doja cat releases an apology for her new fans that know who she is now

happy memorial day foxhole!
so i hardy doubt that doja cat is going anywhere.

i feel like right of passage to become a star is to be humiliated through a scandal.
you gotta pay your debts to have it all.
as you know,
doja cat got exposed as a alleged racist and homophobe:


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HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @kecia.kae Social media users have been on a canceling spree lately and as of this month, Doja Cat has been their number one pick. ——————————————————————————————— As we previously reported, the rapper came under fire on Friday after old clips randomly hit the internet showing Doja participating in “racist” and “homophobic” group chats. Many fans were extremely disappointed in the star especially after they spent days celebrating her for going No.1 on Billboard with her hit song “Say So.” Fans clearly woke up even more angry at the 27-year-old because they’re still letting her have it as of this Saturday morning! ——————————————————————————————— A number of people have brought up the old clip where Doja can be seen using the word “faggot.” One Twitter user wrote, “I knew there was something about Doja Cat I didn’t trust. Her saying faggot and then making an excuse as to why she said it was the first indication.” Another added, “Y’all JUST now cancelling doja cat?? guess no one cared when she said faggot and gave the world’s most terrible apology.” ——————————————————————————————— Read more at——————————————————————————————— If you have a tip or suggestion, or want to talk to us about this story, Text the word “TIP” to 1-310-388-6463

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doja pretty much got dragged this whole weekend.
she and her team went into the war room and came up with this apology


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for those who can’t see it:

she is suddenly a “black” vixen now?

the pretty vixen and i had a discussion about it yesterday:

a few weeks ago,
most of didn’t know who she was or cared to know.
she is the hot topic on everyone’s lips and fingers these days.
this is what creates stars.
scandals and infamy create those we know and ultimately start to forget.
i saw on twitter some random new video of her got leaked and some gays forgave her.

i was like it’s that easy?
as long as she releases good content,
looks like the type of vixen most gays want to be,
and black males will fantasize fucking the racism out of her,
she’ll be fine.
her stan base is working overtime on her pr at the moment.
i knew of her,
but was “whatever” with her.

she doesn’t have to do anything else than relax until another celeb fucks up.

you’re up!

low-key: if trump hasn’t been cancelled with all this antics,
what makes you think this pretty biracial is?
next scandal.

7 thoughts on “doja cat releases an apology for her new fans that know who she is now

  1. “‘…and black males will fantasize fucking the racism out if her…”, this right here. You hit the nail on the head, and ill never understand smh

    1. Why not? It’s not that different from the gay male obsession with straight men. It’s earning respect through chasing forbidden fruit.

      1. Forbidden fruit?! Since when is racism in any form enticing or alluring? Thats what you call having a ‘complex’.

  2. This Chick is Odd, Mentally unstable enough to have released this herself I believe she released the racist text!!!

    Here we are talking about it. You don’t just change over night.

  3. “looks like the type of vixen most gays want to be”

    Jamari, you’re going to secretly piss off MANY with that truth. They won’t admit to it, but they’re fuming reading that! You were preaching.

    1. Pulled my wig the fuck off, to be honest. I semi didn’t appreciate the truth in that statement. She’s cancelled for me but he was dead on with my fascination with most of the female artist I follow.

  4. I don’t have much in invested in this chicks success. It was cute watching the come up though.

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