Meat Of The Minute: Jericho Cotchery

He looks a hint of crazy.
You know that means he fucks good.

I was looking at pictures of a possible DD in training named Kerry Rhodes,
when I stumbled on this dude who caught my attention in the background at an event.

His name is Jericho Cotchery,
plays for the New York Jets as a WR,
and he made me pre cum in my pants.

Good enough for me.

He is not model handsome.
He just looks like a laid back kind of handsome.
Older Daddy kind of handsome.
He looks laid back kind of crazy penis too.

Good enough for me…. minus the crazy.

Either way,
I had to share him with my Foxes.

I had to cross out the random balding white man.
*chases him away*

Jericho only has eyes for me.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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