can someone point christian combs to the writings on the wall of the room

Christian Combs has GOT to find an identity outside of his father.

…because at this moment,
his father is public enemy number one and when you are have his same face,
it will not end well for you either.
learning to read the room is a skill many can’t perfect.


…will have you fucked up each and every time.
so why did christian combs and quincy brown decide this was the right moment for…

who is gonna tell em?
i’m not gonna hold you but this has me confused like his diss track a week ago.

…because it seems like whenever this clan gets cocky and do the most,
they get humbled by some shit getting leaked.

due to the seriousness of all of this,
if i was them:

I’d take the year off of creating content,
introduce my audience to something new,
and stay 2000 feet away from my father.

His drama is NOT my drama.
The day he gets caught up in some real shit,
I wanna make sure I’m ready to play “the disappointed child“.
I wouldn’t be releasing songs that no one cares about.

you can still be in the spotlight within the drama of your parents.
you gotta create another lane that is easier to digest.
i think it’ll be in their best interest to step away from the scene a little bit.
that hyena’s drama is causing all kinds of skeletons to fall out.
if my father is going down because of his overly-cocky ways,
they need to do the opposite for their own brands.

Reading the room.
It’s an art form.

lowkey: can someone haul quincy out this mess?

i don’t want to see the handsome one going down with this ship.

3 thoughts on “can someone point christian combs to the writings on the wall of the room

  1. What is WRONG with Quincy?

    Are we not all aware that Al B Sure’s…incident….was likely not an accident?

    If he don’t stay away from them!

  2. Somebody get him…..might be too late tho if he’s already corrupted em…I pray not.

  3. Extreme socio-economic privilege is no stranger to extreme misinformation and lack of awareness. Po thang. Bless his heart.

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