Caitlyn Jenner Breaks The Internet

jnyXlgnthis is it.
it has happened.
caitlyn jenner has finally arrived.
“k” purposely not added.
she made her surprise debut earlier today.
vanity fair decided to leak the cover on their twitter.
famed photographer,
annie leibovitz,
had the pleasure of shooting her.
well when i say EVERYONE was talking about this today at work.
the pictures were being traded around like pokemon cards.
she also broke the record of fastest to reach 1 million followers.
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.59.20 PM
kardashians who?
here are a few bonus shots for the foxhole…

of course there was some behind the scenes video:

and one angry:

giphyno seriously.
kim is probably having a fit.
this totally overshadowed her baby news.
i see caitlyn is starting out with no fucks for feelings.
i think she looks great.
you see her stuntin’ on hoes in that red?
mad i am not.
i was actually expecting “dorothy from the golden girls”,
but she completely fooled me.
i won’t lie but this meme:

tumblr_npaeqsoCwJ1rjmmu2o1_1280…is a “yup”.
add janice dickinson as well.
you will see caitlyn make her prime time debut soon.
caitlyn will receive the “arthur ashe courage award” at the espys.
and my dvr,
will look tune into that july 15th on espn.
does the foxhole have any thoughts?

lowkey: is it wrong to say if i was her cub,
i would be a fucked up mess how this is unfolding?

*pictures credited: vanity fair | annie lebovitz

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Breaks The Internet”

  1. Yes, this bish reminded me so much of Jessica Lange, especially in that red dress… Love them both and I am so proud of Caitlyn… Aint no feeling like being free *In my Destinys Child voice*

  2. Caitlyn!!! WOW LOL. Stuntin on these hoes. Nah, but for real, it’s great that she is being herself. There are so many people out here who can’t. It was brave as well.

    They said he wears a 36 D tho. Too early or nah?

    I couldn’t wait for you to post about this.

  3. Honestly Jamari I’m floored but really I’m thinking about Kylie Kendall and his other kids ..the questions.. the jeers

    1. ^yeah I def thought about them.
      this is not some little thing.
      this is unfolding for the world to see.
      then again they want attention and well…

  4. Well I think of Bruce telling Diane Sawyer he thought about killing himself when the paparazzi caught him going to have his Adam’s apple removed.I would rather my dad live the rest of his life as a woman than deal with the pain of seeing him in his casket.I know the pain of burying one parent.

  5. OMG! J, I thought about your when I saw this. I feel bad for Kylie, Kendal and the other kids though. Can u imagine what they r going through right now? Wow… Heyyy Caitlyn!!!

    1. ^i feel for the younger kids who may not understand.
      the older ones im sure sat and spoke with him.
      the two girls are still teens and im sure confused as hell.

  6. I am so late to the party, I saw this picture earlier today and Facebook and had no idea who it was, I didnt know he was going through with everything this fast, I dont really keep up with non Black celebs so this whole thing has been a surprise.

  7. Some might not like what I’m going to say, it’s good to be true to yourself, but I feel for his kids especially the younger 2. I just think we live in a cruel cynical world and these girls have actually lost their dad Bruce and the girls might say their ok with it but they could be hurting and still in shock. I’m not trying to mean but I’m just looking at it from the kids prospective, I know a situation where a parent came out gay a few years ago and it still hurts the kids and they are in their 20s and teens.

    1. ^this is actually a really interesting perspective.
      yes she is a new woman,
      but this woman has left behind a trail of ex wives and Cubs.
      two young girls who lost their “father”.

      so there is definitely another side to this story.
      good work e.

  8. People are acting like this is the first person with kids to transition.Of course it’s difficult and it will be for years, but thousands of kids have gone thru this.They are all in therapy,according to Kim, so they are in a better situation than most.

  9. She looks good, whoever the doctor was did a great job. I’m glad she can live her life the way she wants to.

  10. Happy for her. There are people who can live a lie and die with it. No ma’am. You betta stunt Caitlyn!

  11. I thought I was the only one who thought she looked like Jessica Lange. The doctors did a good job on her to be honest, but I know the kids might be hurt. I know if my mom transition into a man I know I would be so hurt and probably cried too because I would feel this person just killed my mom.

  12. “This woman’s work is hard on a man!” I’m unable to can. Cans r on back order. I can’t.

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