Did Sandra Rose Just Allegedly Out August Alsina as “Trade”?

tumblr_nhkor9CFkt1s99luko1_1280so you know i love my ratch-n-b august alsina.
i even have love for his alter ego september.
well sandra rose,
my bloggin neighbor a few forests down,
seemed to have allegedly outed august’s past activities back in new orleans.
this is what she posted on her side of town

Amid reports that a well-known singer hustled his body for money in New Orleans, a Huffington Post contributing writer is challenging bisexual and down low black men to come out of the closet. The gay community often refers to these men as “trade”.

“To all my gay black brothers who are free and open with their sexuality, it’s time to let go of dating the men in your lives who are not,” writes award-winning journalist Ernest Owens.

Owens’ article comes amid rumors that many urban gay rappers and singers will be involuntarily outed in 2015.

Singer August Alsina was outed by a gay man on a well-known message board this week. The man wrote:

New Orleans is Trade Central. I’ve known him since he was a kid and this was kinda common knowledge amongst the Gays in my circle. Sometimes the females are very much aware their man is selling ass/dick to Gays & Transexuals. He only messed with older men with a lot to lose(most were white). He isn’t the only artist who sold goods just to eat. I’ve heard females say that’s my Trade(acknowledging their man is an Escort). Some females are clueless about that culture. He’s cute, but so many men have sampled him. Honestly, he did it for food, clothing, and personal items. He’s more butch than Trade. Trade doesn’t know anything about douching. From what I heard, even while being homeless “the bussy was always clean”.

i wasn’t even ready for that “bussy” line.
i literally did this:

well i read he use to have sex with vixens when he was homeless.
maybe i missed the update sandra rose got?
i’m just gonna say it tho.
 he has officially made it.
congrats august!
you have officially arrived!
you’re now amongst the ranks of trey songz and ne-yo.
once the gay rumors start,
you know true stardom is about to follow.
i just hope september doesn’t have a meltdown on miss rose.














tumblr_naw83eKBSs1tuszd1o1_400who am i kidding?
 i hope he does.

lowkey: august!
“call me!”.

article taken: sandra rose

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “Did Sandra Rose Just Allegedly Out August Alsina as “Trade”?”

  1. Yuck, to him & his alleged clean bussy. TF?!

    And this shit was ABLAZE over @ Lipstick Alley… them hoes had me dying.

  2. I mean anyone from the south knows that NOLA is central for “trade” and DL dudes. It gives ATL a run for its money. So I do agree with that comment. Just walk on Bourbon St. You’ll see EVERYTHING! lol. I don’t believe it about August though. You’re right, he has officially made it.

    P.S. What happened to Neyo? I haven’t heard from him in a few years…

  3. If true, whoever got to experience that trade was lucky. He wouldn’t have lips right now had I got a hold of his ass. And let’s be real, Ne-yo was only rumored to be gay because he has such a gay face. We all have seen a queen or two with Ne-yo’s face.

  4. Bussy. Lmao. But seriously….people from the streets hustle. Not a “rap lifestyle” hustle either. They will break into places to sleep. Steal food. And sell their ass, pussy, and mouth in order to get by. Survival is the name of the game. So what if he did? Malcolm X allegedly did as well. Everyone wants men who have ever done anything remotely homosexual to come out and say it. Why? Would you want your Dad to blurt out at thanksgiving “remember when we would let Mr. Taylor suck our dicks back on the old block?” No. It’s in the past. Done for a reason and it doesn’t define him. People are so pressed to NOT mind their fucking business.

  5. Self hating lesbians like Sandra Rose make me sick. All she does is bash others to feel good about herself. Bitch. I lmfao’d at that bussy line tho

  6. Well Damn, was not ready for this story, but hey this American economy has been pushing str8 Black men into the underground sex economy for years. Personally, I dont think of these dudes as Gay, when their survival makes it necessary for them to have to do something strange for change. Our society will always label men Gay if they experiment or have same sex experiences unlike females who get a pass.

    When I was in High School, I was in a work program my Jr. year. At the company I was at it was this older Gay Black dude who would always look at me and my homeboys with lust in his eyes and we would all sort of joke about him and stay clear of him. Well wouldnt you know it several years later I ran into this joker at a Gay nightclub. The dude went on to tell me that he had a big crush on me, which creep me out btw because he was grown, and I was just a teen at the time, he also went on to tell me that he messed around with two of my classmates in the program, one of them being my best friend. I was blown away, but when we were in high school, my best friend grew up in poverty with a single mother in the hood. This dude told me my homie would let him perform oral sex for money, clothes and sneakers. He told me that he also slept with another student who was a friend of mine who turned out to be Gay, coincidentally I ran into him at the club as well years later lol.

