Meat Of The Minute: Flash Brown

Doesn’t that look … suck-ulent?

So I was lurking for a fine piece to imaginary masturbate too….
and I found his piece.

His name is Flash Brown.

Flash stands at a towering 6’6, a basketball player/model, but aspiring porn star.
And I welcome him with open arms…. or cheeks?

But much to my dismay,
he isn’t interested in my bottom,
as he is STRAIGHT,
but he is still nice to look at.

…and can fuck (evidence below).

Add him to my straight p stars list of fine negros: J. Strokes, CJ Wright (EVEN THO HE ANNOYS ME WHEN HE IS SMASHIN’ PUSSY), Justin Slayer, Rico Strong… and now, Flash Brown.

Out of all the porno stars I have spoken to in emails,
he is the most down to earth and very friendly.
I appreciate that in people.
He actually allowed me to feature him.
I have no issue in featuring ANYONE on my blog.
I’m not like these other bloggers.
It ain’t that serious.

Here is some media fo’ yo ass:

Scene Showing That Dick In Action… Ignore the Plump White Woman

…. and I’ll leave you with a few photographic evidence:

Are we in agreement more “Flash Browns” need to start getting into porn?
Even on the gay side?

Yeah, we all are in agreement.

Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Meat Of The Minute: Flash Brown”

  1. (Sits on Santa’s Lap) … “Santa I’ve been a very good boy this year … Well when I wanna be” … “And all I want for Christmas” … Please see above … “No need for a bow , it will only get in the way” … “Please and Thank You”

  2. Men that freaky are never 100% straight. jamari you should know better than to lie like that. Why would you tell us he is straight? as if you interviewed him and asked him about his sexuality. alot of porn actors who have slept with men do straight porn and vice versa.

    1. Wassup Jacob?

      But wait, how you know we aren’t fuck textin’?

      LOL JK

      But, thank you for the comment. I only spoke to him about featuring him in my blog. I always stand by a man is “straight – until proven gay” – his profession calls for him to have sex with women, therefore, I will assume he is straight. If he IS gay, you know I got first dibs on taking that out for test ride lol. But, if you believe otherwise, that is strictly you. I am not going to call the man “gay” based on that.

      Different strokes; different porn stars, ya dig?

  3. I thought j strokes was the finest porn star to come down the pike. But this nigga here with that ass. Damn damn damn!!!

  4. Well I say got damn….tired of everyone questioning if someone is straight or gay….why can’t a dude be like me GREEDY and like both….this way everybody is happy….as a matter of fact….I feel…I should take one for the TEAM and test the Brotha out… need for all of you to take such a dirty job and sully your reputations…..I VOLUNTEER…..and you all don’t even have to thank me……

  5. So much for Flash Brown being gay friendly. He’s not. He’s sending emails demanding that his images be removed from gay sites.

    Most straight guys in porn understand and appreciate that fans, admirers and consumers come from all segments of society. It’s unfortunate that Flash Brown is so threatened by his fan base. I guess, Flash is not very smart. MEN buy porn women don’t. Hmmmm, so let’s see. If he ever gets up that website he’s been promising, he only wants to sell his products to women and straight men? DUMBASS!

    1. Really? That is a shame.

      He sent me emails, asking me to promote on my site. And how can he be so anti gay friendly if he posed naked on DawgpoundUSA. I think the Wolves got hungry for that meat and now he regrets it.

      He should understand that gay men are who really watch porn and like may other things, pay hard earned dollars to support them. I can understand him not wanting a man looking/lusting after his dick but he needs to also understand that he is in the porn business and is basically a piece of meat.

  6. lawd have mercy!!! how can i have him??? that nigga aint straight! i don’t care what anyone says for the right price, i’m sure HE WILL FUCK A DUDE!! i KNOW that i can handle that dick!! just give me 2hrs with him!! hahahahaha

    naw but seriously i WANT HIM!!!!!

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