Don’t Ask August Alsina About “That Guy” (He May Slap You)

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.36.41 AMyou see that hand?
it’ll be “slap slap right across ya melon.
well only if you ask august alsina about “that other r&b singer he don’t like no more”.
you know the one i’m talmbout.
keisha chante from 106 and park learned the hard way today…

i had second hand embarrassment for everyone and everything.
he needs A LOT of media training like TWO DAYS AGO!!!
one minute they were thick as thieves and all over each other instagrams.
now august about to push keisha chante down a hill for muttering “his” name.
can someone refresh me why him and “that other guy” fell out?
sometimes you can’t be true friends with your competition.
august may have learned that lesson the hard way.
tumblr_n402czHeyH1qk08n1o5_500…or this is a “PR 101” stunt to sell some records.
besides hoodrats and 16 year old females,
  no one really doesn’t know really know who august is.
hell ive asked people what they thought of him and they’ve been like,
nothing says “main stream media” than a juicy well done beef tho.
lets hope everyone is hungry for it.

lowkey: one of my readers sent me his new album,
i’ll listen to it on the commute to work and give my thoughts soon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Ask August Alsina About “That Guy” (He May Slap You)”

  1. Songzbird got that magic dick. I’d be mad if he was dicking me down, then call it quits too. Aug i feel u… lol

  2. I like some unreleased songs by August, but I’m not checking for his album. Nothing that he has put out, has grabbed my attention and I’m pretty sure anyone outside the ‘106 crowd’ as well.

  3. Nothing happened sexually between these two. August is just a real ass dude and I like that about him, with his sexy ass.. The show’s producers pushed the issue for ratings. I haven’t watched this show in over five years lol.

    Trey is not the same artist he used to be. His personality has changed, and I do not have to be around him to know that. I used to like him and his music, now I have little interest in either. I do not know why Trey think he is all this and that, he hasn’t even had a platinum selling album yet. Passion, Pain, and Pleasure is the only album that has a chance of reaching that status.

  4. I don’t think anything is or was going on between these two honestly. Maybe they just fell off because people don’t stay friends forever. August is from NOLA, so I know personally how NOLA people can be. He’s just a real ass dude. But the look on Bow Wow’s face was funny though. lmao!

  5. This whole story is being way over hyped but I understand both sides. Clearly, August is very emo/sensitive. You get a sense of that if you watch his interviews promoting this record. He puts everything out there and hasn’t learned how to filter his thoughts so that everything he thinks doesn’t always get expressed. That can either help or hurt you depending on the situation and it clearly wasn’t beneficial on 106. He’s a sincere, talented guy. His personality, aside from the immaturity is pretty awesome. He has the “it” factor.

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