Fine, Bye (Mi)!

flat,800x800,075,fso mi and i had a blow up today.
it ended with us officially parting ways.
i actually exhaled because i was so grateful.
grateful because this is finally coming to an end.
you know what i been dealing with as far as she is concerned.
so she calls me today with some story

i did something stupid…”

i already knew this wasn’t going in a positive direction.
she tells me she met some wolf and they decide to pull a scheme.
uh oh.
a scheme involving fake checks and her bank account.
allegedly a check was written,
for an outrageous amount,
she claimed her account information was stolen,
all while he goes and withdraws the money.
well all shit broke loose when the bank found out.
they cancelled her account with the quickness.
the wolf got the money out,
but she hasn’t heard from him since.
so she is broke and has no money for rent.
since she gets direct deposit,
they will pretty much take her money.

“what made you do something like this?”

…and thats when it started.
somewhere between:

“the hood getting free money”
“i wanted to put myself in a better situation”

she started hurling insults,
trying to bring up my past,
twisting up things i said,
and basically claiming i never had her best interests at heart.

giphyi think that is what had me real hot.

i sat up here and let this ungrateful bitch in my home,
forgave her after our altercation,
still continued to let her stay when everyone warned me not to,
and she gonna say i never had her best interests?
when i sat here urging her to get focused on a legitimate career?
the type of wolves she should date?
hell i even taught her ass how to budget and she was still always short for her rent.

“i didn’t need to come live with you.
i could have survived on my own.”

tumblr_m8i04pQ1um1qbypacthat stung.
after her mother died,
she was hopping from couch to couch.
she had no place where to go.
maybe that was where i went wrong?

well i learned a lot from this.
it was my fault tho.
i expected an ungrateful bitch to change her ways.
i don’t even speak to her.
she basically just lives here.
we don’t have any kind of relationship besides “hi” and “bye”.
she even acknowledged i don’t fuck with her no more.
i don’t.
we been strangers.
she got until august 1st.

i already got somewhere to go.
someone will let me crash on their couch.
they agreed with me that you don’t have my back…”

my response:

tumblr_n6omeaz1mm1slhkaxo1_500i already contacted my landlord on her departure.
there is no going back on this one.
she made her bed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “Fine, Bye (Mi)!”

  1. I did not expect this. I thought from being around you she would have took a few tips. Mi was pulling those Apollo Nida type of scams and like him she had a partner. Bank fraud can get you in serious trouble. If she moves out, I can guarantee you she will end up in jail. If you want a better life, work for it.

    1. ^she flat out told me that she wanted to put herself in a better situation doing this.
      well now she ain’t and the bank investigating where they money went.
      i tried to help her and she burned her bridges with a lot of people.
      im next on the list.

    2. Oh and if she has a place to go, there must be a reason she can’t leave tonight. Right? If not, I would put her out tonight. As Martin said “GET THE STEPPIN!!!”

      How old is Mi anyway?

  2. Was it a lie tho and she just doesn’t wanna pay rent or nah? I say don’t even sweat it! Good riddance!

  3. Sorry you had to got through this Jamari. It’s a hard lesson to learn that for some people, especially family, you can never do enough smh

  4. Jamari,

    I was in a similar situation with someone that was older and I looked up to him when I first started dealing with guys. I ended up becoming roommates with this guy after my place got broken into. Well… I ended up having to carry both of our weight paying rent, buying food (jewelry misused his food stamps and was beating the system since he got paid in cash), and other bills while he is tricking his money off on thugs. Not only did he spend my rent money and got us kicked out of the apartment with me finding out the day the police showed up, it went like this: Hey Dee, I need you to come home quick and my response was “for what, what’s going on,” He was like I will tell you when you get here. I showed up and our stuff is on the outside and with me having a kind heart I got us a place to stay and brought him with me and saved his life when he had a heart attack (picked his big ass up off the ground and took him to the hosputal).You would think he was greatful and would be thankful and see that I was for him, but no he still continued to trick his money off. I put him out, and a year later I gave him another shot and the same thing happened (he would even talk bad about me behind my back). This time I cut him off for good and his life has been a living hell and I will not try to reach out to him. Where I am going with this is that, although we may treat others kind and offer support and ways for them to succeed and have a better life, it is ultimately up to them to want to make the change and provide for themselves. Maybe she will eventually get tired or maybe not and be one of the many that eventually end up in a nursing with no one to care and show support other than the staff their. Jamari, use this as time to analyze the situation and see what you have learned from it and how you can use that knowledge to become wiser.

