f0xmail: All The Good Meat Is Inside The Gym… but Are They Into Me?


Hey Jamari. I just need to get this off my chest and I kno u feel me on this. I’m in the gym 4 days a week. I see a few males that I’m feeling. I get mad vibes from them…they lookin at u while pretending not to. I finally get up the nerve to talk to them…have a good convo…smiles all around. Then the next time I see them they don’t say hi…they back to pretending…wtf…maybe they just young…



wait hold on…

tumblr_lys25q6Tz31qzw9aiok we can continue…
oh the g rats.
the favorites of the foxhole.
no offense questioner.
sidebar: anyone ever notice that the attention whores of instagram,
who always in the gym,
always complaining that that “single”?
maybe less time inside their main hoe, “gymnella”?

wpid-screenshot_2013-03-14-20-05-02_rainbow_grungeg rats in the gym are no different than the wolves/foxes/and hybrids on the street.
you can smile at them or eye assault like they a glazed ham…
same story.
it all depends on the comfortable level.
most of the time,
everyone in the gym trying to look better than the next.
minds are usually somewhere else.
that moment that they come down from the high,
it might open the door for conversation.
usually in the steam room (if you know what i mean).
realistically i’m finding a lot of gym rats are stuck up and insecure.
it ain’t you.
it’s usually them.
if anyone talks to you one day and ignores you the next,
take it as a sign they just not that into you.
that or they insecure as hell.
be proud of yourself you took the first step tho.

tumblr_lmqx8hHn7L1qac92lo1_500some never do.

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Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “f0xmail: All The Good Meat Is Inside The Gym… but Are They Into Me?”

  1. A side glance and polite conversation does not mean a man is into you. So you was just being aka desperate, if some one likes you they will show you a deeper level of interest such as they would constantly be helping you with your routine and ask you constantly when you will be at the gym to sync your schedules, wanting to hang outside of the gym. These my dear are signs that maybe something more exist. An with all that he could still not wanna jump your bones cause at the end of the day unless a guy comes right out with it playing the signs game is like Russian roulette.

    1. That first sentence is so true, and it’s something that everyone has to understand. I myself will talk to a dude and have no interest in him. Trust me, when a dude starts talking to you more and asking questions, then you know what’s up.

      1. Dr. Dejuty Ma’at-Ra exposed her for everything lol [along with a few others]
        -she does not live the life she preaches. in fact, she lives in a house owned by her sugar daddy
        -her skin is bleached out
        -her overpriced products are very dangerous and toxic
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        Her information is still legit, though.

  2. I agree with Jamari about a dude not talking to you the next day. If he liked the convo, he’ll likely spark up another with you. Him being approached will make him feel more secure with himself. Once the ice is broken that’s it. The insecurities will fade.

  3. Well, being that I am one of those guys in the gym with the fitted and muscle shirt, I guess it would only be right for me to respond.

    Usually, if I stare, I’m interested. You’ll catch me staring more than once, on more than one occasion. Typically, I won’t speak even if I’m interested because my assumption is that the guy I’m interested in is straight (I have a type, [shrug]), unless they speak first. And even still, I may not come in the gym the next day and speak unless I’m pretty sure you’re interested and I’m interested too.

    On the flip side, I don’t go to the gym to socialize and most times when I speak to people, it’s to be polite. Which is what I believe might be the case in this situation: he wasn’t interested, he was just being polite.

    There’s an underlying insecurity with most gay men that won’t allow them to have friendships with other (presumably) straight men. Why? Because they take any hint of interest (even if it’s only purely platonic) as romantic interest. Not everyone that’s kind to you is looking to get into your pants.

  4. This is my life lol, these gym dudes are the worst, trust me you are not imagining that they are looking at you, because they are. These gym dudes love attention str8 or gay, you have to remember not too many people are in the gym solely for their health, they are their for vanity and want people to notice them. More than likely alot of people in the gym, never had the attention until they developed their new bodies. I check dudes out all the time on the low, but will never give them nothing in the form of a smile, speak or any thing else, because many of these dudes get their rocks off on rejected you making themselves feel like they are better than you and you are desperate. If you stroke their ego enough you can eventually get them, always remember most everybody in todays world can be had, it depends on how much you are going to invest in them and what you are willing to do. Most of us dont have the time, I have seen some pretty shitty looking people with some drop dead gorgeous partners, they may have been the one who were the boldest, or paid the most. You will be surprised if you can catch some of these fine wolves girlfriends. I have ran into dudes from my gym at the grocery store with their girlfriends and to say I was shocked is a understatement, busted and broke down, so it really proves that many of these dudes we lust after are nothing more than body and not much else.

    To the letter writer, keep focusing on your self and getting your body right so that someone can run and lust in behind you. I have finally gotten to the next level with my workouts with bigger arms and chest and the attention I am getting has made me not even worry about some of the hot dudes I once lusted after when I first started working out. I realized that I can get the same body with hard work and dedication, and just as much attention. I just hope I never turn into a douche as so many of these guys do after getting so much attention for their body.

    1. More than likely a lot of people in the gym, never had the attention until they developed their new bodies.

      Sums it up

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