The L.A. Complex Is Now An Abandoned Building

well that was fun while it lasted.
i am glad i got to enjoy kaldrick/tariq/obama lawyer’s story line.
i can’t tell you anything about the other characters…

This should drain the swimming pool: The CW has decided against ordering a third season of The L.A. Complex.

A network spokesperson on Thursday said the U.S. network is parting ways with the steamy soap about Canadians chasing the Hollywood dream in Los Angeles.

The decision follows indie producer Epitome Pictures scrambling in recent weeks to keep The L.A. Complex alive after Canada’s MuchMusic channel decided not to order a third season.

Losing its key North American distributors could well spell the end of the Canadian series, which was created and executive produced by Martin Gero.

Gero wrote for HBO’s Bored to Death before returning to Canada to write the homegrown drama tailored for the U.S. market.

The series was sold to 170 territories outside Canada.

The ensemble cast included Jonathan Patrick Moore and Cassie Steele (Degrassi).

The L.A. Complex was executive produced by Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler of Epitome Pictures.


i know baby.
it has to be like this.
i’m sorry…
for those who didn’t get to watch the episodes,
well the important key scenes,
start here…


continue here


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9 thoughts on “The L.A. Complex Is Now An Abandoned Building”

  1. I knew it was pretty much wrap when the second season failed to match the first. I like many others enjoyed watching kal &Tariq’s journey towards falling in love then Kal’s road to redemption. Those 2 and Cassie were the only reason people watched. Kal was interesting to watch but without Tariq it wasn’t the same. Oh and I liked the video Alicia too

    1. Neither am I. The other characters weren’t that interesting to me & Kal/Tariq/Obama lawyer were fem enough.

      But I do think that Kal/Tariq had a lot more chemistry than Kal/Obama-lite, but you couldn’t put them back together after Kal beat that azz…

  2. yea obama lawyer was cute but i think it was to real how kal moved on from tai. people like melodrama and it was now gone.

  3. The first season of this show was awesome! Bravo, Showtime, Encore, FX, HBO…some major cable network should have picked this show up and it would have been a smash hit! Hell, at this point, I’d let Tyler take this show on. Somebody save my KALl!!!!!

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