all the current surviving class of 2020, do you have high hopes for 2021?

i don’t mean to be a debbie downer,
but i don’t have faith in the rest of this year.
i can even say i don’t have much faith with 2021

everyone is screaming that they’re ready for 2021,
but i highly doubt a raging pandemic can be fixed so quickly.

This country has lost millions (or billions) of dollars
Everyone isn’t taking the pandemic seriously so they’re out and about
1 million people have died worldwide
Crime has gone up in many states
Unemployment is at an all-time high
Every event has literally been canceled

…but the dorks want to protest not wearing masks.


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I can’t tell whether this is the funniest or scariest thing I’ve seen all week.

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between the dorks who are protesting masks and the other dorks who refuse to wear one,
we ain’t never gonna get past this mess.

i don’t really have much hope for the upcoming presidential election.
some of us haven’t been known for its great decision-making skills thus far.
everything is fuckin’ bizarre.
i don’t know if i’m the only one who feels this way,
and i’m sorry i sound so pessimistic,
but the current energy feels really depressing.
what a time to be alive.

lowkey: i pray the rest of the year can turn around.
i’d like to be given a few desires that i can smile about.

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11 thoughts on “all the current surviving class of 2020, do you have high hopes for 2021?”

  1. This year has been a lesson for me in negativity. I hated 2019 and was ready for 2020. WHY do we assume things will magically get better on January 1st? Is it a day for someone’s debt to randomly be cleared? So all of the things I took for granted in 2019, I WISH I could go back. It made me realize how NO MATTER HOW BAD IT IS, THINGS CAN GET WORSE.

    2020 was “What else could go wrong?” and so I’ve learned to appreciate little things like having toilet paper, some income, food. It’s also good to have real people around you.

    I cannot stand people who you just came back from a funeral and they want you to shake out of your mourning and be happy. HUH? That’s fake. It’s okay to not be okay. I want people who EMPATHIZE with me and help me through it. Not tell me to get over it and smile. To me, it shows how narcissistic they are, because me being in pain is “cramping their style”.

    It’s always the ones who say “I had to cut them off, they were too negative” who want support, but left people hanging when they really needed it.

    1. That. Last. Part. 👏👏👏 You ain’t never lie! That’s always the case with people like that smfh.

  2. I wanna have hope for 2021, I do. But, the fact that crazy ass nonsense/bullshit is STILL happening and the year is literally a few page turns away from ending leaves me completely hopeless. Like it’s been one thing and then another and THEN another his year. The generation of this decade and year are gonna have lots of stories to tell in the future chile. I shudder to think what’s gonna happen in December. Something tells me the upcoming holidays are gonna be popping. And not in the good way.

    1. ^yeah im bracing myself for what’s next because it’s gonna be summo bullshat.
      i was asking myself how are they even gonna do black friday this year?
      bad enough,
      florida has made not wearing masks a requirement.

      it’s all very scary.

  3. Man listen,if these people who follow behind that idiot currently residing in the WH don’t get it together…we will be in this same predicament come next year. For all the effort that they take to protest wearing a mask, they could be done with their errand(s), back in their car/home, mask free.
    This year showed me even more than I already knew, the entitlement that white people feel. It also showed they were ready to act on their feelings/impulse more than ever. Arming themselves and making themselves “authoritarian figures” against anyone they felt was not abiding by the law. These militias showed their hand and the government is overlooking it. They better stop worrying about foreigners and look at those armed country boys roaming around with their guns.

    This fall will be the big test, because we go back to being enclosed in our homes. Shit will be spreading left and right. It’s about to get ugly again…even though it hasn’t really subsided yet.

    1. ^ some white folks taught me this year they wouldn’t be able to survive slavery at all.
      it’s really interesting how all this shit is going down.

  4. If y’all haven’t come to the conclusion that it’s bigger than Corona or side eye in general, even though you can’t put your finger on it, I honestly…

    All of this is happening meanwhile countries are inflicted to side to China’s or U.S. 5G, establishments are replacing people with robots, production of drones and robot dogs are in place to monitor our cities, the possible eradication of paper money/coins, big companies buying (smaller) companies, new terms and conditions to censor freedom of speech on the internet, snitch culture and normalization of social distancing.

    I often think to myself. What If everybody complied, wore masks and practiced social distancing? Would they really stop once it was over and we’d go back to normal, or would they be in the beginning or something worse?

    Why would you believe the same government that has disappointed you so many times and why would this time be different? Just my opinion.

    I really don’t know what to expect in 2021. I was, like everybody else, with a lot of plans and expectations for this new decade. This whole thing gave a 180 in my life, twice. So now I, more than ever, living a day ahead because I never know.

    Those are my thoughts

    1. So now I, more than ever, living a day ahead because I never know.


      And yes, theyre using Covid to sneak in more surveillance that is creepy as heck. China has Facial ID that can pick you out of A CROWD and selling it to other countries. Facebook has more power than countries. And they refuse to censor political ads that lie. Social media bows to that guy in the White Supremacy House. Its the perfect storm for utter and complete chaos.

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