did “the perfect ass” go anonymous at the glory hole?

*the following entry is rated x.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

some males love to live dangerously.
this is why they jump outta planes and wrestle bears.
it’s usually the excitement of it all.
a certain stacked attentionisto allegedly wanted some sexual excitement.
the video was titled:

“The Perfect Ass At The Gloryhole”

and folks had an idea who it allegedly might be…


the forests are fonting that it’s trey pressley,
who literally has the perfect tail.

i mean,
the arm tatt and yellow apple watch link back to him.
i don’t know if he was trying to be anonymous but it wasn’t working.
i mean he literally was ( x riding a dildo ) and ( x spreading cheeks ) on his onlyfans.
try not to act surprised he is getting slurped up at a glory hole.

lowkey: i love watching these cheeked up glory hole contestants.
x see here
x and here
i’d be suckin’ and grabbin on those nice cheeks too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “did “the perfect ass” go anonymous at the glory hole?”

  1. He looks good.

    Glory holes literally do nothing for me. If ima watch porn I need to see guts smashed in.

    Different strokes for different folks. (No pun indented)

  2. The prettiest people really do the ugliest things. He went from Houston in a relationship with the y’all guy to hoeing on social media for attention in ATL. Chile these pretty boys need allllll types of attention

    1. I remember that.. He was dating the @Sirr_Rome guy. Thats where I first saw of him. He seemed like a wholesome guy with a decent career. I was thrown off to see him throwing that ass back on Twitter.. I heard so many of the Atlanta gays are doing OnlyFans now. Just like the LA & NYC gays lol

      Going to beaches, bathroom stalls and backwoods just to fuck on cam all in the name of “content”. Seems taxing to me but hey if they like it I love it shrug

  3. I don’t think that’s him. The shape of the Butt is not the same and his walk is different.

    Besides ,everybody has a tattoo and Apple watches are like McDonalds Happy Meals.

    I love “Glory Hole Porn “( ha ha ha )

  4. Remember kids sometimes Prostitution is the Only Solution. LMAO-J this is supposed to be a well kept secret, I am going to pass on this hot topic, have saw him in person at events in Miami and ATL and was surprised but not surprised that he is now throwing that ass in a circle to pay the rent #tougheconomy

  5. For the life of me I don’t understand glory holes… there ain’t NO WAY I’m stickin’ anything through a hole that I can’t see what/who is on the other side, let alone my whole ass dick… what if they crazy and got a razor or some shit?… NOPE!

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