The Battle Between Good and Evil (Porsha and Kenya?)

tumblr_n43cm3wgqb1ql5yr7o1_r2_500well tonight was the other brawl we were waiting for.
the show down at the okay corral between kenya moore and porsha stewart.
it was one that lit twitter on fire with opinions,
and comments.
i cannot wait for the gifs.
anyway i have a few thoughts on all that happened…

so how it “had” started was…

goat-butting-reporter-pictures-animated-gifandy was asking kenya about her “african prince” boyfriend.
she was explaining herself over nene’s accusations she never met him.
porsha was in the corner throwing darts at kenya.
she was also talking over kenya and calling her out on lies.
porsha was TURNT from the time she got on that stage.
(were the rumors of nene and phaedra getting in her ear true?)
kenya came with props.
a scepter and a bullhorn.
porsha grabbed the scepter and threw it off the stage.
kenya pulls out the bull horn and starts talking over porsha who was interrupting her.
tumblr_n4cxuu7Gzs1ql5yr7o1_500porsha had enough when kenya mentioned something about kordell.
they both get up,
hair was grabbed,
they both was on the floor,
and jesus was on the main line.

personally i feel like they were BOTH equally at fault.
porsha was talking over her.
she started getting on kenya out the gate.
like bitch what is going on to my right?
porsha was provoking her with her words.
kenya was provoking her with her toys.
she shouldn’t have brought the props.
i do think that was a bit much.
she looked like a villian from batman.
porsha did fall into the trap that kenya set head first.
she ended up getting kicked off and being sent home.
c‘est la vie.
one person learned they need to control their temper.
another learned they need to control their agitating.
all in all,
i give this battle a:

ratchettiein life,
people are going to provoke you.
your boss.
your co workers.
the bitch at the mcdonalds drive through.
hell that jackal or hyena.
you don’t go putting your hands on them because they made you mad.
you also don’t need props to make someone feel bad.
words and ignoring lives do just as much damage.

sidebar: did nene get her hairstyle inspiration from:

maschera_di_michael_myersi mean whats really good?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “The Battle Between Good and Evil (Porsha and Kenya?)”

  1. I saw it. I was surprised by Porsha’s breakdown afterward. I don’t think she should’ve put her hands on her either.

    Somebody really needs to drag Nene’s ass. I got tired of her haughty attitude toward everybody. She really thinks her shit don’t stink.

      1. Nene’s lacefront was really something out of a horror flick. Very sad. And yes Kenya is a troublemaker but she is by far more entertaining over someone like idiot Porsha, who is dumb as shit. She didn’t even realize the underground railroad wasn’t actually a train but a metaphor? She implied that her husband was a homosexual on national TV then got angry when someone else repeated what she said? The audacity of that idiocy! I may never be “Team Porsha” but I understand why homegirl snapped on Kenya. Everyone has a breaking point.

  2. ROTFLMAO@the Michael Myers pic. I cannot stop laughing. I was not ready for that shit man.

    Porhsa is going to be unemployed, which is not going to do her any good since she elected not to get anything from her divorce, and not to mention that she has nothing else going to support herself financially. The conversation with her and Andy spoke volumes. That was a we are going to part ways convo. Porsha was already on the block, and now she has proven that she cannot handle being on the show.

    1. She has self-hating European textured weave call “Naked” and female underwear for female of all sizes also called “naked” Im sure people will buy her weaves if it’s “good” hair. Underwear not so sure.

  3. Thats been building for the past two years. Im just mad Porsha is getting assault charges for just hair pulling. I was hoping for more than that

      1. If she would have been kicking Kenya with that real Decatur waffle house style fighting I would only consider that as an excuse to not walk lol

  4. I was annoyed by the coddling I think it called with Porsha. Like the guy was carrying her like a baby, then padding her. Are you serious? She is a grown ass woman.

  5. I’m sorry Jamari, but Kenya got what she was asking for!! All season and last season, Kenya kept fucking with Porsha and there is only so much a person can take until they break. I don’t believe in violence for no reason, but I do believe in taking a bitch down when it’s time!! Lol. And it was Kenya’s time at the reunion!

  6. I watched the much anticipated “brawl” between Kenya and Porscha and I was underwhelmed. YouTubers and some fellow bloggers hyped this hair pull more than it really should have been. When it comes to the majority of these cast of characters most like to throw the brick and say it wasn’t them. They seem to be incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and I find it sad for women their age.

