faces of death-ly embarrassed and regret for public indecency

this has got to be the funniest mugshot of regret i’ve seen in quite some time.
some of ya’ll gon’ learn to stop having sex in public.
it’s all good for likes and clout on socials until you’re caught.
the east point police in georgia are now in the business of shaming.
these are the latest in “but…but… we were expressing ourselves“…

x found here

so what park was it?
from what some of these folks were fonting,
they made it seem you’d find some real type of “fine” in the parks.


If you are caught having sex or doing something incident in public,
you WILL be thrown on the sex offender list.
It don’t matter if you’re gay or straight,
male or female,
it or them.
( x read what can get you on there )
*hugging is an interesting and surprising one.

that is the risk that cums from the reward.

lowkey: remember when they were doing that on the new yawk trains?
they were booty butt cheek naked on them nasty ass train seats.
what happened to them?

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “faces of death-ly embarrassed and regret for public indecency”

  1. Yeah I’m sick of everybody’s obsession with public sex. It’s SO cringe. I also find it cringey when people are fucking in a Hotel by the window with the curtains/blinds wide open. I don’t understand why this started being a thing but there’s nothing sexy about it. Stop involving unwilling participants in your sexcapades. #Bringshameback

  2. Jamari wym “remember when”? Lol the operation has grown on the train there are multiple pages in tandem with that one onlyfans creator now. They host meet ups and apparently people pay to get the location of where the next one is to go jerk suck n fuck. And these people are in the middle of the heights as well as downtown. 
    My thing is the old Caribbean aunties are typically going To their health jobs at 4 and 5 am. I don’t understand the degeneracy in this community that accepts any and everything. The only fetish in this circumstance is the thrill of getting caught. Otherwise they would just have sex at a house party or rent an Airbnb. So they got what they deserve.

  3. Idk, the fact that they are out there doing “sting operations” seems shady. If you catch someone fucking then fine. But don’t be luring people and then arresting them when they want to fuck. I guess it’s not technically entrapment but it doesn’t feel right to me. 

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