f0xmail: I Think My Homeboy Wants to Smash Me. Help!?


Sup Jamari,

First, I really dig your blog man. You keep the content fresh, hot and relevant. But the purposr for my writing is about a great friend of mine which I consider to be like a brother to me.

Him and I are really close. We have an amazing friendship however over the last year or so there has been this different level of attraction and relationship going on between us.

Truth is I’m very curious about exploring sex with another guy and so I’ve been feeding that desire with porn. Just something about two niggas sexing that is hot to me. I’ve never engaged in it but I’m hella curious.

My friend has been saying and doing things that makes me think he’s curious too. He doesn’t know that I am. But he often talks to me about how big his ass is or references to how big his dick is. We talk about fucking our girls and about porn all the time and he mentions how big the dudes dicks are in the movie.

One night he came over and the room was hella tense. He kept staring at me while grabbing his dick but I would play it off like I didn’t see him.

Another time we were together and he had changed his clothes. Well he stripped down to his drawls in front of me and was walking around like everything was cool. Which btw he wasnt lying about his dick. Lmao. It actually looked semi-hard too. I noticed him look down at my crouch when I stood up I guess to see if I was hard or not. But I just ignored it.

He’ll do things like make smart comments about beating his dick or me beating mine. We’ll talk about gay niggas etc and have had some convo about if head from a dude is better than a chick although neither of us have done it.

He’ll tell me how much he missed me if we didn’t talk in a min or he’ll reference us going out as a “date”. my dilemma is I don’t know what to do with all of this. He has a girl  and I have a girl too but I often think about sucking him off and letting him bang me out. Did I mention he had a fat ass too.

I don’t want to make a move and regret it and lose a great friend but it seems like he’s dropping clues left and right that he wants to get down……what should I do???


and not for the straights)

well good night foxholer.
i like a little late night story before bed.
one that actually low key turned me on.
thats a whole other story.
thank you for the compliment as well.

i think the proof is in the pudding.
this is gone past being:

“we straight”


“this could be us”

tumblr_nlf0l4Kj841si245xo1_400…with you being the fox in the scenario.
i have a few questions for you:

what do you think will happen after you both smash?
will you drop your vixens and date each other?
will you both be fuckin’ on the low while dating vixens?

if things go south,
you may lose a “great friend” as you say.
one who is a “brother” as well.
see star fox and i were both foxes.
we considered each other brothers.
there was absolutely no attraction to each other.
i have had wolves that tried to be my friends,
but the more we got to know each other,
the more they wanted to beat.
needless to say we aren’t “friends”.
with you two,
there is an established friendship,
but there also seems to be an underlying attraction and curiosity.

my advice:

its clear you want him like he wants you.
i think you are being hesitant about it,
but once you let go,
then the inevitable will happen eventually.
tumblr_nog03aMmet1s2yegdo1_250if you want it to happen,
i wouldn’t rush.
let it flow naturally.
you both also need to talk it about it.
this is a new experience for both of you.
once it happens tho,
that unlocks a whole new side to your relationship.
its better to explore with someone who knows you,
rather than some stranger you meet on a chat site.

every experience in life is for us to learn something.
some things will work out.
other things won’t.
whatever the outcome,
it will lead to:

“yeah that completely went my way!”

“god what a fuckin’ disaster that was.”

this new path on your mountain is yours.
just know at the end of it,
whatever you choose,
there is a lesson to be learned.
you might like it.
you might not.
i mean thats supposed to be the beauty of life,
hell you might do it and realize:

you’re a wolf in every sexual realtions
it wasn’t what you thought it was gonna be
it was fuckin’ awesome
it was one time thing and back to being straight
he was fuckin’ terrible and you shoulda banged him instead
im headed to altar call to repent for my sins and become a pastor

…get my drift?
well i hope that helped.
keep me posted!

jamari fox

ps: if this is your first time,
please read:



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15 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Think My Homeboy Wants to Smash Me. Help!?”

  1. I was in a similar situation before.

    My best friend and I had been friends for about 2 or 3 years, and I wanted to try something with him. As far as I knew, he was straight as hell. Always with vixens, banging them all out, the usual straight guy shit. I myself was straight, and had never been with a dude before, but a few women. However, I really wanted to try, “something” with him. Not just because I found him attractive, but because I DID look at him as a brother, and I knew I could trust him.

    One day while we were talking he brought up that he had, “experimented” in the past (nothing major, stuff he did when he was younger with a boy his own age), after that I figured he might be willing to try something with me. It took a lot of courage, but I finally asked him if he would, and he said yes with no hesitation.

