MEAT: (625)

tumblr_ngx6etRPs41qfofhno1_1280he is what in my mind a “bbc” is.
the ones the snow bunnies come out of character for.
the ones that scream

“ooooooooooh baby!
give me that big fat juicy donkey cock…”

“oh yeah!
thats it!
i love your big fat juicy donkey cock…”

“oh god!
i’m about to cum!
i’m about to cum because of your big fat juicy donkey cock…”

the ones whose foxxx videos turn me completely on.
…you know ( x the types ).
( nsfw and 18^ )

lowkey: is it me,
or do those “bbc” smash the older white snow bunnies holes to smithereens?
even with the snow foxes.
they be taking all 12 years of slavery out on their private parts.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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