  7. Yea both were wrong but Kenya was talking over ppl and cutting them off the whole season and during the reunion so to say Porscha shouldn’t of done that I can’t understand. I do think Porsha should of just walked away when Kenya began calling her a cheater but to each their own. But why was Cynthia sitting there letting Kenya waive a scepter in her face and use a bull horn directly in her face?

  8. I don’t watch such “reality” shows, but I will say this: The law generally allows a person to touch or use violence against another person for a narrow range of reasons–self-defense, defense of others and a few others only.

    I hear so many times about someone shooting someone else because the first one felt disrespected or the because the second one had sex or “talked to” the first one’s spouse/wife/boyfriend. The killings and deaths due to such behavior sickens me. No, the penalty for an insult is not death. The penalty for “talking to” your wife is not death.

    This appears to be the reason why Porscha was arrested and charged with a crime and not Kenya. Porscha was the initial physical aggressor and no amount of “provocation” excuses that.

    In African America many people are killed and maimed everyday due to defective thinking of the type exercised by Porscha. I cry for the dead and injured! It may save a life if a high-profile person like Porscha gets the book thrown at her.

  9. It troubles me that people are applauding Porscha. We sure do pick and chose huh? People were saying a certain child got what he deserved for his attire and stature #ijs That’s not how it works. I’m not going to watch. Watched the entire season but will pass on this because I’m not here for it. I’m sure the ”others” are laughing at both of them. Saw a white man on my tl say Kenya got her weave snatched out. Clueless white man has bought into the notion that Black women can’t grow hair. Oh we’ll. They signed up for and allowed for this shit to happen so no one to blame but themselves.

    1. Don’t think he was saying black woman can’t grow hair I think like me, he sees so many black women have European textured weave glued/stapled in its easy to assume that long bone straight hair is not naturally hers. =/ even though it’s her natural hair just pressed out to look less black and more European

      1. Nah I think that’s an excuse. What’s the old saying about what happens when you assume? Oh and I have a small correction. He didn’t say weave, he said nappy weave. Yeah. And the brawl is headline news on E’s website. They’re laughing at us. And many of us are condoning this. Kenya got what she deserved? Ok. We all lose. Unfortunate, but reality.

  10. “Reality” tv in general has poisoned reality. People seem unaware that there are consequences for your actions.

    You don’t get to assault anyone and say they deserved it,especially if you could have easily walked away.

    People say Kenya wasn’t ready, but with her being from Detroit I highly doubt that. I saw absolutely no effort on her part to fight back and that’s not by accident. If she had even poked Porsha she wouldn’t have the ammo to have her arrested. With Kenya being 43 and Porsha being 31, Kenya knows just how far to push the line between drama and reality and the consequences. She definitely has a case for battery because all did was annoy Porsha and she could’ve easily walked away, but chose to attack her even after someone got between them.

    Then look at Nene just sitting there calling Porsha’s name like she’s someone’s crippled Big Mama sitting on the porch. Then Kandi had her hand on her mouth like “Oh Snap!” lol

  11. The last thing that was exchanged seconds before the hair pulling was Kenya saying “Get fired!” She really pushed the rock not expecting it to push back because of contractual obligations of non-violence.

    Well the rock pushed back today, honey. Crushed you as it rolled right out the door.

    I’m not on Porsha’s side, but really, Kenya’s attitude was truly sick and genuinely over the top. Neither was civil but its hard for me to respect someone with a damn bullhorn in an interview.

  12. But just why are African-American women ALWAYS going at each other? These dreadful people, despite being all dressed up and stuff, are perpetuating the ABW thing and it feels like it’s what one should expect when around African-American women; which is a shame tbh.

    1. They aren’t the only ones that do this tho. The other franchises with all White women are just as bad. The one with all Black women is more popular than the ones with all White women because the Black women are funny and have interesting personalities. The White women are a bunch of boring cardboard cut-outs of each other.

