barkevious mingo turned out to be the alleged boogey man with the white pedo van?

with all the thirsty legal hoes ready to fuck for a cheeseburger,
especially when you got clout,

why would anyone even choose to deal with someone underaged?
let’s ask disgraced nfl baller wolf,
barkevious mingo,
that question on why he chose to allegedly fuck up his nfl career.
instead of celebrating with some hot ‘n’ horny gays from grindr on july 4th of 2019,
he allegedly chose to do this via “the daily mail”…

NFL linebacker Barkevious Mingo pulled at a teenage boy’s underwear and tried to have sex with him, according to Texas officials. 

Mingo, 30, was arrested on Thursday in the Dallas suburb of Arlington and faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted. 

The former No. 1 pick and Super Bowl winner in 2017 was let go by the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday after being arrested on a charge of indecency with a child-sexual contact.  

Sports Illustrated obtained the search warrant for Mingo, which explained the basis of the alleged crime. 

According to the documents filed by Arlington PD, Mingo invited a teenage family member and his young friend to an amusement park over the Fourth of July weekend in 2019. 

Before returning to a hotel where the NFL player was staying, Mingo reportedly took the boys to a steakhouse and bought them clothes from Nike. 

According to the warrant, ‘the victim was woken up by [Mingo] pulling at his underwear’ later that night.  

The victim said that he was ‘scared and pretended to be asleep’ when Mingo allegedly became more ‘aggressive and pulled the victim’s underwear down to his shins’. 

Mingo allegedly then tried to have intercourse with the teen.  

Arlington Police said in a statement that the agency could provide no further information about the investigation, citing ‘the nature of the charges and age of the victim.’ The two-year-old incident was brought to their attention in last January.    

Mingo turned himself in on his own accord in consultation with his attorney,’ police said.

He was released after posting a $25,000 bond


i guess since it was a family friend,
the parents trusted him to be alone with their child.
i’m sure they figured that since he played for the nfl,
he wouldn’t be the boogeyman who drove the white pedo van.
they thought.
parents gotta be careful who they hand their kid(s) off to and:

Gay males need to be careful whose kids they “babysit” without the parents being around.

i’ve heard of a few stories of parents setting up males with money for extortion purposes.
the twist in the story can end up with someone innocent being hauled off to jail because of greed.
it can be the same type of shit as she-jackals crying rape and ruining someone’s reputation.
stay woke.

lowkey: i feel like parents need to be there when it comes to their children.
i hate when i hear how lax parents are with their kids in hollywood.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “barkevious mingo turned out to be the alleged boogey man with the white pedo van?”

  1. Honestly when I first heard this story, I just assumed it was him having inappropriate contact with some young female, when I read the allegations, I was SHOCKED, I did not expect the story to take that turn. As someone who has served on a grand jury and worked for the courts any allegation I hear I always wait for the evidence before making judgement because you will be surprised at how things eventually turn out when it is all said and done. Just from what I have read it is going to be hard to prove this case, the other young man involved was his nephew and I highly doubt he will corroborate this even if its true and throw his Uncle under the bus. Also from what I read the victim is 17 years old or was 17 years old at the time of the crime which is the age of consent in State of Texas, so he would have to prove Rape in order to get a conviction instead of having sex with a minor which is much easier to convict. What we might speculate and how the law actually works is two different things. Playing Devil’s Advocate this could be a case of extortion from the victims family. I do not rule anything out in 2021. I am going to wait and see on this one.

    1. @Tajan,

      Most folks don’t really understand age of consent laws (AOC). It’s a bit more murky then that. While not taking the time to look at AOC in Texas, I do know that it’s not as simple as “the age of consent is (insert age here), so they are fair game.” For example, some states have a Romeo and Juliet statute in place to cover a 13 year old having sex with a 19 year old, meaning the 19 year old is barred from prosecution. On the other hand, some states don’t allow for the person who is the age of consent to have consensual sex with someone older than 10 years their senior without parents permission. Or they bar it outright. Meaning, just because the age of consent is 16, that doesn’t mean someone 35 can have legal sex with that person.

      The age of consent wouldn’t matter if a crime was being committed. But what I think the DA did here was saying, and this is assuming you’re right and the AOC is 17, that the victim didn’t consent, and since the victim is a constitutional minor, it is indeed indecent liberties with a minor.

      Also, If Mingo was in a position to be ‘watching’ the minor, AOC doesn’t matter, it would have been illegal for him to have consensual sex, for the reasons I listed above, assuming Texas is one of those states that has a slue of limitations when it comes to AOC.

      You are correct about this case being hard to prove, though. From the write-up alone, the victim has covered his bases and set himself up nicely for a civil payout. He was ‘sleep’ and if he was sleep, his friend, the defendant’s nephew, was probably sleep too. That means the nephew wouldn’t have to testify because he wouldn’t have much to testify too, expect saying he was sleep and didn’t hear anything, which might hurt the prosecution’s case.

