boris kodjoe wants you to know what he identifies as

imagine still being fine at 45 years old?
well that would be boris kodjoe.
nicole ari parker
is a lucky vixen.
soooooo i didn’t know boris was biracial.
i thought he had two black parents in germany.
i could just be tired from a long ass day so forgive me.
well boris announced today that regardless of being biracial,
he’s still a black male.
this is what he put on his ig

even as a cub,
he looks black to me.
as an adult,
he’s a gorgeous,

caramel mountain

…of melanin goodness.
i didn’t know the struggle of being biracial until i met my home vixen.
she told me it was really difficult growing up.
black and white folks didn’t accept her.
she felt more “black” as that’s who she grew up with.
it sounded very similar to mariah’s struggle:

i remember a few entries ago,
a foxholer said halle berry could pass for a white vixen.
i never saw that.
she looks like a lighter skinned black vixen to me.
it’s the same with boris.
he looks like a light skinned black wolf to me.
if i saw him in the forests,
without knowing him,
i’d think he was 100% black.
i could be wrong tho.
i’m glad he’s proud to be black in hollywood.
many biracials in that arena don’t.

lowkey: does mariah consider herself to be black?
or is she a biracial woman?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “boris kodjoe wants you to know what he identifies as”

  1. Oh that Boris Kojoe has always been a fine man and as far as his background goes he’s always been open about it so it’s not a surprise to me and it doesn’t matter to me one bit he’s just beautiful but it just goes to show you race is merely a social construct and you can’t judge a person by the way they look btw black genes are strong aren’t they. 😂

  2. Score one for the well adjusted blacks? My mom is Biracial but Always knew she was black. All her siblings are the same way. People confuse them for Hispanic but she is quick to set the record straight. I don’t know of any Biracial folks that seem confused on that subject except for maybe Tiger Woods.

  3. Rachel Dolezal may identify as black but she is not black. Boris Kodjoe–like Barack Obama–is not black. He’s biracial. And it is racist to say that he’s black. The one-drop theory is a racist invention of white supremacists slavemasters. It is accepted by brainwashed Negros.

    1. I totally agree with you regarding the one drop rule it’s totally outdated and retarded if you ask me but in all fairness and honesty people are going to see what they see upon first look and you look like said race you will be perceived as such until further investigation that’s just how it works and until people become more exposed to biracial people who embrace both then it’ll slowly but surely become the norm.

  4. I thought most people who knew him knew about his mixed heritage since he always talks about Germany in his interviews lol. He does pass as black though. I still view him as biracial however I personally believe that many biracial people generally identify as how they are perceived by society. Boris looks black and most people in America and non-black nations would view him as a black guy so he probably got used to living in the plight of a regular black guy hence why he identifies as one.

    If he was a racially ambiguous biracial like Jesse Williams or Colin Kaepernick then I wouldn’t be surprised if he identified as a biracial man. That is not to say that neither Jesse or Colin identify as black, I’m just saying that colorism works against or in favor of biracial people in many cases because they all come in different colors, features & hair textures. Some of them are passing and can blend in other cultures like Megan Markle or Paula Patton whereas some don’t get that privilege such as Boris Kodjoe.

    Hell, Drake can even pass for a Moroccan person when he rocks a low fade.

    Honestly though he is one of the finest men in the world to me. That smile, complexion, height, body, big hands, big feet etc.
    And also not to mention he’s extremely intelligent (which I find sexy) and he is a family man who is vowed to committing to his relationship.
    Nicole LUCKED TF UP with him.

    Also Halle Berry looks mixed to me. Nowhere in her features (I know she had a nose job but still) screams to me “Black woman”. Her lips are thin as hell. She looks like one of those racially ambiguous Latina South American women.

    1. Ancestry DNA gave me peace of mind. Especially when cousins showed up that my birth mom recognized. I wish they were more accurate with regards to Africa tho.

    2. Is this a commercial for 23 and Me? You say they’re stupid as if the world does not see color. Claiming “multiracial and multicultural” doesn’t actually mean anything. Can you put it on a job application? Do you check it on the Census? Does it garner you respect? What is so terrible about being Black and owning it? It’s a rough life as it is deluding yourself that you’re a “New Black” in a post-racism world. Your 2% European isn’t going to get you a seat at the table.

  5. Most Black People in America are NOT 100% African genetically. We do not have claim to the Race to say who is or who isn’t. Besides.. “Mixed is not a Racial classification” He has a right to self-identity as Black.

    1. Sounds like an excuse to claim Cherokee when you texturize your hair, but alrighty. The “Nobody is fully Black” makes no sense to me. Do cops qne interviewers ask for a DNA test to determine your Blackness?

  6. I find it interesting that when some biracial people like for instance J.Cole say they are black I never hear people challenging him.J Cole also has a white mother but I can’t recall anyone on blogs or gossip sites saying he is not black.I personally don’t care how they identify black,white,biracial,mixed.

  7. I always thought he was just black. Didn’t know he had a white mother. There’s different types of mixed, you have your Lauren London’s Boris Kodjoes and Tia Tamera Halle Berry’s. You just assume they are regular light skinned blackS and then you have the Mariah’s Cash Warrens and Logic. They look white but got a whole dark skin daddy. It’s weird how genes work.

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