child could be hiding a secret.
just like you did from your parents.
social media makes it much easier.
secret accounts.
unknown emails.
“naw no one knows bout me.”
been there,
done that,
collected the nut for my trophy case.
jamari fox is one of the “good ones”.
whatever that means.
i have a good heart,
but ratchet when needed.
you should be scared of the bad ones.
the ones who are taking advantage,
supplying drugs,
taking money,
and preparing to make him the next std victim.
yeah or even worst…
what if your son is the bad one i need to watch out for?

wake up and smell 2013.


Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Fuck Him While His Mama Home. Don’t Yell.”

  1. you just don’t know these days and i’m still always surprised.
    just because your child is making fun of gays don’t mean he ain’t down with the team.
    he probably don’t know it yet,
    or he knows and is playing up that “ew i hate them” image well.

  2. True parents don’t know anything. When they do think they do but aren’t sure they refute the idea and feel guilty. Good they don’t know. Prevents wasted conversation. Shit I don’t want to know about my parents sex lives or intimate details of how I was conceived. lol I’m a DL wolf or discreet as some say and that makes the creeping even better.lol Especially messing with D.L/discreet foxes. Just last week I was giving it to a D.L fox with is parents home.lol Idk how they didn’t hear the Fox. But honestly if they did they probably refuted the idea of me giving their son the business. Just made it the sex better for me. Lol

  3. I think the majority of parent think they no their children, but they also know how sneaky their kids can be. It’s mostly mothers who say they “know” their children. How many of us have heard our mother say, “I know you better than you know yourself.” It’s easy to hide things from dads than mothers. Especially if your mom is an FBI agent and interrogates you about your every move.

    Parents just don’t understand that the more you forbid or try to stop a child from doing what they want to do, the more they’ll want and will do it. If you cage an animal for a long time, then you let the animal out; the animal will go wild. That’s why many dudes/girls get turned out in college. They don’t have their parents watching over them.

  4. No parents do not know their children. They think they have it all figured out. Telling other parents that their child stays out of trouble and their child is doing well, but the exact opposite is the truth. I was so bad my mom would lie and tell people I was doing good, and I would stand there nervously and swallow spit and nod my head while she covered up lies, but all parents aren’t willingly covering for their children, some have no idea. It is easy to hide shit from family, period. They expect the best from you which by default they paint a perfect picture of you and questionable shit gets thrown to the side like garbage.

  5. I hear the praise Hallejulah!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reminds me of my mother & how’d she try to shell me away from dance & other “suspicious” things; I love this!

  6. I agree with this post 100%!! I’ve been with some guys whom I know that no one else knew that they got down. Some parents are just naïve and don’t want to believe that their child likes the same sex, even though there are clues everywhere. Its sort of a defense mechanism for them because they know how hard it will be for their child to be accepted in this cruel world.

    1. ^for some it’s a rush to do bad things.
      especially sexin dudes on the low.
      preacher’s kids are notorious for it.
      this is why I believe a majority of men keep their lifestyle to themselves until ready.

      1. Exactly!! My pastor’s son use to make it his business to come and talk to me every Sunday, I knew exactly what he wanted. Now that he’s married, he just sit and eye fuck me during service lol! But a person really has to be ready to deal with the consequences of coming out, but many people who you think love you, will be some of the same ones shunning your lifestyle, not in all cases but it does happen.

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