Do Gays Put The “Ho” In “Homosexuality”?

Saigon…well according to rapper and l&hhny cast member, saigon.
now before everyone jumps on how “irrelevant” he is,
lets hear his opinion and be objective.
this is what he told vladtv

Despite trying to be politically correct and saying that he doesn’t care what people do in their bed room, the rapper believes that homosexuality is more about sex than it is love. In an interview with DJ Vlad, Saigon says, “I think homosexuality has more to do with sex than love. I don’t understand pushing the agenda of a sexual thing down people’s throats.”

tumblr_inline_mh5hzrrVRC1qmtldneven tho saigon was annoying as hell on that show,
i really detect no lies in his statement.
do you?
why you think there still some gay 90 year olds still thinking about being pounded?
now i love me some good throat and sex,
but it doesn’t dominate my life or this website.
gay men always remind me of the “smart” girls or video vixens who like to dress skimpy.
wolves only look at them as more “sex object” and “less wife”.
they half naked all over social media,
but throw up a few “i’m not like these other girls” posts.
these chicks want to scream:

“how dare he talk to me like that?
why do men only want to fuck me?
is there something wrong with me?
they never want to date me or take me out!
like, im sick of guys only hitting me up for sex!
its totally annoying!
i hate men!

…but her ass cheeks are politely showing under her poom poom shorts tho.
HtDHv1Auh huh.
i love my people (well some),
but a majority of us need to get it together.
lowkey: not to toot my own horn but the foxhole is pretty multifaceted.
you should be proud you bring something other than body parts to the table of life.
courtesy: vlad tv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Do Gays Put The “Ho” In “Homosexuality”?”

  1. So when he was young he had a problem with homosexuality, but now it does not bother him? And how did that come to be? Maybe it has something to do with the “gay agenda.” Maybe its because gay people have come out of the shadows and are sharing the details of their lives just like straight people do. And I know gays can be stuck on sex. But are we that much more stuck on sex than straight people. I mean all my friends are straight and they discuss sex plenty.


    1. ^i think the problem with the two is that one ends up settling down eventually.
      the other keeps on fuckin and fuckin until they end up in diapers.
      how many gay men are really looking to find “love”?
      how many gay relationships last?
      everything online is looking adamantly for sex,
      finding it,
      and rinse repeat the next night.
      there is no “lets date”.
      its all sex and how to get it.
      i do see your point justin.
      welcome to the discussion.

      1. I think there is an argument for both sides. Yes, gays can be sex obsessed, but that also has a lot to do with the fact that many gays cannot live out in the open and have a home and family with a partner. Marriage equality and the normalization of homosexuality in society could bring some stability to gay relationships. But like Justin said, I just don’t feel that straight men have much room to talk.

      2. I think it would be the same if a female was commenting, because at the end of the day, society in general is sex obsessed. I just think that the straights are too quick to judge gays for hypersexuality. Its like the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. I think the bigger issue at hand is when will there be a better representation of gay black men period. When will gay blavk men not be portrayed as the sterotypical “queen” that runs around in heels and purses and ultrafeminine. and why is it shoveled down everyone’s throats. Part of me feela that some black women push their gay black friends into that position early on.

    I remember my closes bestfriend came out to only me in highschool eventhough I knew by middle school and with me I treated him just like I would anyone. I treated him like a black man should be and tried to push the carry yourself head high with no fcuks to give. When he started to come out to more of our black girla friends then the whole YESSSS BITCH and snapping and high pitched voice started to come out and after we fell out it became full blown sterotype. And certainly RHOA doesn’t help either.

  4. I agree with his statement and what you said about it but how the fuck does he know?

    Also, yes, it disgust me the way some of these older gay men seem to never want to settle.They’re in diapers still trying to meet men.I know an old gay man who is wheelchair bound and yet he’s still out there trying to get it in with random dudes.

