f0xmail: I’m Asain With A Fetish For Black Wolves. HELP!?

Another exciting f0xmail entry.
Here goes:

Hey Jamari,

This may sound odd, but I am an Asian male and I read your blog. I find myself attracted to black guys. Just wondering how an Asian guy like myself can step up his game and make himself more appealing to black guys for both sex and dating. I live in The Concrete Forest, been to some sex parties where black guys say I have a nice ass and fuck me, but that’s pretty much the extent of my experience. Are black guys open to Asians?

My answer…

Hey my Asian Fox!
Thank you, as always, for checking me out.
You know I love my readers.

Now, since you said you have a nice tail, your battle is already halfway done.
Black Wolves pretty much will fuck anything that has a hole with two nice cheeks on the side of it.
Your wrong turn is going to sex parties… hence the keyword is “sex”.
If you want to down for the black Wolf movement,
you simply have to involve yourself with putting yourself out there in the black community.
Less “Angela Davis”; more “Chad Hugo”.

Stepping up your game will require you to be one of two things.
The “Grew Up Around Black People” Fox who:
wears the latest kicks, rocks the latest trends, everything fits his body right, and he is up on black culture.
You will meet one of those “Only Likes Anything Other Than Black Foxes” Wolves
who specifically only seek out Foxes of different races.

I say use your ass to tease your prey and watch them sniff you out.

Online may just be a better start.
Just don’t get suckered into sex.
At least get a few dates before you let them experience that nice ass of yours.

Hope you find your Knight and Shining Wolf!
Someone who looks like this:

… and see if he has any brothers that I can play with.

Anyone else need advice: jamari.fox@gmail.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “f0xmail: I’m Asain With A Fetish For Black Wolves. HELP!?”

  1. you wont know till you get out ther bra. there is some one out there for you you may have to weed throught all the bull but youll find him one day. just rember this all wolves black, white, red, yellow, are full of shit lol

  2. Depending on how you carry yourself, you’d probably have more luck with the rice queens (for lack of better word). Personally, I don’t mind being your preference, but I don’t wanna be your fetish or flavor of the month. I don’t mind you being attracted to me cuz I’m Black – but not solely due to it…cuz Imma keep stepping.

    So I say all that to say that once you attract your wolf, show that you’re interested in more than his skin tone, or that he’s (alledgedly) hung, or has a (supposedly) strong sexual prowess, or any of the other stereotypes typically associated with Black men.

      1. And I’m not saying that those negus who fvck em aren’t cashing in on that ‘mystique.’ If all he wants is some dack, then go ahead, fetishize em…and that’s all he’ll get. If dude wants to be more than a notch on the rainbow belt, he has to show he’s about more than his color…and vice versa (that his chocolate drop isn’t just interested in him cuz he’s yellow – it goes both ways). Those relationships usually don’t last. I could tell if someone wanted me cuz of me or cuz I’m Black…and the latter got punted. If I was horny & they were cute, they might get soem pipe, but that’s it *shrug*

  3. Ironically, I’m black and I find Asian men very attractive, so I feel like I understand how he feels lol. Not sure if I’ll ever get one though, where I am, the only Asians I see are by chance at my college. Otherwise, there aren’t many opportunities. 🙁

  4. Like Jamari said, sex parties will only get you that lol.
    Simple matter often overlooked.
    How you present yourself is how you will be treated.
    If you’re going to idolize a certain race, you’re putting yourself in a position of weakness and making yourself vulnerable. Not a good position.
    This goes to everyone of every race. I understand there are preferences, but then there’s crossing the line and degrading yourself because of it. Don’t do it.
    Being yourself is the most overlooked advice, I find.
    If you can’t be yourself and the only way you attract them is by letting them know you prefer them… well many of them will use you because of how you just put yourself.
    Just my advice lol.

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