NYPD Stay Violating

tumblr_mzrq0kAGDz1s0jodno1_r1_500i saw this on tumblr and couldn’t agree more.
every time i see the nypd,
i catch a mean attitude.
they use to make me tite every time i would be on the way to work….
here i am,
dressed in my most professional fur.
probably rushing to catch that 8:30 train.
i’m talkin tie,
dress shirt,
and dress pants.
they would stop me in the train station just to check my bag.
i mean pulling all my shit out including my laptop from in its case.
when i say i was vex?????
i noticed they would do that to all the well dressed blacks in the morning.
then they wanna get mad because you got an attitude.
like i don’t even understand it!!!

tumblr_mzpxrt6zv51ql5yr7o1_400nypd is no joke.
don’t even get me started on “stop n frisk” either.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “NYPD Stay Violating”

  1. I watched the whole stop and frisk debate very closely this summer. I can’t imagine having my personal space violated like that. It is blatantly racist and definitely unconstitutional. But that goes to show you can do anything to black people and get away with it. Let this happen to white america and all hell breaks loose.

  2. America is the biggest gang.That’s why I’m moving to Canada.The US would kill a thousand of us and not bat an eyelash.

  3. The NYPD ain’t shit. I had a falling out with one the other day. Every time I have an interaction with them, I record it whether audio or video. They ARE the biggest gang in NY.

      1. Some of them will try to jostle you and tell you it’s illegal or you can’t do that. NY is a one party consent state so if you are talking to someone or someone is talking to you and you want to record it, once you are a party in the conversation, you are legally permitted to do so. To add another layer of security for you, let them know that they are being recorded even though it’s not necessary it may prove helpful. If they try to take your device don’t resist. File a complaint later. They’ll do anything to pin resisting arrest on you.

  4. I have never been harassed or even questioned by a cop in my life.Do the cops ever bother young Black women walking around NYC?

    1. They may not bother Black women but I wouldn’t be so care-free around them if I were you.I just saw a video of a cop being very rough with a Black lady.For some reason, cops always punch Black women in the face.I heard they’re allowed to do that to restrain a woman but so far, I’ve only seen them punch Black women.I’m pretty sure all people of color are harassed.That includes Latino men and Latino women.Cops might stop and frisk you because they assume you’re a girlfriend of a drug dealer.That’s not what they assume, that would be the excuse they use for harassing women.

      I hope they’d have female officers frisk a woman.You know some men can’t control themselves and would use the opportunity to cop a few feels.

      1. Thanks for info. I live in Houston so we dont have an official stop and frisk law or policy.Also Houston is not a Pedestrian City

  5. Eventually there going to be a white cop killer because all those white policemen are pushing the buttons and people are getting more crazier and dangerous.

  6. Yeah Nypd is no joke i dont play with there ass i got a 350$ ticket for being double parked and the rest was for the tented windows on my car and i think they harassed me because i live out of state. smhh

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