    I think it’s because we’re not the norm and we’re not used to seeing the norm of a gay couple with kids like those two dads.I’ll be honest, I thought that was impossible.I figured I’d become an old ho myself because that seems to be what 50 or percent of gay men do.

    I’m not even a ho though.I can be a gay man in a committed relationship.It’s hard to find other gay men to be committed with.That’s the problem with dealing with men.As soon as they bust a nut, they don’t give a shit about you.I was watching a program about Lesbians and they said Lesbians are ready to move in with each other after a few months.They call em U-Haul Lesbians I think.

    Still, how the fuck does Saigon know?

    1. ^exactly zen.
      we are now starting to see our people dating and having kids.
      hell i talk about dating wolves.
      i like sex like any man.
      hell when i see a good lookin wolf who i’m attracted to,
      i can see use having sex,
      but i also see more.
      one of the reasons im not having just any random sex now.
      where is the place most gays meet?
      online, right?
      okay now what is the dominating factor even tho the claim they want “more”?
      okay then.

  5. Not too long ago Black People were depicted as hypersexual.Black men as sexual brutes oversexual,violent,aggresive.Many people still view Black women as hypersexual due to the images in the media.The music videos,the Stripper culture and the Black men on Maury with 5 Baby mamas has feed into the myth.
    I think alot of Gay guys focused on sex because they had no role models when it came to dating.My childhood friends who
    were Gay couldnt or Didnt date in high school.They didn’t have their “boyfriend” come over for dinner.They definitely didnt think about getting married to a MAN one day.I think things are getting better.

    BTW my aunt works at a assisted living facility and there are Straight 90 y.o. Hoes popping Viagra or Cialis.At her facility the ratio is 10 women to every man.

  6. I completely agree with him. I sometimes feel like being a ho was the only way I could get any attention from a guy. I recently redownloaded jack’d and its heartbreaking to see the scores of shirtless bodies, dick, asses and ever worse, face pics of people begging for a fuck. There are too many of us adding “maybe more” after we say we’re looking for “friends” or “somebody cool”.

    Being gay can be rather lonely if you’d rather keep on your clothes. Unfortunately, I chose to take mine off and its the way I know how to relate to guys now smh. Its a vicious cycle.

    1. I can relate to the being lonely, i have decided to put down the a4a and hook up sites in 2014, so far it has been a struggle. Cause all the guys i added previously to whatsapp have now fallen away and i only have one guy who is simply on games and way into himself.

      But i choosing to learn to love me as i too learnt in the beginning that if the guy is not thirsty for my body then i am not good enough. But those things are mental chains that could be broken if we try. It has billions of people in the world i am gonna trust one of them is my perfect match and i will be saving whats left of my soul and body for them. My body is the temple of my soul cant be abusing it.

  7. Gay men are not more about sex than straight menn. Straight men beat pussy from a side and no one goes around calling them hoes etc. Its two men so unlike a woman who isn’t usually DTF men always DTF once their libido is high or the guy is hot. If sleeping around is the criteria to disqualify us from marriage or just plain ole having a voice shouldn’t a large cross section of black males aka the “10 kids before 20 lot” and men in general be told to sit the fuck down.

  8. I disagree and research disagrees with him as well. Increasingly, gay and bisexual men are pursuing monoghamy, particularly amongst individuals age 18 to 34. The idea that the “gay lifestyle” doesn’t include commitment is, by and large, generational and actually stems from the flower child movement from the 1970s in combination with the systematic oppression of LGBT individuals (ie. the inability to marry and have/adopt children). As that is changing, so too is the attitude regarding monoghamy.

    Further, we need to stop painting the entire community as sex obsessed. Not only is it counterproductive, but it’s wrong. I know plenty of couples in their 20s who are in long term, committed relationships. If you think that shit is impossible, you need to look at the people you surround yourselves with and think long and hard about what it actually says about you.

