dis woohoo es fredesche! gerb woof em wag nere, wap zow (my confession in simlish)

i’d like to make a confession.
please don’t judge me.
i’m fragile.
everyone has a particular fetish that gets them off when they watch porn.
i have a few

Amateur sex rather than studio sex
Missionary positions

Watching a guy with a nice butt thrusting; someone grabbing on his ass
POV doggy or good angle of the doggy style position
A guy fuckin’ a girl hard and pulling her hair
That noise that a slap on the ass makes >>
A bed squeaking because of the rigorous fuckin’ happening on it

Someone giving really good head and the guy losing his mind
Masculine males getting reverted to moaning passionately getting their groceries eaten
Hearing a guy bust a nut like his soul was released from his bawdy

… and now we can add “sims sex scenes” to this confession.

i don’t know how this even happened.
i do know how it happened.

i was on myvidster,
lurking for research *cough*,
and came across a sex video with sim characters.
it was made by an account called “fantasies of tyler“.
even though they were talking in sims language,
it gave me a hot storyline that made me bust so hard to.

…then he fucked him when they went fishing.

that damn sims character is giving the strokes better than most real-life males.
gaddamn shame a sim is fuckin’ better.
it’s like this is my illicit fantasies cum to life.

judge if you must.
i came about 6 times back to back.

thank you for allowing me to font my confession.



lowkey: can we get a hot black wolf next?

12 thoughts on “dis woohoo es fredesche! gerb woof em wag nere, wap zow (my confession in simlish)

  1. Man, the Sims was addictive. Been on it for hours and didn’t realize their time was costing me time. A whole day was like 3 sim days. This version, I would never get shit done. Whoever programmed them to fuck like that needs a raise. These real life porn directors need to get positions and angles like this. They better put them phones on a stand and shoot, that was crazy! That fishing scene. He fucked that boy and all his girl wanted was a signal while his dick on hard. But she wondering why he wont give her no attention.

  2. I’ll admit I enjoy watching those as well. There are a couple videos with black characters on the sites.

  3. Only the PC version can get modified. The game systems don’t do that. You can make strippers and you can actually change their sex positions while they fucking. This story here, OMG! I see why you busted, that hot ass lil boy went after his sister fiancé. Talk about Adult Swim. I wish Tumblr didn’t block pornhub embed codes cause I would post that on my tumblr.


      ruined such a good thing.
      when he was giving him head upstairs,
      and they were all downstairs,
      that shit had me hard af.
      it was like my fantasies come to life.

  4. We definitely all have our kinks and turn-ons but I must admit … I was getting ready to talk major shit J … and then I watched the vid … mind blown.
    Part of me was turned on and the other part of me was just amazed at all of it! It had a legit lil storyline!
    Had to mute it tho. I been reading sci-fi and got a Leary about the simlish 😩😩😩😂😂

  5. Internet confession time:

    All of the stuff that you listed, I’m right there with you…and a bit more ;P
    I too have been drawn to animation porn before and if it’s done right can be pretty hot. I’ve seen art and drawings but the rabbit hole can go deep and you’ll soon find some seriously weird shit. Like, you can’t stop not because it’s sexy but it’s just like the biggest WTF you’ve ever seen type shit. I think it’s fascinating what our minds will think of or find intriguing/sexy.
    It’s interesting to find out more of the little things that Jamari finds. Keep it going. You’ll find that a lot of the unconventional things we all have in common. Makes me like you just a little bit more.

    1. ^ i’m glad i’m able to font my fantasies and others can relate.

      i know some will look at this like wtf,
      but it is hot af to me.
      we all have things that turn us on.
      some more taboo than others.

  6. Oh yeah if you mod the sims not only can you make the guys hot as fuck, but you can make a bomb ass simulation game.

    I remember I made myself and made a sexy ass tatted muscle thug who was a player. We were a couple but his eyes wondered to a 70 year old Grandma that was flirting with him. Of course I had to run her over with my car and my man got so turned in that he fucked me right on top of her corpse as death was there recording on his tablet.

    We threw the urn with her cremated remains in the dumpster…..STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN.

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