    Being in this game now as a adult, I have messed around with hood trade boys and most of them got an agenda of wanting something out of you from food, money, clothes etc. Most of them dont identify with being gay, and many have girlfriends, wives, kids etc, but also have felonies or dope smokers and only work sporadically, so they are more inclined to use their bodies for their basic needs. I can even admit, that I have felt a deep connection to a couple of them, but I dont kid myself, that they are going to be relationship material. They are sexually gratifying without a doubt, but emotionally draining. As for August, I would had $5 and a bologna sandwich for him, if I ran across him. This dude is so freaking gorgeous to me.

    1. $5 and bologna sandwich? Cheap ass Tajan lol. I thought you were better and that. You should let him spend the night and cook him breakfast in bed, then give him 50 dollars on his way out lol.

    2. I wouldn’t even let you rub my left butt cheek for $5 and a bologna sandwich. Lol

      You could at least get me two sandwiches from Chicfila lol

  7. Never judge a man from his past. He did what he had to do to survive.does that make him a bad person? Cmon man these damn bitches are haters. August has moved on with his life. I wish they would too. I hope August realise that all those punks he has around him and he tihnks he owes something are nothing but punks and hoes. They will be his downfall, but not some jealous ass pussy trying to stir up the rumor mill. Kim Kardashian is a WHORE and we saw her sucking dick night and day. Look at her now. Leave August the hell alone. If he sucked dick or gave up his pussy in the past ITS HIS DAMN BUSINESS.

    1. This is exactly what I was going to say. Dude was struggling to eat and live, and from his stories we all know that he had a rough past. Personally, I don’t think I could resort to selling my body, but when all else fails, one has no other choice.

  8. If he did no judgements here. People in general when in survival mode will do anything to get by. Now I’m not saying he’s gay and I’m not saying he’s not, but let’s not be naive how the world runs. In this life people will do anything to get by or to get ahead…that’s just the reality. I truly believe this happens a lot in the entertainment industry based on personal experience. I don’t think ones past defines their future.

  9. Sandra Rose needs to shut her mouth before someone else bans her from breathing. She is bitter and blacklisted because a gay man ended her event hopping of slander. Leave her be…

  10. Lipstick alley is one alley I would never like to be in. lol

    As for August I’m not judging you got to what you got to do sometimes.

  11. I’ll be in the minority!

    Selling your body to men, even in survival circumstances may not make you gay, but you sure have engaged in homosexual activities!

    A lot of homeless and just straight up hood dudes will rob and steal before they even consider bending over and letting a man penetrate them. Hell some will even use seduction as a way to just rob you.

    For women it’s a totally different ball game because they’re taught to use their sexuality to get what they want from a fairly young age, but for a man to engage in sexual acts he doesn’t like instead of just using violence is a little unreasonable to me. Unless he was molested and taught to be subservient to men.

    1. Yeah I’m not one to classify but I agree with this statement. For the most part straight thug dudes will look to rob you or worse before sleeping with you. The First 48 and local news are full of such stories, be careful out there guys.

      A dude selling his body especially if he’s fucking, has some sort of attraction to men.

  12. I’m from New Orleans & the word “Trade” is so common it’s like saying hi. It actually has nothing to do with the escort world. Girls say it all the time. It’s even in our bounce songs. “trade with the fade” “trade with the dreads” it’s basically the fine nigga with a fade or dreads etc.

  13. Right now I don’t even take this serious. All they are basically stating is opinions. They don’t have any facts to prove that this is true. Not even a picture that shows him doing anything homosexual like. And if he is gay just like anybody else how does that effect anybody else’s life? But yeah are there any pictures of this allegation or anything of that sort????

  14. I am really beginning to believe that heterosexual black folks are OBSESSED with petty gossip, useless tea and shade, and finding out who is gay….you all are OBSESSED AND PRESSED.

  15. Who cares, he is a jerk!!!! As a gay man, my rule of thumb is to never mess with a guy who is closeted or trade. If you aint a homo like me, I aint got nothing but conversation for you. There are more gays out there like me, messing with trade is so 1990’s.lol

  16. Yaaawwn’….again! You can’t out somebody whose already umm’… Never mind…the shock and awe is gone for me these days…its just not a surprise anymore.

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