  5. Mi needs to stop putting the blame on others and put her big girl panties on, own up to her wrong doings and grow up. That day she put her hands on you would of been the last time her and I had contact if it was me, but I definitely understand everything you have been doing to try and help this chick, but she is so ungrateful. So is she gone out of your place or is she moving by Aug ?

  6. You better than me!

    I can’t think of any family I’d let stay with me ever in life lol. They’d be directed to the nearest shelter lol

    She wants a better life?

    Who has ever in life made a come up with bank fraud?! That’s nothing but an easy felony that will keep you from getting a lot of jobs for the rest of your life.

    Then on top of that ol dude hustled her. She must be dealing with the lowest ragamuffin known to mankind.

    Then you letting her get some peen in your spot too? No sir. You broke sleeping on someone’s couch. You can’t afford no pleasure.

    I knew I’d never let family live in my house after what cousin Faith did in Soul Food. Nope not having it lol

      1. Yes. You always learn the hard way. I had to as well. I lived in my uncle’s house with my two cousins, one was his son and the other our first cousin. My uncle put me in charge of everything since I was older than them both, and it was my job to get their share of the mortgage from them each month. It started out fine, but maybe six months in trouble started, with one of them always coming up short with their share of the bills (utility/cable). I would cover, but then I would see them with new clothes or sneakers, etc. I was like oh hell no. you can buy gear but you can’t pay a bill on time? Okay. I would let them disconnect the cable, thereby taking internet access away from them, or cutting them off from their sports channels. I would talk to my uncle and he would tell me don’t worry I have something in mind, you just need to make sure that you can do what you need to do. I told him I was fine.
        The last straw came with their girlfriends. Whenever those skanks stayed over they would leave the kitchen or bathroom a mess. I can’t tell you how many arguments I got into with them all over being nasty. I would tell them you’re girls, so you shouldn’t be nasty…but then again look where ya’ll come from, so no surprise there. They couldn’t stand me but I didn’t care. Last straw was when I came home one day and found one of them on my computer. I walked over, powered it off, and said get out of this house now. She started going crazy on me telling me I’m trippin ’cause I can’t tell her she can’t use her man’s computer. News flash baby girl, your man can’t afford a computer…he can’t even afford to pay his bills. This machine is mine, bought and paid for in full. She asked him and his dumb ass was like ah man I told her she could use it right fast.
        Yo, I got on the phone and told my uncle I couldn’t deal with their irresponsible asses anymore. Three months later he put the house up for sale. They were mad and scared. Scared because they had nowhere to go really and mad because I had told my uncle they were not doing what they were supposed to do. They ended up moving in with their respective girlfriends and their families. I’m currently in the same 2 bedroom apartment that I rented when I moved out.
        NOTHING like having your own and being able to do and relax when YOU want. Family will never get the option of staying with me ever again…unless they are visiting from out of town.
        And even then they’re only allowed a week’s stay!! Lol

        1. ^well damn!!!
          that computer incident would have been the last straw for me as well.
          i bet everyone is tempted to come stay because you have a two bedroom.

      2. Oh I’ve had people trying to get in…but it ain’t happening. I am done with trying to help family. They are the worst because they act like you owe them something and that ain’t the case…AT ALL.
        I tell anyone, the only person I am responsible for is my mother. She can have my extra room any time she wants it…everyone else is on visitor status. LOL

    1. “F#ck the Family.I let the Family in my house and the Family f#cked my husband . Yeah, Faith f#cked my husband” Teri
      I love that movie😀

      As for Mi if her balance didn’t cover that check they are going to come after her for the remaining money.I hope she doesn’t think she is in the clear.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this jamari , she has been nothing but stress and a pain in the ass. What made her think that kind of scheme would work? She put herself out there like a fool and got played all because some pineapple told you sweet nothings 😡😡😡😡

    My niceness is done I sooo agree with The Man she can go Tonight if not I would tell her she has by the end of the week.

