I Wouldn’t Mind Sharing A Heart Shaped Cake With My Wolf

i love to see some fat heart shaped butt cheeks getting piped.
i would love to feast on some heart shaped cakes with my wolf/hybrid.
this one under here is the perfect example…

i love when a wolf grips on the cheeks like so:


please ignore that wolf’s chest.
i don’t know what is going on.

i got off more to than cakes than his pipe.
must be my werewolf side coming out tonight…

6 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Mind Sharing A Heart Shaped Cake With My Wolf

  1. That fox has a beautiful body and gorgeous butt cheeks. But, did anybody else notice the wolf was doing him without a condom? It’s estmated one-third of black gay men below 30 are HIV positive with many unaware of their status. And, estimates are that 75 percent of black gay men will be positive by age 50. Hopefully, the camera man partner of the wolf and the fox getting smashed are friends who know each other’s health status. It was still hot watching, but….

    1. Damn 75%. I know that’s an estimate but that’s a high ass number. That’s 3/4 black gay men. I said before that we’re at mork risk of STD’s, but hey no one listens because they’re in denial about that shit. SMH

  2. lord butt cute the owner doesn’t look like my type. But the camera man is the scar wolf boifriend that fox cool with his wolf freaking that sexy bubble. every body different.

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