tumblr_lzrt78RySn1qifsvlo1_500starting over.
new beginnings.
fresh starts.
they all mean the same thing.
it means that you realize something you are doing ain’t working.
well something ive been doing definitely ain’t working…

when i get depressed,
that means i am letting something effect me.
actually it was a number of things.
things that i can’t control or shouldn’t try to make an effort.
i came to the conclusion that i need to put things in perspective.

when it comes to talents,
you need to focus on “one” and then branch into others.
one of the things i decided is to focus on my writing.
this blog.
i got burned out trying to be everything.

image consulting
this job

trying to find ads for the site,
looking for styling jobs,
and dealing with all this work here…

i was done.
i was trying to get off this job any way necessary.
well when everything hit the fan last week,
i felt the effects of it.
so i decided to start over and focus on my first love.
what makes me happy when i write or connect with the foxhole.
i spend way too much time building this brand than others.
i know that once i get this off the ground,
everything else i’m good at will follow with time.

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    1. ^thank you Kent!
      that blessing was much needed!
      I guess it took hitting the emotional floor to get me to this point.
      im actually feeling more content with this decision.

  2. His is absolutely introspective of you to realize this Jamari. I hope you high and much love and success man!

  3. Self-reflection is key when dealing with a lot of draining things. Glad you are putting that foot forward in spite of.

  4. Hey, Jamari! Lurker here! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now, and I have decided I dont want to lurk anymore I have been wanting to get to know you and your hilariously awesome commenters for awhile now. I have been following your story for over a year, and I just want to say thank you for sharing yourself with us. You have helped me with my personal struggles, and I have been wanting to talk to you for a while. I know about that bee-yotch Liar Liar, and everything you’ve been through with that job. Hang in there man, I know you can get through this, you have been through way too much for this job to break you! You have inspired me to start my own blog. You have given many people an outlet through your candidness and realness and have shown great humility in times of trial!
    Keep fighting man! We need people like you to be a success story!
    P.S. I got Prada Amber because of you and I freaking love it! You’ve got me smelling like the best fox outchea! My style game is improving too, because you have taught me the ways of being a true “keeper” fox.
    Just remember, you are never alone, and you have no idea how much you are helping people and potentially saving lives over here!
    Please keep living in your essence friend!

    1. ^this made me nearly bust out crying.

      do you know what a blessing it is to read that?
      when i’m sitting here wondering where do i even fit in,
      comments like this make me realize i have a purpose.
      the comments and the emails…
      when im depressed,
      i just need to log in and read.
      comments like this is one of the reasons i want to invest fully within my site.

      thank you so much for this comment dignified.
      you know what?
      fuck it.
      ima cry lol
      it was blessing to read this and i def needed it.
      you brightened up my whole world with your words.
      please make sure you visit more often and leave something within the foxhole.

      thank you and so much love your way,

      1. Aw, Jamari! No, Thank YOU buddy! You even got me fanning my eyes over here man! Y U DO DIS! I’m not a crier! haha! I’m glad I can help in some way, its only a small thing in how much you’ve helped me grow and understand myself.
        Your blog has been a blessing to me, and has helped me get through my bouts of depression. I should have chimed in way earlier, but I was scared for some reason. I usually dont comment on stuff or read many blogs, you’re my first major blog, and I feel like we’re so alike in so many ways, you have no idea. I’m a bit younger than you but I feel like you can relate to my experiences. I never thought I can actually relate to another human being! Who’da thunk it! LOL
        I will chime in more. I like your spot, and ive started to really like some of your commenters! (JAY and The Man, you guys are some boss brothas ;D)
        Cry, its okay man, just let it out baby! 😀

        Oh, and that bitch Liar Liar is going to get hers, dont you worry, just focus on you! I know what its like to be #done with a job. Thats where you are at. That wolf at your job is messy as fck. One of my favourite sayings is: Don’t ever argue with a fool, spectators don’t know the difference.

        Make sure your money is in order, save some dolla dolla billz, get your references in order, remember its only temporary when you are there, you WILL leave and there IS a way OUT of there, and you WILL cross that finish line. Its coming. Do your shit then get the f*ck out brother!

        Whats holding you back with doing blogging full-time? I read a few of your posts in the past, its content related right?

        I’m rooting for you! Just start rooting for yourself friend, don’t let the darkness consume you firend, I know its sweet and tempting, but its corrupt and slowing you down.

        We’re gold digga’s rememba?

  5. I’m glad you are putting your energy to great use. You are talented. Side bar I think you should incorporate more styling suggestions and pointers style wise. I think this brand can grow to be more well rounded. But was keep your integrity you are an Artist. Best wishes.I may need a style

  6. You know what I wish for you, J? That you made a new best friend like Star Fox I honestly believe you feel so better because you’ll have your best friend and your blog that will take your attention away from all the bullshit at your work

  7. Continue to hold that head up Jamari your doing great things brother.Your posts are always on time I am in a similar situation with my job and trying to get out and can’t find another one to save my life. It will get better for us sooner than later.

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