Freddy “Who?” Gibbs Won’t Work With Gay Rappers

First of all, “who”?

Some no name rapper has something to say about Fat Joe’s recent interview about gays in Hip hop.
Notice the words no name before rapper.
You can make your decision on how serious you take this one.
Check below to see what he has to say…

Outspoken, Gary, Indiana/CTE rapper Freddie Gibbs has weighed in on Fat Joe’s recent comments about closeted gay rappers in the hip-hop industry. When asked about his thoughts on Fat Joe’s comments and his views on gay rappers and artists, Gibbs admitted that he probably would not work with them.

“I wonder who he is talking about?” Freddie Gibbs asked “He said he worked with them, so what’s that say about him? Didn’t he say he worked with some f*gs? Well hey, I ain’t calling him gay or nothing, but what’s that say about you? If I know a ni**a on some sweet s**t before we go into the lab, I’m kinda cool on it, you know what I mean?”
Freddie Gibbs said he had no issues with gays, but he preferred to associate with heterosexual men and women.

“I wanna surround myself around straight ni**as and b**ches,” Freddie Gibbs told “B**ches that want d**k… I don’t want to be around another ni**a that thinking about fu**ing me man. I’m not knocking your culture my ni**a, if that’s what you do.”
Freddie Gibbs went on to explain that he felt that the prominence of gays is largely due to societal issues.
“I’m not knocking no gay ni**a that wanna rap, go on and rap. I just think that as a society we go too far with all that s**t,” Freddie Gibbs told “Ain’t no old fashioned values anymore, I don’t know.

Everyone want to show how feminine they are by wearing little ass pants and s**t. Its some ni**as I seen in the game wearing eye liner – them ni**as gay…I’m not saying arrest all gays or kill all gays, you ain’t getting that out of Gibbs. Motherf***er already think I’m a racist and I don’t even know what that’s all about man, or where they get that from, that’s just how I feel man, I don’t care if people hate, that’s just how I feel man.”
His thoughts on gays aside, Freddie Gibbs plans to release several visuals for his Cold Day in Hell project in the coming weeks.

“I’m gonna do a lot of joints on the Cold Day in Hell joint man. We gonna do the video for ‘Let Ya Nuts Hang,’ me, Skrilla and Slick Pulla gonna be in the video for that. ‘Sittin Low’ video bout to drop with Young Jeezy, I’m gonna do one for my ‘My Homeboy’s Girlfriend.’ I’m just glad I’m in the position to do shows like this and make money on the road,” Freddie Gibbs said.


Let your nutz hang?
Sounds like he should be more worried about being a one hit wonder than gayz.
It’s always the “ain’t no chance in hell I would touch him” ones with an opinion?

Yeah Gibbs, it is time you look back.
You have outraged the gay community with your comments!!!
GLAAD will have an easy time putting their spiked Louboutin loafer up your ass!!!

Aahhh, who are we fooling?
Something tells me you aren’t important enough for them to care.

14 thoughts on “Freddy “Who?” Gibbs Won’t Work With Gay Rappers

  1. umm…firstly WHO IS HE, Secondly, WHO IS HE and LASTLY..WHO IS HE…and he don’t sit his illiterate, asshole for a mouth, no talent, grease monkey, irrelevant ass down…like don’t nobody even know his whack ass….It’s always the people that no one gives zero fucks about that have the most to say…and the comments he made about Fat Joe were stupid…music industry is about money and Fat Joe did what any SMART person would do, don’t let your personal view compromise your business, and if a rapper is gay it doesn’t matter what matters is if they can spit those bars when they get in the studio….and he’s not seeing Fat Joe even if he had ten binoculars!!!! waste of space

  2. This ashy country ass Negro needs to crawl back in the hole hes been in, it’s fucking 2011 and who says they dont want to be around Gay people. Dont worry no one Gay wants to be around yo ass–“Cause you sho is Ugly” This nigga probably lets drag queens beat his back out on the regular, probably a regular at Destiny Rushmore’s manor. Take your ass down to Jiffy Lube and clock in cause your Rap career is going no where fast, and to try to create made up controversy because you are a irrelevant wash up act is so tired and played. Im sending you some Aveeno and Cocoa Butter.