  13. Yesterday someone called Porsha ‘Hero’. SMH It’s funny after the incident Porsha stretch out on the floor crying and waiting for aide. Someone even picked her up, while Kenya got up instantly and made her demands ‘Fired her or I’m out’. She didn’t even touch Porsha, and I give it all to her for being the smarter one. Word for Word Porsha can not match Kenya, she’s limited on intelligence and vocabulary so she resulted to fist fights now she has a criminal charge, the possibility of leaving the show all while tarnishing her family name, divorcing her husband, having no alimony/savings etc. Was it worth it? And people who are saying Kenya deserved it..remember all the other ladies and Kenya have been going at it, did you see any of them fight her? She maybe smiling with fans throwing high fives at her on Twitter, but tears will follow later. When you are in the public eye messing up like that won’t get you good favors, works and calls down the line. No one wants to deal with an unpredictable person. Even Nene knows the day she fights someone it would be the downfall of her. She and the other ladies were smart now to take the bait last night. Stupid Porsha did hence the regretful and embarrassing tears after the fact. At 33 Porsha hasn’t figure out how to put her big girl panties on.

    1. Thank you Zack. Seems like you get it. If someone puts their hands on you, by all means defend yourself. However to come out the gate swinging, on national television, we all take a loss for this. Even in expensive gowns and living the so called high life, we’re nothing but animals. It’s unfortunate we are judged based on the actions of a few, but it is reality. We know this. Now Porscha is a hero? The same people who were making fun of her for being dumb are now cheering her on for not only being dumb but violent. This is the image that people in small towns will walk away with of Black folks. It’s not cool. Oprah is not on daily any more. Michelle and her husband are dragged by the right wing media. Our images are very limited right now. Andy and his team need to stomach some of the blame as well. They could have easily cut to the after math as Basketball wives has resorted to doing. No need throwing it in our faces. A huge loss. Big. Now I have to work that much harder so that these White folks around me wont feel justified in being frightened at first sight. Thanks a lot.smh

      1. Our people don’t listen. Porsha has the name, age, and ditzy attitude. I was so looking forward to her getting on her feet and kicking all the bad stuff from last year behind her. Now she will go down in reality TV show reel infamy. Messy with OG Kenya Moore who by all accounts knows how to get people blood boiling. Next season Ms. Moore will get a huge pay rise, Porsha could be cut with relegation to a lesser profile network with other broads her calibre. Kenya knows how to play this reality TV game and the other ladies know it is just a pay check. You can’t take these things too seriously.
        Not everyone will have a 9-5 and the college degree, I can’t rain in on their hustle. People will go into the entertainment industry from time to time. Before you go have a plan, a semi successful business you want others to know about, get an ecommerce website so as soon as the show premieres’ you are cashing checks. Case in point Bethany.
        Some of these chicks just want to be on TV, they don’t have the slightest business accruement.
        Being on Bravo is a huge opportunity to cash in and RHOA is the biggest show out there.

  14. I agree with most of what was being said here. There are no “heroes” or “winners” in this stupidity. The sad fact is if these women didn’t stoop to ratchet behavior, would people really tune in to watch it. Or is that what the execs of these entertainment companies have us believe? I think that people would watch without all the foolishness because it might give others something to aspire to. Perhaps that’s whats needed in this generation of faux reality tv programming. Whenever Black people behave badlly, it perpetuates the belief that we don’t know how to act. After all this is scripted, so we can’t really assume that is how these people really are when the cameras are not rolling BUT they signed up for it. They get all the blame for their actions while Bravo sits back and laughs at the money they are making and the heat that they are NOT taking. How many people have condemned Bravo for this fuckery? I’ll wait…

    1. That’s the point. Wendy Williams mentioned her script, whilst on Dancing With the Stars, was set out to portray “that” image. With the constant portrayal of incivility (I remember seeing horrific snippets from Basketball Wives, with a woman charging across a table to attack another cast member) one might draw the conclusion that it’s best to keep interaction with African-American females at a minimum, to avoid experiencing it first hand at the slightest perceived provocation – particularly since there’s always a camera ready to record and upload. I know it’s perhaps an unfair generalisation but discretion is the better part of valour. Perhaps, the subliminal message the networks are trying to send is – they might be dressed up and what have you but it doesn’t quite mean they are different from the girls featured on World Star. Then again, I suppose the networks give people what they relate to.

  15. People always compare this fight to, “you wouldn’t get in a fight at your job.” BITCH, I DON’T WORK ON A REALITY SHOW WHERE BITCHES ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO TAKE ME THERE.

    I feel they were both in the wrong, but Kenya was talking over every else too. I will say this, Porsha talks a lot of shit, but at least she backed it up. Someone needed to turn Kenya into a mop…

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