Myvidster Comments Hurt My Feelings (First World Problems)

tumblr_n3e84vIV3h1qjtvq2o1_500so i think myvidster is the best thing ever invented.
i don’t really get into their comment section because,
i’m trying to get my nut off.
i treat that site like a booty call.
less talkin; more nuttin’.
xtube pipe taster by the name of “SouthPhilly_BoySuck” isn’t pleased.
he is shutting down his xtube because of the hurtful comments from myvidster viewers on his videos.
this is what he had to say…
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Remember When We Smashed Ontop That Isuzu Truck?

Does anyone remember this video?


Who doesn’t remember that video?
I got many a great nutz off to that foXXX back in the day.

Sexy ass Wolf.
Scorpion tattoo… ON HIS DICK (you already know how I feel about Scorpios)
Fucking a Fox on top of an Isuzu truck. 

Well, rumors were saying he died.
Some were saying jail.
I even heard some saying a mental institution.
Due to some trusty Fox field work,
I found him…

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