Doing “The Rihanna” When You See The Fine Wolf

tumblr_nbg4yigPsD1qhs2cbo1_400i can imagine how ^this pic came about.
so you ever went somewhere,
or was already somewhere,
and a fine wolf just STROLLS in/was already there?
like unexpectedly.
got you doing “the rihanna” like…

giphy you’re snappin’ pictures on the low and shit.
casually asking who is he or trying to find out if he knows someone you know.

“yeah thats will.
he comes in once a month to work out with the kids.
he is a personal trainer at “such and such” gym.”

“ooooh ok.
thats so nice of him…”

…as you are looking through instagram and your friend’s followers,
yeah i know.
i mean…
not that i’ve done that…
ya know…
ive heard people do that tho.

thats it.

lowkey: i want to know WHO that is in that picture above.
shid when i see a fine wolf,

i mutter “oh my…”.
thats when you know he has touched me deep.
or i’d like him too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Doing “The Rihanna” When You See The Fine Wolf”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. When, I be with my fam or around straight dudes, I be mumbling all under my breath trying not to be heard lol.

  2. Most fine wolves I see are passing by in cars which makes me mad because then I can’t ask if anyone knows him. There was a fine drug dealing wolf that rode up next to me and asked “was I looking for that green.” I said no but he had me ready to buy some weed and I don’t even smoke.

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