foXXX Videos: The New “Bait”?

tumblr_nvwxjciaiB1sqzfgqo1_1280well move over pipe pics,
the new “bait” is foXXX videos.
thank god.
like i said in the other entry,
i can’t do anything with a dick pic.
a video showing how you use your pipe?
or how you work that cootie cat/fox tail?

i’m all in.
well according to my sex nasty f-bi,
a couple wolves allegedly got baited with their foXXX videos.
personally speaking,
i can’t confirm or deny the origins.
just enjoy the smut like i did.
the following are:


put the “christian” to bed lets go…
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foXXX: The Full Monte

BsPVClrCEAA7C90everybody is a porn star now.
well not me.
i’m a full fledged christian.




don’t look at me like that.
all the good lookin wolves have decided to make sex tapes the new movement.
are we complaining?
well this straight wolf wants to put his bid in.
everyone meet
(this is def 18^ and nsfw )…
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foXXX: Sexin’ The Cousin In Law’s Vixen (Keeping It In The Fam)

pic_9_bigif he was yo cousin in law,
would you let him smash?
i mean…
you may have to ignore the wedding rings and vows and stuff.
well this vixen didn’t and well…
(this is 18^ and nsfw)…
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foXXX: Something Tatted Cums This Way

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 4.05.53 AMwho wants a late night cock tail?
“i do!
i do!”
well this is “cock tail” time across the country.
right now someone is checkin in to a hotel,
taking someone back to the crib,
or getting it in the club parking lot to get a cocktail.
hopefully its stiff and can be felt when it hits the tummy.
i was up and saw this tatted “bodega” wolf giving a few well stirred cock tails.
i had to share…
(NSFW AND 18^)…

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Myvidster Comments Hurt My Feelings (First World Problems)

tumblr_n3e84vIV3h1qjtvq2o1_500so i think myvidster is the best thing ever invented.
i don’t really get into their comment section because,
i’m trying to get my nut off.
i treat that site like a booty call.
less talkin; more nuttin’.
xtube pipe taster by the name of “SouthPhilly_BoySuck” isn’t pleased.
he is shutting down his xtube because of the hurtful comments from myvidster viewers on his videos.
this is what he had to say…
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