The After Shocks From The Dominican Wolf

well i had an interesting discussion with dominican wolf today via iPhone.
he hit me up to ask me this afternoon…

“so you want to get this money?”

in which i replied:

“naw i’m good!
i got a lot going on anyway,
but thank you and tell your people the same.”

moving back on to my work.
oh wait.
phone vibrating.
him again…

“see thats that bullshit.”


“you wasted my time yo.”

“i apologize if you felt that way.”

“its all good.
you not about making that money!!
its all good.”

“i am making money tho.
i’m working at a good job and i’m able to pay my bills.
a couple months ago,
that was not happening.”

“with this you could have quit that job travel and be your own boss.”

“oh ok well i’m happy here”

no response.
okay whatever.
no wait…
there’s more:

“my boys are disappointed you not joining the team.”


“my boy said he would give you a discount on the membership fee.
he’ll pay half.
sound good?”

“naw i’m good.
tell him i said thanks!”

“well we gonna be taking our first trip to vegas soon.
you missed out.
my boy decided you wouldn’t be right for this anyway.”

“oh ok!
i’ll be working anyway but have fun!”

okay good.

giphyif i wasn’t busy,
i would have let him have it over having those randoms in my damn house.
i’m glad nothing went down with us now.
this mofo is weird.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The After Shocks From The Dominican Wolf”

  1. Why do I feel like this was all a ploy to get up in your guts? Why is he all upset? I think he gets down based off that.

  2. Jamari…I was going to say that you should still let him know that it wasn’t cool to bring people over to your house unannounced like he did. But based off the convo…I’d leave dude alone, for real!
    I do have a feeling that he might be hittin’ you up again soon.

  3. That convo proves that dude is clueless. He wasted your time. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad had he sprung it on you by himself. Them fools expect to make money by showing up like a pack of wolves ready to attack.

  4. For whatever reason I find many str8 dudes get over hyped up about network marketing schemes, they believe the fantasy that they are going to be living this dream life and they get upset and offended when you see thru the bullshit, and dont fall for it. It like those dudes who come up to you selling their whack ass CD’s on the street, they get so damn mad when you tell them NO. I am all for your dreams, just not with my money. He probably was so confident that you were going to fall for his hype that it really pissed him off when you didnt. Its almost like he treated you like one of his conquest and you rejected him so he has to bite back, that comment about my boys dont think you are right for this anyway said it all. Apparently, he had a small inkling that you might get down or were attracted to him so he thought he was going to be able to play you with his good looks and swag and when you didnt fall for it he felt some kind of way. You dont even have to worry about him anymore, now that he found out he cant use you he is going to be on the next one. You need to block his ass from calling or texting your phone, and basically play like he doesnt exist.

  5. you know what so funny about this?
    he though jamari was foolish enough to fall for it.
    I would consider that the highest of insults
    like muthafucka what I look like a ass or a jackass coming at me wit this booshit.

  6. Dude sounds creepy, Jamari. I’m with Tajan on this. Leave dude alone! Red flags went up all over the place when he brought others to your place. Not cool at all that they have been to your place. And, this persistence is not cool either.

  7. He sound like a scam.
    I think it time you know the truth Jamari. There are some Dominican men who are good and wonderful and handsome, but there are others that only think money and using other men for it. If you ever date a Dominican make sure he has a good job because if he doesn’t he going to bother you for money.

  8. These guys are possibly frustrated because their pyramid scheme is not working like they thought. They bought into the idea of making a lot of money and now they see it won’t be that easy. Probably taking their frustration out on you.

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