Friend To The Foxhole, Keyshia Cole, Gets Herself A New Tat

we love keyshia cole here.

she shouted me out last weekend and it has been love ever since.
well, a lot of shine so i know the love is real!
her husband boobie gibson decided to get a tat of her face to show his love also…

isn’t it….
it nice!?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Friend To The Foxhole, Keyshia Cole, Gets Herself A New Tat”

    1. ^what gets me with her is she told me that “you only know what you see”….

      the show is showing me otherwise.
      this is what you choose to show the world.
      so what did she expect?
      and then she typing in he name and fighting with people on twitter because of their opinion.

    2. I think that she loves him, but she has a funny way of showing it. Daniel is a great man. She would be a fool not to love him.

  1. I really hope that they last now. I don’t think that it was such a smart move, but she will always be his child’s mother, so he will always have an excuse as to why it’s there.

  2. Hey Jamari..go check out MTO, the have an “alleged” pic of keyshia sucking dick. It looks just like her lol! Is this another celebrity fail…hmmm

  3. @ The Man…i’m not sure, but those tats looks too much like the ones she has. I need to see a better pic to be certain tho

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