Aunt Wendy Says You Can Fight Her Crowning Beyonce The Greatest Entertainer, Living or Dead

ya know,
michael jackson was so disrespected while being alive.
it’s sad that even in death,
they are trying to take his legacy away from him too.
beyonce at coachella.
so i heard charlamagne crowned beyonce the greatest performer of all time.
wendy williams was the next one on her show…


that is realllllll funny coming from wendy.
it went from this:


…to now kissing b’s tail?
well i like to think michael jackson is a ruler,
but beyonce is simply a living queen.
she is the greatest performer living,
but not “ever”.
don’t @ me.

lowkey: i hear they are trying to throw chris brown in the “greatest entertainer” ring too…

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “Aunt Wendy Says You Can Fight Her Crowning Beyonce The Greatest Entertainer, Living or Dead”

  1. Entertainer?

    To be honest, Beyonce, Ciara, and Chris are better dancers / entertainers than Mike and Janet. Get mad all you want, but watch the old Mike and Janet vids and the Beyonce, Ciara, and Chris vids. I think some people are caught up in sales and growing up during their time to believe someone else is better. Mike and Janet were not great dancers and were over hyped (great marketing), many people can do a moon walk or the stiff moves from Janet Rhythm era, but how many people are able to do Beyonce, Ciara, or Chris Brown moves?

    1. Beyonce is not a better dancer than Mike and Janet LMFAO. All that twerking, gyrating, and Jay Setting ain’t no real dancing. I’ve seen better from high school dance girls. I can tell you ain’t seen much from those Jackson siblings. This HBCU marathon performance has got people losing their minds. I’ve seen better at the battle of the bands. Ciara and Chris may be better freestyle dancers but at intrinsic choreography they are not better at all.

      1. THANK YOU! I thought I was the only black gay man who doesn’t praise Mississippi/Alabama buck-dancing and j-setting. I mean its cute and if you attended a band-centric HBCU or live down south, it ain’t NOTHING new, lol. People like Jacquel Knight’s work because it’s accessible and crazy Bey-hivers can replicate it in the club. It has its place and makes for an entertaining display, but it’s no real threat to classic choreographers/dancers. Kinda like stepping (and I’m Greek)….

    2. Name ONE time when somebody fainted just by being in Beyonce’s presence? Bc MJ had grown ass men fainting over his ass. And its not about the numbers. Its about the over all performance. The know the ones that Beyonce often steals from both Micheal and Janet and “inspiration.”

  2. everybody is entitled to their opinion
    art is subjective
    you are just as accurate as Wendy and Charlemagne are
    that MJ or Bey is the greatest of all time is not a universal truth or fact
    it is simply opinion. people need to just give theirs and move on
    no need for all this back and forth

  3. She’s a great entertainer, but not the greatest, in my opinion Prince is the greatest, all around performer and could play just about every instrument, and a catalog that is staggering. I wonder who Beyonce thinks is the greatest?

  4. I’m a die hard Michael Jackson fan. I give it to Beyonce, she did that. to say she the greatest of all time. you saying that Tina Tuner all of those who came become Beyonce aint shit.
    the beehive can get in their feelings all they want, Michael Jackson and Tina are the ruler that all young artist want to meature up to in my book. Wendy and Charlemagne are one in the same. anything that they say shouldn’t be taken serious.

  5. This a dumb arguement. I remember as a kid all the major networks would break into primetime to show MJ’s latest video in the late 80s early 90s. When you can do that, you are the greatest. This “what have you done for me lately” arguement in the music business is old. Respect that man. He been gone almost 10 yrs.

  6. Listen. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on their entertainment preferences and shit but we can’t keep crowning MJ the undisputed best forever simply because he came (and died) first lol.

  7. Why is this even still an issue. We all know that most of the beyhive are mentally unstable. They are so mentally distorted to protect their Queen that they act in a manner that she doesn’t and hasn’t shown ever in public.

    When you have someone that you don’t know personally (and even personally for that matter) cause you to act a certain way just because someone else has a different view… something is wrong with you.

