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12 thoughts on “GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: NOT GUILTY!!!!!”

  1. He will be killed soon enough. People like this will just take it as proof that he can do whatever they feel is just and will continue to go back to their old ways.

      1. In sorry to say this but he’s not worried about anything, he will feel no guilt, or any remorse for his actions. He’ll continue to walk these streets and give vigilante justice as he feels fit. It is what it is.

  2. I can’t believe it. That don’t make sense. Our people will get justice one way or another. He will never be able to live a normal live again.

  3. You know what I was reading the verdict and wanted to stop by your site to see if you’ve written something about it. I’m pissed off, that man wasn’t even found guilty for MAN SLAUGHTER? Really?

    1. UGH 🙁 Soo innocent.
      The fact that people are celebrating about it speaks VOLUMES.
      My mood just went down the drain.

  4. He has to not only live in fear, but with the guilt that he took that young man’s life and got away with it.

    I wasn’t surprised, just disappointed. I hope people don’t misdirect their anger via violence and showin out. The consequences of tonight should be a catalyst for us to wake up and be smarter and start a change. If not, this is only the beginning.

    1. I concur I said from the start it was going to difficult to find him guilty with no witnesses to state who was the aggressor, what baffles me is the majority white jury of all the ethnicities in Florida this is what we get did the prosecutors really believe 5 Caucasian women would see it differently.

  5. I would like to use your forum and audience to say this to myself, black people especially black men:

    It is no longer time for us to sit on the sidelines and let “those in office” handle your issues. It may have been “cute” before, but it is no longer. Your actions reflect the race (un)fortunately (ex. the girl who testified in TM’s case). Be responsible, and BE THE CHANGE you want to see. It is no longer tolerable to be IGNORANT and act like a NIGGER. PLEASE. My heart is so heavy I don’t even have words

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