    Saigon just reduced gay men to sexual beings, exclusively; not human beings deserving of love and affection or citizens deserving of equal rights and we have gay/bisexual/closeted men on here agreeing with him? You all are part of the problem.

    Some of you really need to sit down and think long and hard about how much YOU matter to YOU because the fact many of you can agree with a man who thinks so little of you is a problem.

    1. I agree with you on most, but not about the sex obsessed part. Most gay men are sex obsessed, which is 75%. Only a small percentage of gay men want commitment.

  9. This lifestyle is practically based on sex, and that is a sad truth that we should admit. I will address everyone in this comment, no one is exempt. I had to say that because what I am about to say might have people in their feelings lol. The Foxes want more, but they have to present themselves in a way that they can’t receive more. Everyone in the life knows Foxes get frowned upon for sleeping around. It is a double standard that is unfair, and that is why I do not live by it. However, no on wants an overused loose hole either, that may sound harsh, but it is the truth. A used car salesman cannot sell me a car with over 300,000 miles that came off the assembly line 3 years ago, show me the ones who do not have a 100,000 miles in that same time span and then we’ll talk. I might test drive the one with 300,000 miles to see how it feels and have a lil fun with it, but once I think of all the car has been through I will no longer have interest in it and I’ll end up rolling with the one with less mileage for the future.

    As for the Wolves, my thing is this. You can fuck as many asses as you want, but it will not make you more of a man, and it will not fill the void that you overcompensating for. When you turn about 45 and your looks start to fade, and you roll over in your bed next to an empty space, you will realize what you are missing, and by that time it may be too late, especially if your rep is tainted. Talking about you don’t want to be loved, I call bullshit. Everyone wants to be loved by someone other than family because everyone wants to feel special.

    People do not value themselves and then get upset when they are not chose. The ones who value themselves will always be chose first. The more valuable you are, the higher you go in the draft. The ones with lesser value go undrafted, which means they don’t get chose. I fall in love with men, and I’m not afraid to admit that, no shame. My track record, or lack thereof speaks volumes, there is value in a person who has not been around the block and up the street. It is what. it is

  10. Saigon is wrong. It’s not gays vs straights. It’s men vs women. Gays include all homosexuals–men and women. I find that men typically have as their Alpha and Omega four things: 1. Looks: How you look from the neck up. 2. Body: How you look from the neck down. 3. Sex/sex appeal: Whether the sex is good and whether you are sexually alluring. (I called this the “erection test”. That is, it’s whether he thinks he will enjoy having sex with you.) And 4. Youth: Generally, the younger the better. And of course, there is the exception of number 5. Money. If you have enough money, then that can substitute for one, some or all of the other four. And the four things add up to sex. A relationship cannot last on sex.

    (And while men tend to focus on the above four factors, relationships need the below five factors. Since they don’t overlap much, relationships between men are few and far between and often difficult to maintain. As far as an “association” with a man, woman or child goes, any relationship (be it between friends, between father and daughter, mother and daughter, husband and wife, etc.) needs the 5 Cs:
    1. Compromise: They need to be able to compromise on their legitimate interests.
    2. Communication: They need to be able to communicate about their wants, needs, hopes, fears, aspirations, etc. This includes not just “what” but “how” and “when” to communicate. And communication includes listening and not just “saying” or “writing” or “sending”. Some things are best said by email and others by snail mail, telephone call, text message, etc. So the mode of communication is important. This is the most important C. Poor communication tends to lead to a poor relationship. No communication tends to lead to no relationship. (And the corollary is also true: Poor communication tends to lead to a poor relationship and a poor relationship tends to lead to no relationship.) It is through communication that the other Cs are realized. Compromise is made. Commitment is shown. Companionship is had and cash is dealt with clearly, compatibly and appropriately.
    3. Commitment: They need to be concerned with and about each other and sufficiently dedicated/devoted to each other and the relationship. This involves accountability, faithfulness, loyalty, attentiveness, diligence and effort.
    4. Companionship: They need to enjoy each other’s company.
    5. Cash: They need to be clear, cool and compatible on issues concerning money.
    When the 5 Cs are “added”, they add up to compatibility.)