      The victim claims he was sleep, was awoken by a tug at his boxers, then pretended to be sleep, which means he probably didn’t make any noise. It doesn’t say if anal penetration happened, but even with lube, I don’t know how a jury is going to find that credible. Unless the defendant is incredibly small. Or he was in shock and had an out of body experience.

      My biggest concern, however, is the waiting 2 years to report. If this happened in 2019, why did the victim come forward now? Is there medical evidence? Or is this a he said he said case? It’s going to be settled outside of criminal court, for sure, but Mingo’s career and reputation are both ruined, which isn’t fair, especially if this is a money grab and not a sex assault case.

      1. Well said and explained- it is a great set up for a civil out of court settlement- and like you stated, Mingo’s career and reputation is blown to smithereens.

  2. Hear-Hear- this is horrible- there are too many other things out there that he could have done and brought- (DONT MESS WITH THE KIDDIE KIDS) but yall know damn well the parents knew exactly what they put their kids in MONEY MONEY AND MO MONEY- because what does not make sense is this- okay I will give them -let him take them to an amusement park- (why was there not an adult from their family with these kids) but after the park- shopping and eating- its not weird to the “Family” that you are going let these kids spend the damn night in a hotel with a grown ass man- GTFOH- THEY SOLD THOSE KIDS.

    1. After finding out more info and the ages of the victims – my comment above does not apply but what still applies is – I smell a civil out of court money set -up at the expense of this mans career and reputation

  3. I’m gonna be totally honest right now, I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw this. Mingo is from my hometown & we went to the same school. When I say I would have never expected this from him, it seems totally out of character for him. This dude was one of the smartest kids in school, excelled in academics & sports, & never got in any trouble. I’m just in shock! It’s really sad to see him in this position if what he allegedly did is true.

  4. This dude is crazy!! Why would you want to have sex with a teen when there are adults who would love to have had sex with him!!

    1. If he did it. Lock him up. Anybody that knew he was on this bs with kids, lock them up too.

      I don’t get this obsession with minors either. But then again, people have an obsession with twinks, and the barely legal. The finally 18 crowd is suspect as hell. It’s like they missed their opportunity to have sex at that age & now they’re trying to get what they missed, smh.

      His football career is done. Forever labeled as pedo. For what? Sweaty Unwash teenage booty?

      Why did it take 2 years for him to get arrested?

  5. STDs are not from gays. Straights need somebody to blame. I could write a long thing about why viruses and bacteria spread, but it wouldn’t change these people’s minds. If people want to believe something they’ll ignore reality to do so.

    On one hand, being “gay is wrong because we’re stopping our genetic line and not reproducing”. On the other hand, we have “overpopulation”. Who is causing overpopulation? Gays? How Sway? How?

    Straights can get the f on with their warped logic.

  6. I’m 50,50 on this story there appears to be guilt but here again there may be another side. If this was going on in the past somebody knew but what if it’s not true the man’s career is over. I agree if he’s guilty he should face the consequences but if he’s not someone is out to destroy him

  7. Wow he does have that look typical perv and wouldn’t be surprised if a older man did the exact same thing to him when he was a teen

  8. This is sad he did this too a child & he needs to be in prison!

    On the other hand…..

    He probably felt if he tried to hook up with an Atlanta gay on Jack’d or Grindr he’d get extorted or exposed, so he felt a child would be easier. I just wish the black community was more open and accepting like they were with Carl Nassib and this man could’ve been free without doing this disgusting shit!

    1. No Antonio. Don’t group him in with us. He set this up on purpose to take advantage of his nephew’s friend. He thought with his celebrity/power/he wouldn’t get reported.
      I don’t want to be denied contact with my nieces and nephews so I haven’t come out.

      PEDO has NO PLACE with GAY.

      That’s why I hate when people justify it with “the Greeks did it”. No, they did pederasty. Raping slave prisoner of war BOYS. Conflating pedophilia with homosexuality is not it. It’s bad enough that they think we’re deviants.

      1. ^i hate it too!

        there are more straights,
        especially straight women,
        who prey on under aged children.
        look at what boosie was doing to the male children in his life.
        all vile shit.

        1. Jamari, a female teacher slept with a guy from my school!
          I’ve also seen women sexualize young boys saying they’ll be handsome when they grow up.
          There was a video a few years ago of a woman twerking for a baby and I was thinking “let that have been a guy shaking his crotch, he’d be under the jail”
          There was some Jabba the Hut looking woman who raped a boy down South saying she “Wanted to help him not be gay”
          You sicko! He’s DEFINITELY gay now.

          Look up Tedria Fluellen!

          1. ^i was reading something where folks were blaming the gays for all the stds and hiv being spread.
            it really annoyed me because straight folks are so reckless out here,
            yet anal sex with males is why there is so much diseases.
            it’s so vile and spreads homophobia.

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