Sex Memes Tell Us What We Want to Know

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 5.01.00 PMi love when the attentionistos put up random sex memes.
look we all like sex here.
vixens better be glad he hints about it.
fuck around and think he is the perfect gentleman,
gets her cooch banged out of alignment (or not),
and never get a phone call returned a day in her life.
no time for that.
so when duba put this up…

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 3.12.57 PM.










43334-megan-fox-horny-gif-Dl5u…i was so turned on.
so thattttttttttttsssssssss why they do that.
i legit know about the tears tho.
what part of:


…do these wolves not understand?
anyway as always,
duba wants to give you some workout motivation:

…and i’m feeling
thats it.

all pictures and videos credited to: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Sex Memes Tell Us What We Want to Know”

      1. He put up some pic of a female in a dirty room and some guy said something about the room and he said “you must be gay. BLOCKED”

      2. ^some chick he fucked,
        or was it just a random pic?

        maybe he was embarrassed someone called him out on the room.
        you know these attentionistos are sensitive af…

  1. I’m having a hard time keeping up on which one of these dudes is which. So many model/personal trainers my head is gonna explode.

  2. his…body….DAMNNN and that gif is SO right GOD i hate that it’s like when you tell them you can’t take no more or hurry up they give deeper strokes and start going in harder….i had a guy whenever i’d tell him i couldn’t take no more…he’ll stop, pull out start eating my cakez and then slide right back in and would say ‘shut the fuck up and take that dick baby’..i swear that moment feels like forever…and it really does feel like they’re growing inside of you…but at the same time it’s sexy when they take control like that…i actually love it now lol

  3. I black out, I’m gone be stroking at least 20 more times before I stop. I ain’t the only one. You can’t stop just like that. Nah.

  4. Well since you have featured him, I guess I can let the cat out the bag he is the attention whore I was talking about in an earlier post when I talked about him blocking people saying they must be gay if they even talk to him. He does the most out of all the attention whores combined, I am sensing deep very deep insecurities with this one. I see he has removed some of his more offensive post. Body is nice, but personality seems to be zero, if IG is any indication of these things and most of the time it is. A tranny called him out and told him that dudes like him are the main ones talking shit about gays but be hitting up her inbox for a date when nobody is looking. He became incensed, and blocked her too. These new str8 boys be doing too much.

    1. ^I could see him doing something like that. Take the compliment and move on. If someone comes at you incorrectly…just say nah dude, I don’t get down like that. Keep it moving. No need to block or say something offensive. Now if they constantly keep at it…PRIVATELY take them to task. LOL
      On another note…he needs to work on his legs. The top is all big and then you move down towards the legs and it looks like chicken legs. LOL

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