…. Bug A Who?

…. And this dude from “A Naked Lie” is STILL hitting me up. Did he not get the memo?

Why is it the ones you don’t want stay semi stalking you, but the ones you do want, are no where to be found?

Oh BTW: I’m taking baller/wolf applications. Qualifications: a nice ass champion body and nice scenery for Memorial Day.

Any takers?

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Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “…. Bug A Who?”

  1. hmmmmm and what are you offering were is the posting with necessary job requirements for the weekend…. 🙂

    1. I am offering Jamari Fox. Comes with breakfast, dinner, and desert – massages throughtout the day – and good times throughout the nite. He needs to be muscular or toned, fine, and all mine that weekend. Lol

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