The White “Rapper” Who Put The “Gay” In “Hip Hop”?

timthumbso last night at the grammys,
macklemore performed with a ton of people ended up getting married on live tv.
with queen latifah acting as a preacher,
and madonna acting as a karoke lounge singer,
they all said “i do” with beyonce and other celebs as witnesses.
i thought it was nice.
macklemore was crowned the new face of “gay rights for hiphop” last night.
well today,
there has been a mixed bag of opinions.
of course a majority are outraged.
that’s to be expected.
what was surprising to me is the amount of gays who either

a) didn’t care
b) were absolutely disgusted

now i’m not a fan of macklemore.
i couldn’t tell you one song from him besides the one he performed.
i only like the hook with the big chick singing.
i’m not gonna suddenly start supporting him because he is “pro gay”.
that would be fake and his shit sucks.
i love hip hop,
but macklemore is not a real hip hop artist.
he is bubble gum “hip pop”.
not interested.
personally he comes off like he is using “gays” to make money while trying to be “tolerant”.

i love wolves.
i love wolves who love gays.
i love wolves who love me.
they don’t make or break my life tho.
my main hustle is to be respected.
i want to sit my ass at the table with the straights,
the gays,
the whoevers,
and be taken seriously when i talk.
point blank and simple.
i don’t need a wack rapper,
performing some gay marriages,
to define me.
that’s the problem today.
everyone wants someone to fight for them.
everyone needs someone to come out the closet so they can as well.
as soon as that same person fucks up,
they will be stripped of their title and flogged in the town square.
i love everyone who reads my blog,
but i’m not the gay freedom fighter.
i make mistakes,
have ratchet tendencies,
and can be a dumb ass at times.
i’m not perfect,
but in my eyes,
that makes me absolutely perfect.
i just want to kick the blogging door down,
be respected for my craft,
help people when i can,
“fuck a few ballas; get a few dollas”,
and inspire on my journey.
people need to start being their own leaders and stop waiting for someone to be one.
just my thoughts.

lowkey: kendrick should have swept.
i’m still mad about that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “The White “Rapper” Who Put The “Gay” In “Hip Hop”?”

  1. I agree with everything you said.Plus, I heard Macklemore uses phrases like “No homo” on his twitter.I wouldn’t be too surprised if he’s just using the gay thing to get his name out there.Remember what I said yesterday about the straights and the half breeds.



    Macklemore looks seasoned.Like old, really old.Seems like he would’ve been a rapper in the Beastie Boys era yet this nigga is new?WTF.

  2. Whoa Mari you gotta listen to his back story..he has a gay uncle…he’s just fighting for rights he believes is that wrong? And further more there were all types of couples getting married..I’m pro equality…you are entitled to you opinion as am I..but he could have been an opera singer..if he is Tryna make this world better than I am for him

    1. ^so because he has a gay uncle…
      that means he is gonna make the world a better place?
      im glad for those people got married,
      but let’s not act like he is making serious moves here.

      1. No because he was fighting for someone he loves? Is that so wrong? He’s trying regardless of what style music he performs he’s a human just like us..I just think for you to mention that he “isn’t a rap artist” is irrelevant being that this issue is way beyond that..I don’t mean any disrespect

  3. Yea, people do have to start becoming leaders. I have been a leader since I was fresh out the womb.

    Oh, and Kendrick was robbed for sure. I’ll console you Kendrick, I’ll make Italy better bro.

    1. I think its time for the Queen and MC lyte to come out and set an example however they like to keep there life private.

      1. What exactly would them coming out do?It wouldn’t change anything.They should keep licking the kitty behind locked doors and closed curtains.

        That’s the real example they should set.That you don’t have to announce it.

  4. I hate when someone who is white does it and gets fanfare. If a “nigger” did it, it would be the end of his career. We got bigger problems in the US than this shit!

  5. Why don’t these cunts put pressure on country music to be more accepting as well? They have an agenda which is why Macklemore won all those awards over talented black rappers. Im gay and I can see through it. I would also like to add that when a rapper calls another man is faggot, more than likely he is talking about his enemy and not the gay community as a whole.

  6. Mary Lambert who is Gay and sings the chorus,Ryan and Macklemore have all talked about the hundreds of people who have told them the song gave them the courage to come out to their families.To stop feeling shame,self loathing and fear.So if this song inspires people to love and accept themselves than Bravo.
    Personally I am not a fan of Macklemore and I cant speak to his rapping skills because I am not a fan of rap. I do love the chorus .But I know the song has made a positive impact in so many people’s lives in a similar way that James Brown’s “Say it Loud I’m Black and I am Proud”did in the 60’s.Self Love and Self Acceptance

    Mary Lambert’s lyrics”I cant change” was inspired by her attending Church and feeling sorrowful and shame over her inability to change.She couldnt Pray the Gay away.The lyric” My love …She keeps me warm” speaks to the universal need -Everyone wants someone to keep them warm Black,White,Gay ,Straight -Same Love.End of Rant

    1. White people are their families right? Those are his main fan base because black people hate him and he isn’t respected as an MC in the hip hop community before this song.