    Well, fast forward to five years later, and here we are, still doing it. Lol. He still only has relationships with women, as do I, but every once in a while we get together and… do stuff. Haha. Honestly it made our friendship stronger, but we’re still just best friends, but with benefits.

    So, to the guy who submitted to writer, if you feel close enough to dude to consider him a brother, you shouldn’t have no issues asking him if he’d want to try something. The worst he can do is say, “no”. Just bring it to him like, “Hey, I’m not trying to be weird or change our friendship, but I’ve been a bit curious about dudes, and was wondering if you’d like to try something. If not, it’s cool, and I’ll never bring it up again.” Simple as that.

    Like I said, it didn’t hurt my friendship, made it stronger.

  2. If you can’t fuck your friends, who can you fuck? I say discuss the situation before intimacies and after intimacies. There doesn’t need to be penetration–at first or ever–but as friends they should discuss such and can even engage in kissing, touching, petting, oral, etc. I do suggest that they discuss HIV and safer sex before becoming intimate. Also to start intimacies, you can start by wrestling and then “mistakenly” put your hands “where they don’t belong” but where he wants them–and then it’s on.

    If they are good friends and if the sex is good, they may decide to ditch the women and get into a relationship –in time. Life is full of possibilities and they don’t want to look back 5-10 years from now with regret for what could have been. (For example, “10 years ago, I had the opportunity to be in a relationship with my best friend but we didn’t want to cross that line and I very much regret it now because he married Sara and now they have two kids and he looks at me with longing for intimacy. And he even tells me that he wishes that he would have married me instead. I’m in a bind now because I wish that he was with me but I don’t want to deal with him now since he’s married with children.”)

  3. if they are both in relationships, it should be a no brainer, they should NOT be messing around. Period. If you are going to be in a relationship then be in a relationship, adding all that other stuff to the mix is insane. When all else fails ask yourself, would you want it done to you? cheating on any level regardless of it’s your homeboy, best friend, bi-sexual, swinging etc is still cheating. If they want to experiment, do it on their own time and not when they are in relationships with 2 women.

  4. Both of you all have relationships, so I do not feel y’all should engage in any activity til y’all single, but enjoy flirting with one another lol. Relationships with friends can be messy tho.

  5. I’m not sure it’s worth it. Sex complicates things. We like to pretend that just because we’re men we can masked sex less complicated but next thing you know we’re all passive aggressive and possessive.

    Then you have girlfriends too to consider. They’ll notice if the vibe changes between you two if they’re perceptive.

    Good, objective friends are hard to find is all I’m saying. I can find a fat ass and a big dick down the street.

    1. Jay…you took the words right out of my mouth. I would co-sign and tell dude to leave it alone. Once they get with one another, that friendship has crossed over into another arena. They could try and make a go of it, but things will change. And like you said, If the girlfriends are perceptive, they’re bound to pick up on changes in attitudes, body language, etc. It sounds like the friend is looking to experiment, but he’s looking for something close to home, so to speak. What happens when he gets tired of that ass/dick?! It’s on to something new, and that would probably put a wall up between them in the long run. If he values that friendship, he will not take that friendship to the next level. He’ll leave it alone.

      My philosophy is as such…I don’t fuck with my friends, plain and simple. I kinda have an idea of who I want to mess around with and who I just want to be cool with after some time together. Sadly, many of them are in the just mess around with territory! Not many fall into the friendship category. LOL

  6. Great advice! The key is to talk about it before and after (if they smash). Sexual exploration is a beautiful thing; PS honesty to the girls is necessary too! It’s funny how I came out to my mom and sister years ago but have yet to come out to my 3 brothers but I’m sure they already know; but that’s chapter #2. 😉

  7. Jay you are the MAN! I enjoy this as well. It’s an attraction between these two Wolves. This is hot and when they do get together it’s going to be like fire works!

  8. That whole letter had my dick hard.

    I would say jump on in. The friendship will withstand if it’s that strong. Have fun and play safe.

  9. Wow intense letter! I hope they don’t mess up a good friendship. I guess you experiment then keep it moving yet still remain friends? I wonder if the guy who wrote it is hot?Lol. I guess sexuality has a broad spectrum huh? Best wishes to them both

  10. Hey jamari I really love this entry you give some really good advice and btw you had me laughing at the becoming a pastor part I immediately thought about him speaking tongues (shondola hesay ha!) Hallelujah! Lmao!

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