someone is fuming after reading yesterday’s entry

when i signed up to be a blogger,
i knew the territory i was venturing into.
it would either make folks really upset or they would embrace me.
well i got this email today and there is no embrace

^that email comes from someone who literally harassed me in my emails.
i think it was last year or so.
i ended up writing about how disgusting they were to me.
they took offense to the word “snow bunny” in my entries,
but decided to send me an email about how i’m degrading white people.
they’ve held a grudge against me since,
yet i’ve completely forgotten they existed until today.

i put up a 100% user submitted entry from an anonymous source.
there was no way for me to validate the authenticity,
and because of that,
i didn’t write the entry as fact.
the whole entry was alleged as i stated.
and as i’ve told everyone who has asked,
i don’t know what to believe.
i wrote it and the foxhole gave their opinions.
i’m not responsible for those opinions.

that being fonted,
i’m not going to make everyone happy with my font.
there are some stories i get that may set the forests ablaze.
dream hampton put up a whole documentary about r. kelly.
there is no solid “proof”,
but it’s a story with allegations.

“here it is.
take what you want from it.”

so whatever.
like every other blogger out there,

we have to realize it comes with the territory.

lowkey: i’ve also stopped using “snow bunny” in my entries as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “someone is fuming after reading yesterday’s entry”

  1. You always have had these types of people reading, commenting, and emailing you regarding the content on your blog. People are so damn sensitive and it is ridiculous. As I always say, click the x in the corner of you are THAT bothered by the content.

    1. ^and bothered by an entry that i didn’t confirm or deny.
      holding a grudge after all these months over the term “snow bunnies”.
      yet i forgot the past entry and wasn’t even mad about what transpired.
      it was water under the bridge for me.


      1. I actually remember that “snow bunny” post. I think this was also the person telling you why your blog wasn’t successful and you need to change your ways or something.. lol

  2. Bro….FUCK them. This is your blog and you’ve worked your ass off to create a safe place where we can be ourselves and converse about different things. you owe no one an explanation. If they don’t like it then they can removes themselves

  3. Just some White punk who’s mad that he entered a place that doesn’t cater too or worship their BBC obsessed asses.

    1. Exactly. These snow bunnies (pun intended) literally can’t process a world, or blog, where they aren’t centered. Lol. This is why we have trump.

      Wrote a whole damn soliliquoy about libel that is factually inaccurate. Get a grip.

      Jamari you gotta let her yell at the clouds. Pay her no mind.

      1. Yup! My friend posts on Lipstick Alley and she said the board is flooded with white people pretending to be black. She said they love to chime in on issues regarding the black community and push their racists views on people while pretending they are black.

  4. Typical entitled white person. Boy BYE. This must be that same snowflake who claimed that your blog was “anti white”.
    Take your prissy weak ass elsewhere. You don’t see black people on extremist RACIST anti-websites such as stormfont entertaining those racist brainless trolls yet white people always find a way to infiltrate HARMLESS spaces that aren’t solely about them.

  5. when did snow bunny became bad word. its not like this person being call a N-word.
    bless his snow bunny heart.

    1. @Deron Williams

      I’m with you. I don’t necessarily see it as a pejorative, but it can be seen by some as an outdated form of racially categorizing an already marginalized group. Thankfully Jamari no longer uses the term on his blog.

      As for the emails Jamari received. It appears this individual has a personal vendetta of sort. It just smells amateurish and bitter.

      1. Sounds like the email was from you. A White man was offended because his Black wife asked him if he wanted any Mayonnaise for his sandwhich. He had nothing better to do with his priveleged life, than to find something to be offended about. I am quite sure you use terms MUCH WORSE than “Snow Bunny”. Only someone who agreed or sent it would dismiss it as “bitter and amateur”. This is a clear sign of a disturbed individual. Would be willing to bet it was you. You’ve been very passive aggressive as if you’re some Gay Activist with the Kevin Hart/Ellen Degeneres situation. You protest too loudly to be for Gay or Black rights.

  6. If they have such a problem then they should make their own site since everyone is a business advisor these days. I believe it’s one of the regular posters here. Someone who has posted recently even. I’m sure you have a log of IPs so just ban them, Jamari.

  7. Oh, hellz yeah, the Marvin Bienaime messages are real! I know of a few dudes who have had similar exchanges with him. Hell, he’s no different than damn near 100% of the other gay, male photographers: he wants to see the goods on EVERY, hot guy he stalks, oops, I mean, searches out on Instagram. He takes great photos, so if the straight dudes he targets are fine with a gay cat getting his jollies by photographing them nude or damn near, all’s well that ends well. They’ll definitely get nice-looking photos from the experience. And he’ll get more material to deposit into his spank bank. 🙂

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