  3. I didn’t even know who he was until I read this. Lol. I bet he never graduated highschool. Or did with like a 2.1. It seems like the homophobes are always people no one wants anyways, so that’s why I never care. Or someone I could easily beat the shit out of. I’ve only met one person who was publicly homophobic to me, he was a pretty boy half my size, but hes a good friend of mines “fav” so I let him go.

  4. 1) who is he again. i mean next year this time am i going to rember your name? 2) by the way you talk i can tell yo flow is wack, 3) nam i the only one who noticed how wack he was by wearing a COOGIE hat

  5. Nerd tu the fucking dat!!! Remember when Tracy Morgan had that saying shit about gays i Tenn, and how Tina Fey his boss put him on blast by saying that “gay people who work in accounting print his fucking check, help him with his wardrobe, work on the writing staff, and you going to be saying shit about them. As someone who works in the industry I hate when people keep saying there is a gay mafia that controls hollywood and all the black male actors had to give up their azz to a guy dude at some point in order to get start their careers is simply fucking not true. I remember when I first graduated from college I took a temp job at a GLBT agency ( no I am not in da fucking open with my sexuality and no they did not know or think that I was down). I discover that there were a lot of str8 people working for that organization. The same in any industry like banking, garbage collection, prosports, in public schools etc.

  6. This has gots to be the dumbest most retarded and stupid idiot in the entire world existence. Firstly dude drop a LP or EP than talk your shit, until then shut the fuck up. Secondly, dude if you doing business and making tracks who I fuck aint non of your concern. I mean foreal I believe KB, the nigga gotta be gay because he the only one that felt the need to comment.

    My home boy from NYC that works in the industry said, yeah its true its alot of gay people in the industry at the management level, so if you trying make it in the industry dumbass you cant be dogging the people who pay you, HELLO!! Thats like setting fire to your doctors office and you need to be seen. Its just dumb. But as usually we got to make an example out of one mothafuker a year and in this year, Freddie Gibbs, you it mothafuka, so tag all eyes on you, not watch us Crucify that ass..

  7. Can someone please verify this, but isn’t that that nigga who was on Diddy’s 1st iteration of Making the Band (He making us walk all the way to Junior’s in Brooklyn for some cheesecake!!!!). I’m pretty sure Fred was the one who was always sucking his thumb.

  8. have said D/L Wolf fuck the stars out his ears…
    with me watching somewhere… In English please lol

  9. ^we have the same dominating ways of doing things.

    i didnt get insulted by his interview.
    i pictured me getting a D/L Wolf to find out if he got down,
    and then have said D/L Wolf fuck the stars out his ears…
    with me watching somewhere…

    Sounds like a turn on.
    The homophobes are fun!
    They kill me trying to play the straight act when they know they want some dick.
    And usually, homophobes are Foxes.

  10. LOL he is saying all of this cause his azz is gay lol. I wanna “surround myself with str8 men and women.” That is because his country puck ass want to have group sex with all of them lol, beside the brother seems to be illiterate as hell in his interview so I am guessing that his punk ass spent sometime in Juvie and in the adult lock up lol. I never met a homophobe who never had been poked when they were younger, or they want to poke someone in the future lol. I can admit that I joyfully fucked a lot of homophobes in my day and I made sure I try to break all of their backs. One fucking hard core thug was said to be in between screams like ( oh shit, it hurts it hurts, and damn mouther fucker) told me damn man you are fucking me like a bitch. Once I broke his azz cherry I pounded that azz in to oblivion on the regular. I can admit it is something of a turn on to be fucking a hard bodied walking pile of muscle and testosterone and making him hollar like a bitch and then see him around his boys acting hard and homophobic lol. Yeah I got fucking game and dick like that!!!

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