    And men includes straight men. Look at Hugh Heffner, the founder of Playboy and a straight man. His women (and he’s had plenty) have looks, body, sex, sex appeal and youth. Look at other straight men like Tiger Woods, George Clooney, Leonaro DiCaprio and others. When straight men have the opportunity to “dick ’em down and dump ’em”, they often do. Straight men do less because straight women won’t allow–or try not to allow–promiscuity with straight men. On the other hand, gay men’s culture is dominated by men. There is no need to compromise with women so gay men stay stuck on sex (looks, body, sex, sex appeal and youth). Gay men go the the gym morning, noon and night to catch sex partners. If they were with a woman, few wives or girlfriends will allow such frequenting of the gym.

    And when a man gets married due to love or children, he better keep that penis on lockdown and not engage any pussy other than his wife’s because a slip of the dick can result in divorce, alimony, child support, loosing much of his material goods in a divorce settlement and loosing his children in custody hearing. He could end up living in his car while his wife gets the house and kids. Gay men don’t have children by (biologically) with other gay men so a spit up will not be so traumatic. Since it’s not so traumatic, it’s more often. Gay men do what straight men would do if they could get away with it–but women won’t allow such promiscuity (f@!$#4y).

    Some years ago, I heard a married woman complain to a panel of women on a TV show about her husband. She complained that her husband comes home after work, watches TV and doesn’t open up and relate to her–until they go to bed and then he wants sex. One woman on the panel said something like “Men only have three emotions–hungry, horny and angry”. And that has much truth to it. Women are different from men. Gay men are men.

    Lesbians don’t have websites equivalent to,, grindr, jacked, etc. I say “Men wake up in the morning with an erection and spend the rest of the day trying to figure out what to do with it.” That’s men–not just gay men, not just straight men but men. What makes men this way: testosterone. Testoterone bulids muscle, gives facial and pubic hair, gives a deepened voice and makes a person want sex. One treatment for women with low libido is to give them testosterone.

    Again, it’s not gays as compared to straights. It’s men as compared to women.

  11. We don’t have many examples of successful gay couples to look up too…therefore we settle for sex thinking that’s all we can get. The straights have their parents/grandparents/bey & jay to show them what a loving relationship should look like. We have to make our own path. Also I’m tired of people talking about THE GAY AGENDA. We don’t have a FUCKING agenda…we just want to live our lives like everyone else

  12. He’s right but it has more to do with the makeup of men than being gay. Women make demands on men in order to be in relationships. The main one is monogamy. Most women won’t stick around for a man to sleep with as many women as he can. So this curtails a man’s natural tendency to have numerous sexual partners. The exception is the few straight men who are wealthy or so physically appealing to women that they are able to sleep with multiple women. Think athletes, billionaires, powerful politicians.

    Gay men don’t make such demands on their partners for the most part. Most gay marriages tend to be open marriages within a year.

  13. Great Discussion. Although I hate to he is somewhat right. All I ever see or hear many gay men talk about is “getting trade”, “getting dick” “making sure they fleet”, “having a phat ass”, “boipussy” (eww) and all that other b.s. and no this is not just from the internet but I know many gay men in real life who focus their lives on looking good to get some temporary dick then wonder why the nigga don’t call after he gets what he wants.

    I can’t even tell you how many foxes that my wolf friend has smashed in the past three months and he all gets them by using the same line “I just got out of a relationship, so I’m not really looking right now cause i’m still damaged goods”. This nigga been saying this sh*t for the past 5 months almost and these niggas get so caught up in his looks and masculinity that they lose all self-respect for themselves. He has about 5 niggas that he fucks every week in rotation and I just feel sorry for him and these dudes heads he fucking up.

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