Aunt Wendy May Not Be Invited To The Black Cookouts Anymore


what were you thinking?
obviously you weren’t.
so as you already know,
wendy williams went from “shock jock” to “talk show host”.
wendy has always said what she felt,
with no fucks of other’s feelings or if they were offended,
but maybe she should have kept this opinion about hbcus to herself.
a foxholer sent me what cnn had to report…

Wendy Williams has a segment called “Hot Topics” on her talk show, but she’s found herself in hot water over recent comments.

The daytime talk-show host ran afoul of some after her remarks this week on “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams speech which she called “poignant.”

But it was what she had to say about historically black colleges that many found offensive.

“On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP.”

starts: 17:17

Historically black colleges and universities, known as HBCUs, were started for African-American students who found themselves shut out of other institutions of higher learning because of racism.
There are now calls to boycott her show.

there are historically “white” schools.
there are:


black go there,
but we have schools built for “us”.
wendy get your shit…

not only that,
but she lost a huge endorsement for her comments via b scott:

Well, sources exclusively tell that Wendy LOST the show’s Chevrolet sponsorship as a result of her anti-HBCU and anti-NAACP comments.

In April of this year, The Wendy Williams show struck an all-inclusive deal with Chevrolet, Carat Media and ACE Media Corp. to include on-air promotion of the 2016 Chevy Malibu. The activation included custom digital content, social media marketing, and was set to continue for the rest of the year.

Not anymore.

Our sources say that Wendy has been “sobbing all week” over the loss, although she refuses to apologize.

We’re not sure who exactly pulled the plug, but it should be noted that Andrea Holmes Thompkins, President and CEO of ACE Media Corp (the company responsible for facilitating the Chevy partnership), graduated from Howard University.

wendy is in a very awkward position.
she spent many years on her radio show saying whatever she wanted.
she burned a lot of bridges with bigger names with that mouth of hers.
we expect wendy to “keep it real” like she use to do.
sadly tho,
in the age of social media and “black twitter”,
that could have your whole career yanked.
her comments were absolutely stupid.
hopefully this is a case of early dementia,
but she definitely needs to apologize.

lowkey: i would be so insulted and in my feelz to be compared to “stacey dash” as wendy is.

that is when i’d have to re-evaluate my life.


articles taken: b scott | cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Aunt Wendy May Not Be Invited To The Black Cookouts Anymore”

  1. I knew it ! I cringed the moment it came out of her mouth!. She did try to clear it up the next day but it was pretty much a whole lot of nothing. I hope she finally realizes that not everything thing that’s on your mind needs to said smh….

    1. I watched and cringed, too! Wendy, Wendy. Sometimes you really do have to SHUSH on certain issues. And these are issues that she should have KNOWN!

  2. Wendy’s comments felt like those who say all lives matter instead of black lives matter. I don’t understand where her line of thinking was coming from. She is someone who has greatly benefited from black audiences and black media.

  3. She got what she deserved and I hope Roland Martin accepts her show invitation because he read her for filth with facts and her show may be setting her up for another dragging because I do not believe she can handle him unless they have paid actors in the audience to help hype her and throw him under the bus, if not she needs to be prepared for a tongue lashing to remember.

  4. What is this retard bitch talking about. White only colleges. All Ivy League schools were historically white colleges and still have a white majority enrollment. Ok, bitch go bye!

  5. what gets me is. why do people get up in arms over stuff like this. at the end of the day, people say stupid shit all the time. we pick and choose who get a get out of jail free card and who don’t. I’m the type of person who do not stand for double standard of no kind. in my book its right or its wrong.

  6. Uncle Wendell doesn’t ever shock me with the undermined Percocet doo-doo brain she has, if she wasn’t dibble dabbling in the abyss of snow like her little sis Stacy Dash she’ll know if it wasn’t for the HBCU & NAACP she wouldn’t be gracing us with her jigaboo rhetoric.

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