A Word For (and With) Nicki Minaj

tumblr_nxn3rexcHz1u1u8nwo1_500ya know,
i like nicki minaj.
something about her…
i mean i can say i’m a fan.
i own most of her music and some of her mixtapes.
so as a fan,
i’m entitled to my opinion when she posts this rant on twitter…
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He Wants To “Beat It Up” and “Swallow Me Down”

CU1V7uzUEAEajR6so chris brown dropped a “beyonce” on us.
everyone thought he was dropping his album,
but he decided to do something different.
he dropped a mixtape called,
“before the party”.
it is packed with 34 songs.
look at the titles…
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Lil Boosie Ain’t For The Gays

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.03.51 PMi almost let out a heavy:


…until i realized he had me spelling “independent” in the club.
well he was featured on that track.
his whole career seems like a feature.

either way,
he can still get that “who?”.
so lil boosie had a rant on his ig about the gays.
everywhere he turns,
he says is seeing gay shit this and gay shit that.
this is what he had to say via the shade room

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Maybe Trey Wanted a Shoulder Massage From Odell?

i’m convinced people are stupid.
its like they want every male animal to be gay.
everyone guy is not gay.
well some can be bi.
or as we learned yesterday,
“gay for pay”.
either way,
a video of trey songz and odell beckham jr had forests buzzing today.
they say odell and trey were dancing too close for comfort.
allegedlt odell was caressing trey’s shoulders.
check the evidence to see for yourself…
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