    1. ^my niceness is done as well.
      thank God i read that book.
      i have no regrets about her exit.
      she will probably cry like she did last time.
      she can cry and pack.

  8. Not to be a Negative Nancy, but just please be safe Jamari, from what you write about her she seems like she’s 3 cans short of a six pack.

  9. I agree with TheMan, if she got a place to go, “get to steppin”. I would get my keys back or change the locks just in case a negro thought about doing some Bullshit while I’m at work. As a matter of fact, you can’t be in this place alone! Only time you’re here is if I’m here! Real talk..when folks have deadlines they tend to get petty and destructive. My laptop would follow me everywhere…including the bathroom..

  10. Some people have to learn on their own. Experience is the best teacher. I’ve had people take advantage of me in the past but never again. Stand your ground and let her move on. It’s time for you to focus on your greatness.

  11. I can’t even handle this. LOL

    Jamari, she said she has a place to go. She should go tonight/tomorrow or by the end of the week. What does she need a month for? I don’t like to tell people what to do but I think you’re still being way too accommodating. Get RID of her! She won’t be out on the streets so you have nothing to worry about, and if she is, well, she said she wouldn’t be so it’s not your problem. Take this clown for her word. You’ve done your part. Good riddance.

    How dare she disrespect you for all you’ve done to help her ass. I don’t get triggered as easily as I used to but this would trigger me so hard: “I didn’t need to come to you, I would have survived on my own”



    would be my response, and she would be lucky if doesn’t catch a plate flying at her head on the way out. Like WTF is THAT?

    I actually got so mad reading this LOL and it’s not even my life, seriously though, this is beyond unacceptable. I would have went straight ballistic. Straight fuming. I don’t play that AT. ALL.

    1. Regardless of when she’s going, I’m really glad to hear that she’s GOING! That makes me happy for you J!!! It’s about freaking time brother!

  12. I wish a Bih would tell me that they dont need to live with me and they have somewhere else to go. You need to put her ass out like Right and Now- Tonight dont wait! “F” waiting until August, Let her know that Pu$$y pays the rent, and she sitting on her moneymaker. If she wants to be Trina the Baddest B then let her. You got to be harsh to B’s like this. I hope that “D” was worth it because she is going to be eating coochie sandwiches in her new home. At least she will not have to worry about the rent each month.

  13. Sorry this happened J. But hey you did what you were supposed to and went above and far beyond with her. You tried to look out for family but like so many have said already, she just wasn’t trying to accept the help and do the work necessary. I hope this won’t harden your heart from doing good deeds for ppl, but I would recommend you trust your instincts on ppl cause you always knew that she wouldn’t appreciate what you did for her. For those who won’t appreciate your kindness only offer common courtesies and your prayers, save the good stuff for the ppl who will value and actually contemplate on what you offer. But as a person, she has to learn to grow up. You tried to guide her but she didn’t want the advice. Perhaps she can only learn by experiencing it herself. Maybe she will get her act together before it is too late, although this bank scam thing (really tho? smdh at those looking for the quick come up instead of grinding) might be an indication that it’s too late. One day she will realize what you were for her and how far you went.

    And them friends in her ear sounds like those ppl that will say that anyone who isn’t patting you on the back is a hater. I have many questions about them. Where were they when she needed a place to stay? Why didn’t she move in with one of them after your altercation? Why she ain’t just go back with them now? Why she don’t hit them up to try and raise some of the money she’s gonna have to pay back? Did any of them tell her not to mess with this dude? Help her realize this was a dumb idea or the consequences? Hell did they even try and teach her how to be an adult, let alone a responsible one? I’ll wait for the response to those questions but I think we all know the answer.

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