drake thinks ya’ll need to play catch up with his latest dance infusion

some of ya’ll are NOT happy with drake and this new album,
honestly, nevermind“.
 ya’ll want him to say honestly, nevermind and pretend this didn’t happen.
the dragging on twitter is a merciless storm.

…and it gets worse and worse.
drake decided to respond to all the criticism and…

now wait a minute drakey poo,
lets’s not act like rapping over house music is “catch up“.
azealia banks would like a word:

…along with others who do this as well.
i think drake should have:

  • said nothing because people would be more inclined to listen
  • say something along the lines of wanting to experiment with a new genre
  • proclaim that this was an EP and not an album in his discography

i prefer the silent option in these situations tbh.

according to chart data,
he will be #1 next week:

…which is pretty low compared to the 600k first week of certified lover boy.
scorpion was 700k in its first week.

for an album that came out as a surprise,
with no prior promo,
200k for an experiment is solid.

there is an audience for drake’s new album.
i see he is doing pretty well on the dance charts.
that is a chart i never thought i’d see him in tbh.
if this is his flop era,
everyone has one at one point in their lives.
all that matters is how you bounce back from it.
drake will be fine.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “drake thinks ya’ll need to play catch up with his latest dance infusion”

  1. This is Drake’s Degrassi High album. He on his pop thing like Nicki did with SuperBass. This is not a Hip-Hop album, its a Pop album. So if you had to grade it on different categories; A for Pop, F for Hip-Hop.

  2. I actually like this album but I admit I’m in the minority who likes a softer, housier Drake. All the posturing and shit-talking always came across to me as genuine as Chloe as a sex siren…

  3. He’ll be multi-platinum as always. I haven’t heard this or his last few albums. 98% of the critics are saying it doesn’t sound like his old music but isn’t that kind of the point. Evolution? Once dances are made and radio keeps playing tracks they’ll love it. Folks are bandwagon they only hate or love something once the majority does

    1. The album imo is kind of blah. It’s not bad, the actual music is great. I just think I would have enjoyed the instrumentals more. I definitely enjoyed the latter half of the album more than the first. It’s not really evolution of him as an artist to me. He’s made songs like this before, just a little more r&b and never as an entire album. I think people are just mad because they are used to Drake as a rapper who occasionally sings. When in fact, he first started off as both if not more of a singer. I’ve learned that people will let their expectations ruin experiences for them instead of trying to appreciate it for what it is. Give it some time. People will talk bad about it yet will keep it on in the background and stream it on playlists.

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