f0xmail: I Think This “Lookin Ass Nig” At The Gym Wants Me. Help?


I see this guy at the gym. I see that he occasionally shoots me a few looks, nothing strange, but he just looks at me as I am working out. As he is about to leave, he takes a look back at me. Again, I don’t think much of it, but I leave soon after he does.

Well, I end up at a stop light and he pulls up next to me. He looks over at me again, but I didn’t say or do anything. Against my general judgment, I decide to post an ad on Craigslist in the m4m missed connections section. I gave a general description of a guy where many guys could fit the description.

Well, I get a response and the guy tells me what he was wearing, but he also makes a mention that he is straight as well. I ask a few more questions and it is indeed the same guy who was looking at me in the gym. My question for you is what do you think of the situation?


well i’ll make this one short and sweet.
either he is super interested or he is “the killer”.
be careful with that one.
am i the only one who gets uncomfortable when someone overly stares?
hell i’m in new yawk.
too much “lookin ass nig” could mean a robbery is about to be in progress.
its one thing to look a couple times,
but to pull up next to you when you leave the gym and just stare?
uh uh.
ammoi’d have to make sure my pistol was close.
just in case i’d have to shoot up all his tires.
afterwards call the police and tell them i was in fear for my life.
feel this one out before you decide to meet up.
any red flags: RUN.
be safe.

jamari fox

11 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Think This “Lookin Ass Nig” At The Gym Wants Me. Help?

  1. I’m the guy who sent in the topic, originally. The guy never stared at me. I’ve had that happen to me, by a successful male fitness model in one case, and it made me uncomfortable. This guy just kept looking in my direction. It was never a lingering stare though. He responded to my advertisement saying that he always wanted a missed connection, but he immediately told me that he was straight within the first email. Also, he told me that I should say “Hi” to him the next time I see him.

  2. J that staring thing creeps me out i feel weird and awkward when guys do it, i have a cute co worker who does it, but because our eyes are always meeting its super weird.

  3. The Craigslist part sounded phony but this is really easy. The starer is DL and waiting on homeboy to make a move. Why would he rob him?He is a member of his gym. His face, address and I’D are on record. If he robs letter writer there is a a trail to follow. But if he lures him off and kills him well that’s a different story. If he wants to test this guy meet him in public. If he decides to hook up call a friend in front of him and say “I’m on a date with X and i will text you his number and address. Call me laterto make sure I made Iit home.”

  4. Some of ya’ll are going to get this man robbed or worse smh

    You guys make it too easy for these con artists and dudes looking to hit a lick.

    Anyone that can actually find the person they’re looking for on missed connections is either apart of a scheme or has awesome good luck, but being that CL is a haven for con artists, I’d lean towards the former.

    Straight guys don’t browse the missed connections sections of CL lol.

    He needs to at least be able to speak to you in the gym before anything else happens.

  5. Wait. But why was the stalker in the m4m section to begin with. Clearly he is visible at the gym since he goes often. I think he wants to test the waters and because you worked the hell out of the stair master..He noticed the baked goods

  6. The only way you will find out is if you talk to him bro. The stoplight part of your story is something straight out of a movie dude. Did you at least give him a head nod? You should have yelled over and asked him his name. I hope he is not one of those creeps that do not know how to approach a dude, but continues to stare at him repeatedly. I can’t stand those types. UGH.

    It is this guy in one of my classes that I have caught staring at me quite a few times. I did not pay attention to him at first. I mean he is fine and all, but I do not lust after every dude I am attracted to lol. Well anyway, one day before class started, I was being clumsy with my phone and I missed and opened up one of my emails to this site, and I turned towards him to find him staring into my phone. What had happened was(lol), the face of my phone was turned away from me, so I was unaware that I opened up my emails by mistake. Well, I cleared my screen and continued to do what I was doing. It didn’t hit me at that moment that he could possibly be a reader of this site, so I didn’t pay the incident any attention……until I made the same mistake again……minutes later. I was like “What the hell is he looking at this time?” I looked at my screen and just shook my head. I looked over at him and he was already staring right at me, and he was just staring hard af. We exchanged a few more stares after that, but I was in defense mode. For someone to know my sexuality that I do not know makes me uncomfortable. Y’all know I am discreet as hell lol.

  7. This is precisely why I have a home gym instead of going to one. Jamari, if I were you, I would tread lightly (as I know you will). I dislike gawkers and those who give you that Superman esque X- ray vision type look. When you said that, it just reminded me of the last steel river episdoe where Dexter was forcibly raped by that muscle bound redbone negro.

  8. Is it strange that a straight guy would be reading a missed connection from a man looking for a man? Just asking? I can’t recall ever reading a woman seeking woman ad.
    Well meet in a public place and listen to feeling in your gut, your instincts
    Doubt = don’t
    I read that guy from Grindr who was attacked had an uneasy feeling about his attacker but he dismissed his doubts.

  9. i feel the same way, it’s so hard to tell these days with men, you dont know if they’re interested or some crazy nutcase who’s just casing you out…just be careful and if you meet with him do a public location only….

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