“what if the world did come to an end?”

he asked me in a text.
i was so fuckin’ tired.
new york decided to have a tsunami last night.
i thought my window would have blown in.
i didn’t have an answer for him.
i chose to ignore it.
i’m grateful god spared my life for another day,
but of course,
his question pondered in my head…

Am I satisfied with my life thus far?

i know it was a stupid question,
but it was one we all should ask ourselves.
if the world did blow up today,
did we live our best lives?
did we just worry about things like the world coming to an end?
did we take risks?
did we hide?

you should use this day to allow the end of a lot of things that have held you back.
all the bullshit,
and people that need to be out your life.
i blew up on someone today and ended what i thought was a mutual friendship.
i even went through my phone and erased a ton of contacts.
i am starting anew.
think of today as the end to the beginning.
the day you really look at your life and start over.

Are you ready to blow up your world to start a whole new one?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “BLOW.”

  1. Wow this post was really deep. So many things, that I want to do, but have yet to do, and looking at like this, its time to start doing them and stop saying what you wanna do because you might not get a second chance. If the world was to end right now, my biggest heartache would be that I never experienced that “love of a lifetime” type of relationship, where we would do anything for each other and have each others back, I have been in some situations but never that “through the fire” type of love, and thats my biggest fear that it want happen before they drop the casket. I just keep hoping when my love ship does come in, I wont be at the Bus Stop:-)

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