    Beyonce is not perfect and she is not a Queen either. She is just a woman that is skilled in her art, but make no mistakes, she didn’t get where she is now alone. Someone’s been writing those lyrics, designing those clothes and organizing those dance moves for her. She just wrecks it on stage and that makes her a good performer.

    She’s not doing it by herself like some Goddess. People need to really stop trying to put her on this pedestal like she’s the greatest entertainment ever…and in a lifetime which makes no sense, since most folks haven’t been living that long anyway to know any other type of music.

    Also, folks seemed to also forget that aside from just vocals and imagery, music is supposed to send a message. Michael’s music touched so many people and he was good in a number of styles and types of music. Even Janet was good at this.

    Two things I give Beyonce credit for:

    1.) Entertaining
    2.) Keeping her mouth on the hush
    Despite her fans adverse attitudes, she seems to not be that way.

    I have heard you aren’t allowed to speak to her and she can have an attitude but …I mean she is human (the attitude part) and humans do react.

  8. I really don’t get why people are so in their feelings about this. And the people calling the beyhive crazy are acting exactly like the beyhive : you either think like them or you’re dumb or mentally unstable. Art is by definition subjective. We don’t have to agree on this. Some people gonna think MJ is the greatest ever others will say it’s Madonna, tina, Cher, James Brown, Elvis, Janet, Beyoncé… So just say who you prefer and move on. No need to attack people because they don’t agree.

  9. Beyonce is the greatest entertainer alive

    Prince and Freddie Mercury (of the band QUEEN) are the greatest entertainers of all time

    MJ is the greatest superstar.

    I feel his stardom, persona and musical catalogue far exceed his skills on the stage though.
    He was extremely repetitive. All the performances of thriller, beat it, billie jean, smooth criminal were pretty much the same. Not much variation.
    Prince and Freddie Mercury may not have had equal star power but they destroyed him on the stage.
    Folks always quote the fact that people fainted from MJ just standing there. Well, that is not a testament to his ability as a performer. It is a testament to the god like status he attained as a star. People were emotionally and spiritually invested in him.

  10. I simply find it amazing that youth in general dismiss history and specifically black history as if anything in the past simply didn’t exist. For people like Charlemagne or Wendy to make a dumb as statement like this just makes me scream. Both of them should know better.

    To be clear without these LIVING and PAST legends there would by no Beyonce…. Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, etc…

    Throw in legends who have recently passed… Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Phyllis Hyman, Natalie Cole, Etta James, Denise LaSalle, Tenna Marie, Vesta Williams…

    Beyonce operates in the cloud. Artist like MJ, Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder were in the stratosphere. Your talking about artists that DEFINED a music genre and changed not only music history but in most respects created history.

    Beyonce is a great performer and most likely a future hall of framer.. But the greatest ever??? Seriously???

  11. First of all, Louis let me tell you (nicely)…I said what I said and meant it and it was done “subjectively” and I specifically said “MOST” for a reason. Yes, I do write long posts..but I like do you call it…paint a picture using words subjectively…🤓

    Secondly, I’m trying to figure out how my “essay” as you seem to call it contributes to my mental state considering what was said targeted MOST fans giving her some sense of superiority and that she shouldn’t be worshipped like she is the greatest of all time when she isn’t…That road she is on now was paved for her…she didn’t suddenly rise up and lay it down. End of discussion..

    Whoever that Charlamange guy is, he’s an idiot for even making such a comment to begin with.

    Whitney is a chameleon..she is about publicity so her views will always change to fit the narrative…

    More importantly, in that essay I gave Beyonce praise for her accomplishments…but ridiculed some of her fanbase…because yes, as you see, they are very crass when someone says they don’t like her the point of idolization.

    And why do I keep hearing folks say that art is subjective? I’m here to tell you that are is not entirely subjective….Some of you fans need to enroll in more art classes or something..

    Just because some of us aren’t fans of Beyonce doesn’t mean we havent earned or don’t hold several degrees in relevant subjects.

    If someone says They hate Michael..Do I care? No. If someone says that he is terrible, do I get offended? Of course not; they’re right. But I don’t feel bad for liking him. That’s the subjectivity of taste versus the objectivity of art critique.

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