Braylon, Braylon, Braylon…

Wassup Foxes.

Your favorite NFL Ho is back again with another fine black NFL player to share.
You know I always keep you up-to-dick.

What a beautiful man….

… or is that booti-ful man????

Do you see that ass?

I mean that is what made me notice Braylon in the first place.
That fat ass of his.
People stayed talking about how big his booty was.
Not to mention he is handsome as hell.
Plus, he is a good player and someone you are always watching.
He brings a certain model type swagger to his brand (Google Him, Baby)

He has had a tough season with the Browns, but he is doing better with the Jets.

Not to mention a couple rumors that have been swirling with him on various blog sites.
I don’t believe em.
None of them involved us – having a passionate lust affair, creepin’ in fancy hotels.

Either way,
he is a fine piece of meat
(He is no Devin, but I’d let him tackle my tight end)

Here is some media fo’ yo ass:



Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Braylon, Braylon, Braylon…”

  1. i shud jus smack u J,,,

    here i was jus eatin my chicken n checkin u out and when i see that second picture my whole chicken jus dropped outta my mouth man…

    that niggah make me wanna be a [TOP]…lol face down ass up bitch…

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