Myvidster Comments Hurt My Feelings (First World Problems)

tumblr_n3e84vIV3h1qjtvq2o1_500so i think myvidster is the best thing ever invented.
i don’t really get into their comment section because,
i’m trying to get my nut off.
i treat that site like a booty call.
less talkin; more nuttin’.
xtube pipe taster by the name of “SouthPhilly_BoySuck” isn’t pleased.
he is shutting down his xtube because of the hurtful comments from myvidster viewers on his videos.
this is what he had to say…

My last video.. HERE’S WHY ‘Read Description’..

First and foremost.. this is not a sob story for you guys to feel sorry for me. This is just me speaking on some real sh*t right now. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy nor am I offering any. TAKE IT HOW YOU WANT !!!!! Anyway, I was on myvidster earlier today, and I happen to run across one of my recent videos’. I decided to read what people were saying (Something I normally don’t do) And the stuff that I ran across was just hurtful. I mean, they talked about me like I personally did something to them. I’m fat.. I’m ugly.. I have HIV.. I’m desperate.. etc.. it was just.. really mean, Hurtful and just plain cruel. I seriously try not to let stuff like that get to me but you know what.. IT DOES !!! I’m human and I would be lying if I said what they were saying, didn’t hurt my feelings because fact is.. IT DID !!!!!!!!! I came out the closet just a few yrs back. I was always scared to come out, and unlike most gay men (who were once also very afraid to come out because they were to scared about what their friends would say.. family would say.. strangers out in the street would say.. AND SO ON, etc) My only fear of coming out the closet was, how would the gay community accept me? Am I cute enough? Thin enough? Light enough? styled enough? etc.. I didn’t care what my parents would think because I knew they would accept me for who I am regardless. I didn’t care what my friends would think because I didn’t/don’t have any lol (And I like it that way).. I didn’t care what strangers out in the streets would think because they don’t even know me. The only folk that I did care about what they thought of me, was the gay community. On the outside looking in.. I always thought that the gay world only insist of one look. *A PRETTY LIGHTSKIN NIGGA*.. Slim waist.. curly slick hair.. pretty eyes.. big butt w/a bitchy attitude. Basically, just a pretty ass nigga and if you were anything outside of that.. you were not accepted. I’m not trying to sound cheesy but that’s just honestly what I thought it was. When I finally found out that gay men come in all different shades.. sizes.. race.. etc.. I felt a lil more comfortable. However.. ever since I have came out the closet. From that day till this day.. all gay men have done was bring me down. Gay men criticize in such a horrible negative way. They are some very envy people. It’s like.. they hate the fact that I can bag a bad thug ass dude without any type of gimmicks. Why do gay men find it so hard to believe that I can bag these guys that are in my videos? Am I suppose to look a certain kind of way in order to get a sexy ass trade nigga to let me give them oral sex? lol. Why do some of you think I pay these guys off to suck their dicks? Like wtf.. do you guys think I’m that desperate? And shouldn’t they be paying me? Why can’t I just be a cool ass nigga who knows how to talk a straight man into letting me suck him off? The funny thing is, a lot of you always ask me this one particular question.. “Where do you meet these guys in your videos from?”.. Do y’all know these niggas approach me? I don’t even have to trick guys into letting me suck them off anymore. They find me now. My videos’ have went viral on the internet {If you haven’t notice) and a lot of “Straight men/DL men” have seen them. They find me on instagram or Facebook and want to link up. I don’t look for dick.. dick looks for me. What nigga you know gonna pass up on a decent dick suck? (Rather it be a male or female doing it) I’ll wait. So for all you who wanted to know my “secret” on how I be finding all this “Trade”, well.. there you go. It’s just as simple as that. Anyway.. I will be back in a lil bit guys. I will def give all of my supporters the personal pin to my videos (Yes! I am putting them to private). I refuse to make you guys suffer because of a bunch of jealous ignorant haters. Here is my final video until I am secure within myself to come back and post more. Until then.. for some extra clips.. follow me on instagarm @ ‘_ihatesuckas’ and Facebook ‘Samuel Moore’. Talk to y’all in the future. Hopefully I lose some weight by then. Peace.

you give head to random hood boogers and post them online.

1495you should be past the “i care what people think” stage at this point.
yes what people can say may hurt anyone’s feelings.
the following is a disclaimer for ANYONE trying to be in the public eye on any platform.
people will say whatever they want about you online.
also if you live a ratchet life offline,
don’t be surprised if people talk about it online.
i’m always baffled when people get confused that other people talk.
it is what it is.
if beyonce or rihanna cared what people thought,
they wouldn’t be living their dreams over a bunch of nobody bitches yip yappin’.
get ya “no fucks to give” up.

quote taken from his last (nsfw, 18^, and “not for straight eyes”) video: here

15 thoughts on “Myvidster Comments Hurt My Feelings (First World Problems)

  1. To each their own but I’ve never been into sucking random dudes’ dicks. If I was I certainly wouldn’t tape it and brag about it as if it’s some sort of accomplishment.