    2. Well there is difference in the gay community in which he can really speak to. He’s a white straight male so like most in any black community gay or straight they’ll always be questioned. If no one can realize the power in numbers needed to actually change things by public n private opionion then that’s their problem. I know that the majority of people who it has changed are mainly the majority and not the minority.

      Unless you’re someone that is into all types of music people wouldn’t know this was his fourth release from his album SO he had no need even to release the record as late of a release it w as it wudnt of help his sales anymore than it was. Sometimes people need to take things at face value. I see it as 34 people got the chance to get married for free in front of the world and celebrities they will probably never see that close ever again and experienced a memorable moment in their life. If someone wants to use their popularity to push rights then so be it.

  7. So noone here supports equal rights for Gays,noone supports marriage equality? Because if equality is the goal how does it hurt having Straight allies.Did it hurt the Civil Rights Movement by having White Freedom Riders fighting segregation side by side with Black freedom riders?
    Forget about Macklemore ,so he is a mediocre rapper.The message(equality) is more important than the messenger.I am all about progress,advancement for my Gay brothers and sisters (especially Black LGBT )enough with maintaining status quo.

    I need to get to sleep but one last thing I know this blog is a safe place for Gay Bi,Dl ,Discreet guys About a year ago I asked you guys if you had a problem with me commenting here.Since there are a lot of new posters here I will raise the question again.Be honest if I make you uncomfortable please say so.If several of you have a problem with me I will leave.
    I just want you guys to have the same rights,opportunities ,to find love ,create families and to be happy.If several people want me to leave than this will be my last comment.Good night

    1. ^um you will be staying right here.
      that’s the end of that nonsense y.
      thank god im still up lol
      you and s are unbiased vixens and friends to the foxhole.
      i appreciate all that you and both do.

      i think some people don’t know what to think about macklemore.
      we will see his intentions as he becomes more popular.

      1. The funny thing is is that, I don’t know if you guys know but he’s crazy popular!! I saw him last summer in Philly and he turned it! Sold out show! He’s actually more of a conscious/party type of music… Like a come together type. And very respected in the hip hop community

    2. I feel comfortable having you here, and I believe I have expressed that Y Colette. You seem real genuine and cool, so I do not mind you being here. The reason the others might feel uncomfortable is because they feel that women use gay men for their own personal gain, which is somewhat true. Occasionally, women study gay men as if they are guinea pigs. Some women study us so they can get tips on how to detect downlow and discreet gay men, which is impossible. For instance, Draya thought she was exposing us when she talked about Jack’d. However, what about the ones like myself who aren’t on those sites and could easily snatch Orlando’s weak ass right from underneath her? He is weak af and is an easy target for most, it is in his energy. I like watching sports highlights over and over like he does Draya lol. That coke bottle frame is not enough to keep him. Personally, there are gay men who toy with men and make them weak mentally without any effort. I get enjoyment out of that, and I am not the only one who does. Any women who are lurking in the shadows for personal gain need to let it go, you are wasting your time boo lol.

      Y you might know this, but one of the people who was angry with women being here is a big liar, and if he were still here, I would expose him for his lies as I did before. His whole existence here was a lie. Google is your best friend. Let’s just say, I wish I knew then what I know now. Do not let these insecure gay men drive you away. This blog should not be the only safe haven for them. If they are not secure in their own persons, they aren’t anywhere since the feeling of security starts from within. When their eyes close at night, they should be content with themselves, period. Of course that is not the case with the discussions we have had. I have seen insecurities in this comment section, people have even went as far as having conversations with themselves to prove a point, which is a little cray cray, I remember everything. Jamari addressed the issue but the person’s identity was withheld. Anyway, stay here as long as you want and don’t worry about them, they’ll be alright.

    3. Y Colette,
      I have a few straight friends and they support me for who I am, not for who I sleep with. Now I agree that Macklemore is a mediocre rapper, but that doesn’t take away from this song he has created for the LGBT community. He had the balls to do what no one else wanted to do and I do believe he did it out of love for his uncle. I applaud him for that. People get all bent out of shape over nonsense but if they took the time to open their eyes and hearts instead of their mouths then we would be in a better place.

  8. He’s really not hip hop and he has acknowledged that. He’s a pop rapper and truth be told he’s not bad, just not my taste.

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