Double Dick of Boredem

Have you ever met two dudes,
around the same time,
and they both for whatever reason,
remind you of each other?

I am convinced I have met two of the most…. “boringest”…. negros EVER.

Here is the scenario…..

So I met two “potentials”… maybe…. online.
We will call them The Double Mint Dick Duo of A and B.


B – A4A

A: Hard working. Always making money. Lives alone. Not close but not far. Seems like a potential boyfriend.
B: Nice body. Slick mouth. SCREAMS FUCK ME GOOD. Lives with mama. Lives FAR (college), but visits The Concrete Forest. Honestly, just want to smash.

A: Not as sexual as B
B: Not as open to anything other than sex than B

A&B combined = Still yawning….

So, I actually met them around the same time and I was down for conversation.  They are both pretty good looking in their own ways. One is shorter than me, while the other is my height but thicker. Either way, They both got my i/m info and we took it to my intimate stimulate world.

Foxes – they have got to be the most “BORINGest” MUTHAFUCKAS I done ever met. Oh my Gawd…….

They would both hit me up separately and the conversation would go something like:

Them: “Hi”
Me: “Whassup?”
Them: “Nothing”
Me: “What did you do today?”
Them: “……. a long pause…. accompanied by a shorter answer….”
Me: “Oh… ok.”
Them: “Yeah”
Me: “…..”
Me: “[pressing the eject button and falling thru a trap door]”

I had to say THEM because BOTH conversations go something like that. B is a lot more sexual. He lays on how sexy I am and all that shit thick, but you would think I would be at least stimulated with the “how good he wants to fuck me” conversation.

I throw a lifeline out and he still bores me to death.

They are both so similar, yet so different. Now the final straw for me was they both asked me to call last weekend and then when I did, they both did not answer the phone. Yet, they were pressuring me to call AT THE SAME TIME in my chat window. I ended up talking to both their voice mails that night.


Maybe I should do them both a favor and hook them up with each other.
My good deed before Christmas.


Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

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