    However people can be really nasty on comment sections not just on porn sites but run of the mill news sites as well.

  2. I just watched the video in the link above. That dude he was giving head to was fine as hell. I did not know of this dude before this post. However, instead of talking about how insecure he is, let’s talk about how insecure the people are who are leaving the comments on his videos. More than likely, those people are jealous that he is not that attractive and he is pulling fine ass dudes. I know what the deal is, and I must say that I am not surprised at all. I remember the comments that were left on those Derek J posts when everyone thought that guy was his boyfriend. Yea..I went there lol. I was not pleased.

    I’ll end on this note. People have the right to have sexual relations with anyone who THEY find attractive, and we do not have the right to judge people for who THEY choose to have sex with, period.

  3. No one likes to be talked about I get it, but putting video of yourself in sexual acts doesn’t make you exactly a saint.

  4. I’m surprised no one else grasped the deeper meaning of what he’s saying. He revealed quite a bit about how he feels about himself.

    In the first half he already states he basically feels he’s not what’s considered attractive or desirable by gay men’s standards, which may be why he gets satisfaction from performing oral sex on different dudes on camera for the internet to see with each one ejaculating on his face and in his mouth. It’s a worship complex because they are the standard and he’s not.

    I’ve never seen him ask for any form of reciprocation and he’s given no indication he desires it and that may be tied directly to his sense of self worth.

    Then in the second half he tries to make it seem like the fact these dudes come to him somehow increases his self worth. These men are not hitting him up because he’s intelligent, considerate, or someone worth getting to know. They want one thing. They get their relief and he gets his by getting on his knees and pleasing “the standard”.

    He doesn’t sound that different from a multitude of gay men honestly. His sense of worth is directly tied to people’s perception and the men he can pull.

    1. Jay you are brilliant. You hit that shit on the head and knocked it out the park. His letter screams insecure! His videos, although they can be hot, scream I am worthless. I’m only here to get on my knees and worship “trade.” When you blog or post videos about your sexual life you best be ready to have bricks thrown at you. HelI I should know. I blog myself. Dude better man up. If being a dick sucking ethical slut (Google that) turns him on then do your thing and let haters hate. Besides Grandma used to say if they talked bad about Jesus they can certainly talk about you. And P.S. what is this thing about light skinned dudes are more desirable? I know a lot of dark guys that are pulling it! Like me!!!

  5. The jokes write themselves. So much Fuckery on these internets and so little damn time. Its a damn shame when a amateur Xtube star catches feelings about what anonymous people on the internet are saying. Class, good taste, decorum were clearly thrown out the window when you used your phone to film your first feature. I just cant tonight

    So glad you said that part about people talk about everything and everybody online. This was like the Mowry Twin (cant remember which one is which) who’s feelings were hurt because people online where talking about her. If you put yourself in a public forum in any type of manner in this internet age get ready to be judge from taking a pic on facebook, Instagram etc. It like the dude on here who always holds up the Blood Stain Banner for str8 dudes who happened to be featured on the foxhole worrying about the things one may comment on here, telling us we need to watch what we say and dont hurt their feelings with our gay talk. How in the hell can anybody think they can control anything anybody says on the internet. I get mad and upset at times when people talk about the President, some of my favorite entertainers etc, but at the end of the day, these people dont know me and I dont know them and regardless to what might be said. I still have to get up in the morning to pay the bills. To SouthPhilly, hold your head up, grease your lips and continue to be the best dick sucker this side of Dixie, dont worry about your haters.

    1. ^i guess he thought he would be worshipped.
      you felt your share of hate as well.
      it all comes with the territory.
      he got worshipped on xtube but hated on myvid.
      well guess what?
      they ALL still watched his videos.
      aarylia aka diksukka ( THE KING OF DAT ) NEVER gave a fuck.
      I miss him btw.

  6. I personal like his work. Many a night I got gratification looking at his vids on x-tube, hell I took notes and tried myself

  7. I mean… idk. I kinda feel he is saying about the judgmental superficial gay community but it comes with the territory. I mean yeah they may be jealous you pull “trade” (I hate that word. Gay men hold “trade” to high standards and treat them like they are royalty because they seem straight. smh)

    When did pulling “trade” just to suck their dick and on to the next become an accomplishment?

    This is why I stay far removed from that community shit.

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