Beyonce Looking At A Baller Wolf Like A Piece Of Meat?

beyonce-tumblr-1so it’s all on eyes on beyonce since #elevatorgate.
everyone is waiting for something.
i don’t know why.
you gonna be waiting a long time.
beyonce is good at being “beyonce”.
well she was at a basketball game recently with jay and the way she looked at king james

i give that same look when i visually connect with some meat i like.
you know that “look” foxes.
its even better when you and the wolf lock eyes and gaze
tumblr_mmah7idsys1rk8br4o1_500sorry b!
shit look at how fast she turned when jay z looked.
i mean look at king james:

beyonce-excitedjay’s body and his massive bow legs,
with his strong back,
and tight chest,
and round booty
*wipes drool*
yeah he don’t look like that.

lowkey: king james is built how i like.
imagine that on top on you?
it’s suddenly hot in hurr.

ig from: messy myles

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Beyonce Looking At A Baller Wolf Like A Piece Of Meat?”

  1. That was from the other night, I saw that actually, but not like this lol. The way she turned her head away when Jay looked over. Jay Z isn’t build like that. LeBron does look hella good tho. Fuck the hairline lol.

    1. I think he’s fine too. His face isn’t too bad and he’s got a body made for fuckin.

  2. Can you blame her tho? She married and had a child with Jay-Z of all people. She could’ve done so much better. I hear Jay-Z spits a good game but come on, he can’t be that good. Dude is hit like a dead animal in the road.

    1. ^apparently there was something about him that she liked! Personally, you couldn’t have paid me to fuck him. LOL

      1. yep there is something… the same thing that has the chicks chasing lil wayne… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And please don’t tell me about how she has her own money. She does, but do you know what’s better than money? MORE MONEY!!!!!! If it weren’t for money, then the pre-nup she had him sign wouldn’t include her getting paid per year of marriage, and per child. The chick ain’t checkin’ for Jay’s dick… she likes his long money, and his thick wallet. That gets her off plenty.

  3. Umm i may be wrong, at least i hope i am wrong buy BEY does not look like a happy wife. Really don’t care about their private life but from the pics she does not look happy and i will not be surprised if these 2 are separated in the next 5 years. I hope i am wrong but this is the 21 century has no morals.

  4. i just NEVER found Lebron attractive…EVER D. Wade is attractive somewhat im more of a football player type guy…alot of the basketball players are overrated..lebron looks like he could be jay-z age in the face lol he and lil mama have that old face syndrome CTFU lmfao

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