ya’ll gonna temporarily cancel doja cat until she makes another hit song?

are we cancelling doja cat?
i haven’t really got into her as i should.
i do like this song tho:

well she has annoyed social media with her path antics.
she loved calling blacks the “n” word with that hard “er”.
this was what was found from her past tinychats

the whole video:


so what does doja need to do?
stand next to beyonce?
bring down the trump administration?
how many times have the kardashians been “cancelled”?
chris brown?
the racists in entertainment?

the d-listers who do ans say dumb shit for reality shows?
at this point,
everyone has been “cancelled” and it goes nowhere.
you gotta do something real triflin’ to be outta here.
see: harvey weinstein and bill cosby.
i think she will be fine if she continues to makes hits.
most black folks tend to forget about stuff like this after a while,
especially when the person is attractive or creates magic.
when you offend the white folks is when the fall comes faster.

22 thoughts on “ya’ll gonna temporarily cancel doja cat until she makes another hit song?

  1. I disagree. Doja Cat only has ONE hit and that was due to the fact the Barbz has something to prove. She’s hardly solidified herself enough for people to look past this.

    Will she completely disappear…probably not, but this will follow her and taint what could’ve been a seamless rise to stardom.

    1. ^that’s also a good point.

      how did this even get exposed?
      was someone waiting to destroy her?
      this is all so interesting to me lol

  2. I saw someone say Elizabeth Grant (aka Lana Del Ray) conjured up some Caucasian witchcraft and got Doja KKKat cancelled. I’M WHEEZING!!!

  3. Im confused. Are people upset because of what was posted on thesavoyshow.com? Or because she said, ”suck my dick, n*gger’? The video made no sense🤷‍♂️

  4. Im confused. So everybody is pissed because of what was posted on the savoyshow.com? Or, because she said, ”suck my dick, nigger’? The video made no sense.

  5. Classic “Tragic Mulatto” complex, Clearly this girl grew up with her white side, went to a majority white school, experienced racism & was always the “outcast” at family gatherings, thus she has internalized self hate, I live PA which has a HUGE mixed population, I have seen this SOOO many times, this is why we as black people have to understand MIXED people are NOT “black” they have that white influence ingrained in them (atleast the ones that Where raised Solely by their white side) they are NOT the “black folk” you grew up with, no matter HOW similar they look

    1. Let’s not generalize, yh. J Cole was brot up by his momma and she white.

      Doja is another case altogether

  6. “Streets” just became my fucking songggg wtf Doja I don’t even care about the white guys but that dindu nuffin song was the last straw cause Idk why if you knew the definition would you use it? I’m glad it was unreleased and wasn’t really mocking black people but it’s a mock in itself for you to think it was good idea to begin with. And although she never released it and it was a leak the file should have been deleted forever. But I guess kudos for creativity I guess smh Ima listen to “Streets” “Cookie Jar” & “Cyber Sex” a few more times and delete 😭😭

  7. You didn’t mention the song she made in 2015. It’s allegedly in response to the Sandra Bland murder. I hope they get her TF up outta here.

  8. Isn’t she black or mixed but identifies as black?
    If no one cares that fat Joe and jlo say n#&@er, then why can’t she?

    1. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Not that simple, there’s a such thing as context, Fat Joe & Jlo are hispanics yes, however they grew up in Urban NY and in a lot of Ghettos Blacks & Latinos have similar struggles/ social experiences, so when the term is used as “nigga” which isn’t meant to deMean but in fact address another as one of your own (My nigga) then it can acceptable, in Doja’s case although she is a mixed woman genetically, socially she seems to cater to and prefer white people, so when she is in a chat room full of white folk purposely saying NIGGER (the demeaning context) then yes it is a problem, it shows her desire to SEPARATE herself from blacks and to adhere to the racist preferences of the white company she keeps, There endeth the lesson 📚

        1. Can I just say I don’t like when non black people use it, Er or a.

      1. Yeah, I’m familiar with that context, but it irks the hell out of me because a lot of Latinos who wanna say nigga still end up being racist…

      2. Doesn’t matter, Nigga is a RACIAL slur not a class based slur. The fact that you would give a pass to some pasty ass Puerto Ricans but claim that a woman with half of her DNA coming straight from Africa cant say it shows how confused you are.

        You aren’t smart enough to be giving out any “lessons” and if you feel so tight with non-blacks then you dont need to be saying Nigga either.

        Your card has been revoked, go play with the Mexicans and spanish folk, you clearly don’t know anything about what BLACKNESS is.

      3. Also LOL at you thinking it’s cool for non-blacks to use the N-word because they “Grew up in NY” BYE.

        Demographically speaking the majority of Black people in this country live in the South. Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas.

        Houston, Jackson, Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Mobile, Memphis, New Orleans, Richmond, St. Louis.

        These are cities where our people have roots, these are black cultural hubs, this is where blackness thrives. This is where we would look for people who grew up “around us”

        Black people are getting PUSHED OUT of NY. So dont tell me no mess about being from NY basically making someone a nigga, cause IT DONT.

  9. The thing is she’s Black all day… Her daddy Black and her mother is Lily White. She hated herself. Cancelher

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