Azealia Banks Quiets Her Inner She-Jackal To Reflect

AZAELIA-BANKS-YUNG-RUPUNXEL-GIF-06so after a dragging i’m sure she couldn’t handle yesterday,
azealia banks had a quiet moment to reflect.
she went to her twitter dms to type her thoughts and well…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.50.56 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.51.01 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.51.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.51.19 PMhmm.
it sounds like a bunch of bullshit.
one of the many problems i have with her is she likes to preach this:

“black vixens need to be respected!”

…but she running around here looking like the stereotype.

the angry black vixen


all she do is go off on everyone.
she is mad reckless with the font.
someone does/says something small and she is fuming.
who hurt you ma?
bad enough,
it’s her peers in the industry.
why would anyone,
in their right mind,
want to be associated with azealia banks?
for her to work with and then turn on you?
she is the type you cool with,
break bread with,
you breathe wrong,
and then she ready to fight you in the streets.
no one has that kind of time.
one day,
i’m sure soon enough,
she will realize what she fucked up.
she will get humbled and be a “what could have been”.
she will join many others who lost.


lowkey: she gonna be known for her beefs and not her music.

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Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Quiets Her Inner She-Jackal To Reflect”

  1. Um…them messages didn’t go anywhere did they? I mean she had no service at the time..or am I now being petty?

  2. she tends to do this a lot, after the dust has settled on another INTERNET fight she try’s to explains and make sense of where she was coming from. I’m not saying that when she does she’s not speaking truth but the problem is she come off insane and just picking a fight for attention. You’re a rapper you got a problem with half of the stuff put in your music is rap song about it call motherfuckers out that way.

    If I was to go out and ask like 10 people on the street randomly who Azealia Banks is:

    — 8 of them would have no clue

    — 1 would race about her music but says she gets into a lot Internet arguments

    — 1 would just know her for getting into fights online, nothing about her music.

  3. She needs medication. Maybe she can be referred to Chris Brown’s psychologist?

    She’s actually making it harder for black women, particularly chocolate ones.

  4. This girl is a black Amanda Bynes.I predict she will be on a psychiatric hold before the end of the year.Where is her family? Who are her friends? Sad

  5. She is an insufferable, dumb, irrelevant, and most vile beeeyatch (I try to use that term conservatively, but this beeeyatch embodies the word!)…u don’t rant at someone’s daughter like that as a grown ass woman…I know first hand all the complicated dynamics underlying/difficulties treating mental illness, but there comes a point when a good ol’ ass beating/dragging should be supplemental therapy…repeat as many times necessary…smh, she clearly hasn’t come across the right person yet

  6. I just do not know how to explain her behavior anymore. I would have never engaged in a heated conversation with a 14 year old.

  7. *sips tea* welp, time to get my music deletion on. I was rooting for her and her music, but now I realize she’s a vile insignificant angry twat with nothing to live for! Her edges are extinct, her career never went anywhere but the backyard, and she is popping off on random ass people for no apparent reason! Azelia Banks is a washed up never was famous rapper who didn’t go nowhere but back to the backyard where she belongs.

    1. That makes two of us!! The most I’ve heard of her is her name, and all the ridiculous “rants” she does that are posted on here. Other than that, she’s irrelevant. Never heard one song.

  8. I think what messed Azealia up was the back and forth. Her initial words with Skai weren’t rude she simply told the kid to stay in a child’s place, nothing wrong with that. Furthermore Azealia wasn’t talking to the her in the first place. Skai butted in and gave her unwarranted opinion. That’s when the back and fourth started. Some of the things azealia was saying were wrong and down right obscene. She even called the young girl a little black b*tch on periscope and that when I lost some respect for her. But there’s another part of that’s like well Skai did step to a grown woman and got handled as such.

    All in all azealia was foul for some of things she was saying and skai does need stay out grown folks business.

    Oh yeah folks need to stop saying azealia is over and that they’re done with her. Yes she needs help but you can’t deny she has them got tracks.

    1. The only thing Skai said to her was to simmer down after her long racist rant against Zayn, and she didn’t even @ her. I’m tired of little black girls always being seen as in the wrong all the time. There is only one adult in this situation and that’s Azaelia and her ass should have known better to attack a child. PERIOD. end of story. This 14 year old girl is not responsible for Azaelia’s crazy ass behavior

    2. “that when I lost some respect for her” LMFAO you act like this is the first time she’s said something like this! Believe me the bitch has said worse! That was just a PG version of the shit she usually says on her biweekly Twitter rants.

  9. Ugh everything with her goes back to the “struggle” of being a black woman.. Like girl STOP. You aren’t the only person going through societal and systematic bullshit, GET OVER YOURSELF!! Imagine if every black woman had the same complexes as her? We wouldn’t have any Oprah’s, Michelle Obama’s, Rosa P, Maya Angelou’s, Serena Williams, hell even BEYONCE. These strong women NEVER let the “forces” or the “white man” get in their way when they wanted to get what’s theirs.

    You can’t live your life crying every day about the way society supposedly fucks you over. Like bitch you got money, you got more shine than a LOT of women who tried to break into the rap scene and this is how you use your time? Ungrateful and jaded. She’s mad because she doesn’t have the mass success that other black female artists have. That’s why she attacked all Beyonce, Nicki & Rihanna. Because they’ve been taken the music scene globally over the past few years when it comes to black women.

    The thing that sucks is that Azealia actually has STANS overseas in different countries. And she goes and fucks it up by insulting them too (insulting her UK fans).

    Gay men struggle have huge obstacles set against them, so do Black men. What is life when you go around crying all day about it? She really needs help. She hates herself & she projects it onto other people. The way she was calling Zayn the n-word on periscope showed that. Calling him “black” as if it’s something derogatory. I also wish she would stop masquerading herself as some pro-black activist when all she does is tear black people down. This is the same woman who told a black girl on twitter to bleach her skin, called another black woman a “tar baby” & has been slandering black men for God knows how long. She’s in war with the world & has some deep psychology issues.

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