“I Bet They On The DL and Got Vixens At Home”

hotcouplei love a picture like this.
a foxholer sent me this picture earlier today.
not because the couple is hot,
well that is one of the reasons,

i love how it freaks the straights out

they are so use to “the stereotype”,
that when they see something like ^that,
they don’t know how to take it.
giphyanything that brings a culture shock,
but open to changing an opinion
i’ll always allow it.

lowkey: its funny how the straights associate that image with being “downlow”.
has anyone ever noticed that?

8 thoughts on ““I Bet They On The DL and Got Vixens At Home”

  1. I remember about 5 or 6 years ago it was this random text message going around with str8 black females showing pornstar Cornbread fucking another thick muscular dude on a Dawgpound feature in a Gif and I remember one of my co-workers showing it to a group of us and saying she was so shocked and she was worried about every man now. I was laughing inside thinking, Bih you should not have to worry because you look a mess but thats besides the point. It is amazing that with all the education about gay men now and all the various types of gay men, str8 black people can still be fooled easily when you appear masculine and have muscles, it throws them off their game because they still think in stereotypical terms when it comes to gay men. I guess it is hard for many females to take two masculine dudes together and they often lose their mind because they see these gorgeous men who take care of themselves, have their shit together and unbelievable to them, they want another man, and the dudes are gonna hate because most have let themselves go.

    1. So true, Tajan. I consider myself out because of my comfort level and the fact I live my truth. But, because I don’t have a flag outside my house or have a bumper sticker on my car and am masculine and in shape, I still get women giving me their phone numbers, asking if I’m married, or if they are in my neighborhood, even offering to bring me dinner. It’s funny the way stereotypes are so hard to dispel. What blows my mind is when a gay guy asks if I’m straight, especially when we’re having sex! Go figure. However, at the other extreme, these two elderly grandmothers think I might be gay because I’m always buying plants and flowers and they don’t see any women coming and going, even though they don’t see any men coming and going, either. I think it’s hilarious.

  2. Who cares what a bunch of random people who couldn’t care less to understand our lives or experiences think.
    Seriously though. They’re irrelevant. What do they know?

    They’re a cute couple, cute picture, and I’m low-key *jelly* right now.

  3. Lol, this how I and any dude I’ve dealt w/ in the past looked like…I’m glad it freaks ’em out…I’ve almost been tempted to str8 lock lips w/ a mofo in open public (not a quick one in the car or elevator, etc) but I guess I’m not quite thaaaaat open comfy w/ the whole situation…but it may be due to the fact I’m not PDAish to begin w/, so there’s that…hot pic though

  4. I need the facebook, instagram, twitter, phone number and home address of both. Also, thanks in advance.

      1. @creator,

        I got love for you but sorry I am not sharing, but I heard that Dennis Rodman is available….


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