Trayvon Martin’s Father Makes His Statement on Twitter

TRAYVON_MARTIN_NEW_PHOTO_1extremely sad at what he had to say…

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 11.00.19 PMlowkey: i hate that the fat ass lawyers are so unsympathetic.
“he was being beatin for 45 seconds!
he was in fear for his life!
he doesn’t understand why he was being turned into this monster.”

they are making him the victim.
i need to pray.
i am so fuckin’ angry.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Father Makes His Statement on Twitter”

  1. It’s nothing no one can do. I’m angry too, but life must go on. Someone will be doing something crazy tho. We’ll hear about it in the morning.

  2. Just know we pay the same taxes, work every fuckin day, and go through the sane struggles and were still seen as a lesser race. Fuck!!!! Shit ain’t change shit just been kept quiet

    1. Ugh I’m just sick literally sick. And to add insult to injury a lot of people are saying justice was served. Can someone explain to me how it was???? A man killed a damn innocent child and got off

  3. Its so clear how much his dad loved him and this is what breaks my heart that he can no longer hug or tell his son how much he loves him. I know that its a hurt in his heart none of us can understand. This man has held his composure anytime I have seen him on an interview, he has never been disrespectful or angry all the emotions he should be entitled too. He has never once said I wanna kill this fat twisted sick bastard for taking my sons life. I have so much respect for Tracy Martin. I hope we will not let this child life be in vain.

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